St Boswells Store & Grazing Cattle Sale

2nd April 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Grazing Cattle.  Trade was  buoyant.  Topping the days trading was annual consignment from Messrs Ridgway, Nether Howden with a fabulous Charolais cross bullock at £1270.  Topping pence per kilo was a great Charolais cross bullock at 317p per kilo from Messrs Connon, Greenknowe

Leading Prices:
Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1110 Broomiebank, £1105 Symington Mains, £1090 Gattonside Mains, £1000 Camieston, £970 Symington Mains, £965 Gattonside Mains, Limousin: £1255 Cortleferry, £1180, £1150 Woodhead, A, £1130 Todshawhaugh, £1125 Woodhead, A, £1100 Cragside, Woodhead, A, Simmental: £1115 Holydean, £1040 Trows, £1000 Camieston, British Blue: £1180 Cortleferry, £900 Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: £1270 Nether Howden, £1200, £1180 Haughhead, £1170 Crookston, £1120 Nether Howden, Haughhead


Bullocks per kilo –  Aberdeen Angus: 243.9p Harwood on Teviot, 238.1p Camieston, 226.2p Cortleferry, 222p Broomiebank, Limousin: 281.8p Greenknowe, 264.5p Caverton Mill, 253.9p Wester Dawyck, 251.9p Caverton Mill, 248.2p Caverton Mill, 247.5p Nether Howden, Simmental: 245.1p South Common, 238.1p Camieston, British Blue: 234.2p Harwood on Teviot, 223.9p Greenknowe, 223.4p Harwood on Teviot, Charolais: 317.2p, 254.2p, 249.3p, 248.5p, 248p Greenknowe, 247.5p, 244.3p Nether Howden, 243.3p Caverton Mill, 242.3p Nether Howden

Bullocks averaged 224.10p per kilo

Heifers per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1065 Gattonside Mains, Shorthorn: £955 Crookston, Hereford: £1030 Crookhouse, Limousin: £1150 Woodhead, A, £1145 Crookston, £1075 Broomiebank, £1055 Crookhouse, £1045 Broomiebank, £1040 Cortleferry, Beef Shorthorn: £1100 Crookhouse, Simmental: £1205, £1175, £1110, £1095, £1040 Holydean, British Blue: £1200 Holydean, Charolais: £1115, £1090 Cortleferry, £1090 Crookston, £1060 Todshawhaugh, £1050 Falnash

Heifers per kilo – Aberdeen Angus: 220.3p Gattonside Mains, Hereford: 200p Crookhouse, Limousin: 296.8p Greenknowe, 264.9p Woodhead, A, 262.2p Caverton Mill, 246p Greenknowe, 244.2p, 240.5p Caverton Mill,  240.3p Nether Howden, Beef Shorthorn: 200p Crookhouse, Simmental: 239p South Common, 210.9p Synton Mill, Salers: 231.9p Falnash, Charolais: 281.8p, 268.7p, 250.7p, 246p, 245p Greeknowe, 244.2p, 240.5p Caverton Mill, 240.3p, 240p Nether Howden

Heifers averaged 220.95p per kilo