Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

30th December 2019

A strong show of lambs forward met a cracker of a trade leaving vendors in a festive spirit, many more lambs could have been sold to advantage

Good show of lambs forward with increased returns for all types

Leading Lamb Prices per head: Texel: £113, £111, £105, £97 Black Heddon, £102, £100, £95 Kettleburn, £97, £94 Craigs House, £95 Newstead, £94 Brockley Hall. Suffolk: £107, £97 Craigs House, £101.50, £94.50 Kettleburn, £98, £96 Brockley Hall, £95 Newstead. Beltex: £105, £95 Wandon, £94, £92.50, £92 (2) Lilburn Estates, £92.50 Springhill, Seahouses.

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 238p, 223.8p (2), 219.5p, 214.1p, 214p Lilburn Estates, 237.5p Wandon, 220.2p Springhill, Seahouses. Texel: 226p, 220.5p Black Heddon, 222.1p Village Farm, Seahouses, 217.5p Milfield Demesne, 216.3p, 210.3p West Longridge, 215.5p, 214.1p, 214p, 212.5p, 211.5p Elwick, 211.4p Springhill, Seahouses. Suffolk: 204.5p Craigs House, 200p, 192p Brockley Hall, 193.8p Wandon

Ewes again a very flash trade to which more could be handled. Bright outlook to the return of the weekly prime sheep sales every Wednesday come the new year

Texel: £127, £109 Black Heddon, £119 Haugh Head. Suffolk: £103, £102 Haugh Head, £102 Springhill, Seahouses. Greyfaced: £94 Springhill, Seahouses, £84 Haugh Head. Hill Cheviot: £87, £84, £71 Biddlestone Home Farm. Lleyn: £76 Elwick. Blackfaced: £64 Haugh Head