Vetech Summer Sensation Youngstock Sale

26th August 2020


The Vetech Summer Sensation sale had delightful pedigrees from start to finish with many of the most prolific breeding cows featuring in this special sale for the Veitch family who farm at Strandhead Farm in Ayrshire.  Over recent years this herd has been developed on the strength of great cow families and many featured in this exciting event with Elegance, Adeen, Ashlyn, Sara, Kim and Ghost all represented by the most attractive heifers.

In total 122 heifers changed hands with two heifers selling for 5,000gns and a further seven selling for or more than £4,000.  Buyers from the five home countries were all recorded on the buyers list from sixteen counties, thirty nine heifers were purchased online with 41 contending bids coming from the online bidding platform.  In calf heifers averaged £2289 with the overall average coming to almost £1700 per life.

The first heifer to achieve 5,000gns was the second heifer in the catalogue.  Vetech Brady Elegance had one of the best pedigrees in the business with her first three dams all classified Excellent 96.  Her dam Forte CS Elegance was the 2nd place Mature Cow at UK Dairy Expo in 2015 and her maternal sister was a top seller in the Black & White at 32,000gns in 2005.  This super powerful heifer sold to Emerald Isle Farms, Republic of Ireland.  Her Atwood sister followed her into the ring and sold for 4,200gns going to the Carlanton herd in Bolton.

Fort CS Elegance EX96-5E LP50 Dam of Vetech Brady Elegance 2 & Vetech Atwood Elegance 3

Lavenham Adeen was Grand Champion at the Great Yorkshire Show, UK Dairy Expo and Agriscot in 2013 and it was her great great granddaughter sired by Kingboy that sold for the joint price of 5,000gns.  Her dam and grand dam were both classified VG86 sired by Delta and Atwood respectively.  This special heifer was purchased by the Sloan family from the Darnlaw herd.

Topping the trade for the short bred heifers was Vetech Hardrock Robette who sold for 4,500gns to Emerald Isle Farms, Republic of Ireland.  She was the potential eighteenth generation to classify Excellent from the Rhapsody cow family originally developed by Pinehurst Farms.

Bulling heifers topped at 4,200gns for Vetech Crushtime Ghostie who now joins the Overside Holstein herd.  Sired by Crushtime with her first seven dams all high scoring Excellent cows with many high sellers in her direct pedigree.

Vetech Crushtime Ghostie

The young baby heifers sold well and topped at 4,400gns for an April born Crushtime heifer from the Rhapsody cow family.  She was again the potential eighteenth generation to classify Excellent and was purchased by Blythbridge Holsteins.

Vetech Doc Stampede sold for 4,200gns to the astute Mr Grimshaw from the Carldanton herd near Bolton.  She oozed style and class and would have looked amazing at the All Britain Calf show had it been taking place this year.

The Veitch family would like to thank all their friends and fellow breeders who supported their first sale and look forward to hearing how they develop in the future.

Our next sale at Borderway takes place next Wednesday 2nd September and features almost 300 dairy cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale.  Catalogues for this sale are available online at  or can be ordered from the Pedigree office on 01228406230.  The online Live Bidding platform is available for all our dairy sales, please register for this service at least 24 hours prior to the event.

20 In-Calf Heifers                               £2289.58
31 Recently Served Heifers               £1823.95
34 Bulling Heifers                               £1496.25
37 Heifer Calves                                 £1327.26

Leading Prices
Lot      Price   Purchaser
2          5000    Emerald Isle Farms, Republic of Ireland
16        5000    Messrs Sloan, Cumnock Ayrshire
37        4500    Emerald Isle Farms, Republic of Ireland
111      4400    Messrs Laird, West Linton, Scottish Borders
3          4200    Messrs Grimshaw, Bolton, Lancashire
62        4200    Neilson, Strathaven, Lanarkshire
98        4200    Messrs Grimshaw, Bolton, Lancashire
34A      3800    Messrs Veitch & Sons , Cumnock, Ayrshire
72        3100    Messrs Laird, West Linton, Scottish Borders
47        3000    Messrs Laird, West Linton, Scottish Borders