St Boswells Store Sale

13th August 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store and Breeding Cattle.

Breeding Cattle saw a top price of £1320 for an in-calf heifer in the Reduction Sale from Messrs Dalton, Millrighall.

In Calf Cows topped at £1220 from the same home.

Store Cattle topped at £1060 with an Angus Bullock from Messrs Anderson, Towford.

Ppk topped at 235p for a pen of Simmental x Bullocks from Messrs Blain, Coxydene.

Cows in Calf: Aberdeen Angus: £1220, £1180 Millrighall

Heifers in Calf: Aberdeen Angus: £1320, £1180 Millrighall

Bullocks per head –

Aberdeen Angus: £1060, £970 Towford Limousin: £950, £940 Bedrule Simmental: £870 Coxydene Saler: £850 Bedrule

Bullocks per kilo –

Aberdeen Angus: 233.7p, 232.4p & 224.6p, 220.8p Towford Limousin: 229p Penchrise 225.6p Bedrule 224.4p Penchrise Simmental:  235.1p Coxydene

Bullocks averaged 218.65p per kilo

Heifer per head

Aberdeen Angus: £925 Lustruther Simmental: £890 Coxydene, £860 & £850 South Common

Heifers per kilo –

Aberdeen Angus: 222.9p Lustruther Simmental: 232.9p, 232.4p South Common

Heifers averaged 224.49p per kilo