Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

21st March 2018

At Wooler on Wednesday 21st March Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Hoggs sold to extreme rates, with quality fed hoggs in high demand.

Overall Average 242.8p

Leading Prices per head: Texel: £129, £115, £114, £107 Elwick, £121, £116, £115 Yetlington Lane, £110 Village Farm, Seahouses. Suffolk: £120, £116 Low Middleton, £102 North Cottage. Cheviot: £110 Village Farm, Seahouses, £106, £104 Biddlestone Home Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel: 280p.4p 267.4p, 259.1p, 243.2p Elwick, 277.1p, 260.7p, 252.9p Yetlington Lane, 275p Village Farm, Seahouses. Cheviot: 273.7p, 258.5p Biddlestone Home Farm, 271.6p Village Farm, Seahouses. Suffolk: 255p North Cottage.

Ewes, a superb trade averaging £98 topped at £141 for a pure Texel ewe from Mr B Dixon, Biddlestone Home Farm.

Leading prices per head: Texel: £141, £105 (B Dixon) Biddlestone Home Farm, £125, £117 (2) Elwick, £97, £95 Hillcrest Livestock. Suffolk: £129 Low Middleton, £123, £100, £91 Edrom Mains, £123 Kettleburn. Cheviot: £105 Hethpool. £87 Biddlestone Home Farm. Mule: £99 Castlelaw, £87 Kettleburn.

Rams: Suffolk: £97 Biddlestone Home Farm. North Country Cheviot: £95 Biddlestone Home Farm.