Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

8th August 2018

At Wooler on Wednesday 8th August Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly primestock sale of sheep comprising of 681 Prime Lambs and 212 Ewes and Rams

There was a superb show of lambs sold to considerably improved rates

Topping the sale with an outstanding Texel was R J Bradbury of Black Heddon attaining £92 while H N Howard & Son of Chillingham Home Farm realised 230.3p per kilo with a tremendous pen of Beltex lambs

Leading prices per head – Lambs: Beltex: £92 Black Heddon, £91.50 Low Middleton, £91 Branton Eastside, £90.50 Brackenside. Suffolk: £90 Brackenside, £90 West Longridge, £79 Eglingham Moor, £77.50 Reavley Greens. Beltex: £87.50, £84.50, £84, £82, £79.50 Chillingham Home Farm, £83 East Newburn

Leading prices per kilo – Lambs: Beltex: 230.3p, 221.1p Chillingham Home Farm, 218.4p East Newburn, 213.9p, 209.2p Chillingham Home Farm. Texel: 207.1p, 206p Springhill Farm, Seahouses, 204.8p Brackenside, 202.5p Black Heddon, 202.4p Brackenside. Suffolk: 182.4p Reavley Greens, 181p Craigs House, 180p Brackenside, 179.5p Eglingham Moor

A good show of ewes, all types keenly sought after

Ewes: Suffolk: £114 Lochside, £99 Chillingham Home Farm. Half Bred: £95 Plainfield, £91 Chillingham Home Farm. Texel: £110 Lochside, £103 Plainfield and Fenham Hill, £99 Auchencrow Mains. Millennium Bleu: £99. £89 Islay Hill. Beltex: £95, £81, £79 Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: £93 Newburn

Ram: Texel: £123 Lochside