St Boswells Suckled Calves & Store Lambs Sale

22nd October 2020

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Spring born Suckled Calves.  Due to Covid 19 regulations,  pens were judged throughout the sale by long time supporters Messrs Letham, Hatchednize. A fantastic run of calves throughout the sale with all calves in full bloom and taking advantage of a fantastic trade.

Topping the days trading was a fabulous Charolais.x Bullock from Messrs Richardson, Upper Samieston. Weighing 280 kg at £1200 (428.6p per kilo) the same animal achieved top pence per kilo.

Topping the heifer trade was Messrs Hepburn, Northhouse at £1030

Topping the pence per kilo was from annual consignment Messrs Rennie, Sydenham with a fantastic Limousin.x Heifer at 3.35p per kilo.

Best Pen of Bullocks – South Riccalton

Best Pen of Heifers – South Riccalton

Bullocks per head

Up to 6 months: £1200 Upper Samieston, £910 Craighouse, Kaeside, £900 (3) Kaeside, £900, £890, £880, £870 South Riccalton, £870, £865 Upper Samieston, £850 Headshaw, L, Ecclaw, Kaeside, Upper Samieston

7 to 10 months: £1040 Skelfhill, £990 Northhouse, South Riccalton, £930 The Fens, £920 South Riccalton, £915 Helmburn, £900 Headshaw, L, Kaeside (2), South Riccalton, Bowershields,

11-14 months: £1115 Earlside, £1110 North Synton, £1070 Earlside, £1055 Northhouse, £990 North Synton, Northhouse, £970 North Synton

15-18 months: £1110 Ellemford, £1085 Branxholm Braes, £1050 North Synton, £1035 Ellemford

19-30 months: £1110, £1105 Ellemford

Bullocks per kilo

Up to 6 months: 428.6p Upper Samieston, 313.2p Helmburn, 307.7p Kaeside, 302p Craighouse, 298.1p Headshaw, L, 293.5p Kaeside, Craighouse, 293.1p Kaeside, 292.9p Upper Samieston, 287.3p Helmburn, 285.7p (2)Kaeside, 283.9p Upper Samieston, 283.3p Headshaw, L, 283p Ecclaw, 280p Skelfhill, Headshaw, L

7 to 10 months: 292.9p Upper Samieston, 285.7p Kaeside, 283.3p Headshaw, L, 283p Ecclaw, 280.7p Chapelhill, 279.3p South Riccalton, 279p Upper Samieston

11-14 months: 238.1p Northhouse, 235.7p North Synton, 232.6p, 232.3p, 232.1p Earlside, 231p North Synton

15-18 months: 222.6p Ellemford, 221.4p Branxholm Braes, 221.1p North Synton,

19-30 months: 219.8p Ellemford

Up to 6 months averaged 264.44p (+20p)

7 to 10 months averaged 246.86p (+15p)

11 to 14 months averaged 226.18p (+20p)

15 to 18 months averaged 216.17p (+20p)

19 to 30 months averaged 209.45p (+5p)

Overall average 250p (+20p)

Heifers per head

Up to 6 months:  £1020 Sydenham, £970 Kaeside, £910 Upper Samieston, £900 South Riccalton, Helmburn

7 to 10 months: £1020 Sydenham, £940 Helmburn, £930 Sydenham, £910, £900 South Riccalton

11-14 months: £940 Earlside (2), £930 Ellemford, £890 North Synton

15-18 months: £1030 Northhouse, £1000 North Synton, £930 Ellemford

Heifers per kilo

Up to 6 months: 334.4p Sydenham, 323.3p, 313.7p Kaeside, 307.3p Northhouse, 305.1p Helmburn, 298.2p South Riccalton, 294.3p Chapelhill, 292.6p, 291.7p Helmburn, 280p Upper Samieston

7 to 10 months: 313.8p Sydenham, 298.2p South Riccalton, 294.3p, 282.1p Chapelhill, 277.4p Kaeside, 275p, 265.5p, 264.7p South Riccalton

11 to 14 months: 240.5p North Synton, 221.6p Skelfhill, 213.6p (2) Earlside, 210.7p Skelfhill, 210.1p Earlside

15 to 18 months: 221.5p Ellemford, 219.8p North Synton, 213.23p Kirklands, A, 212.7p Muirhouse, 212.4p Northhouse

Up to 6 months averaged 272.74p (+41p)
7 to 10 months averaged 250.06p (+41p)
11 to 14 months averaged 213.01p (+20p)
15 to 18 months averaged 213.28p (+40p)
Overall average 250.72p (+39p)


Another good show of mid range to long keep store lambs forward with many buyers present.  Overall average £65

Texel: £76.50 Huntershall, £76 Woolaw, Marchcleugh (2), £74, £70 Greenhead, S

Suffolk: £75.50, £70.50 Greenhead, S, £70.50, £70 Blackhaugh, £69.50 Stottencleugh, Blackhaugh

Greyfaced: £74.50, £69.50, £68 Stottencleugh

North Country Cheviot: £72.50, £66 Bowershields, £65 Birneyknowe

Hill Cheviot: £66 Whitefield, E, £59.50 Lymiecleugh

Blackface: £57 Outerston