Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

8th April 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 8th April Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly primestock sale of sheep comprising of Hoggs and Ewes

Hoggs, met national trend

Topping at £104 three times, twice from R Purvis, Newham Hagg and secondly from A C Marvin, Whittle Farm, topping pence per kilo was A C Mavin, Whittle Farm

Leading Hogg Prices per head: Texel: £104 (2) Newham Hagg, £104, £100, £99, £95.50, £95 Whittle Farm, £95 Fawdon Farms. Suffolk: £100, £94.50 Doxford Farm. Charolais: £98.50 Doxford Farm, £94.50 Southfield Farm. North Country Cheviot: £93.50 Biddlestone Home Farm. Half Bred: £93 Doxford Farm. Oxford: £91.50 (2) East Fleetham. Cheviot Mule: £90.50 Fawdon Farms. Greyface: £88.50 Fawdon Farms. Blackface: £87 Elwick

Leading Hogg Prices per kilo: Texel: 229.9p, 226.1p Whittle Farm, 226.8p Newham Hagg, 213.1p East Fleetham, 212.5p Elwick. North Country Cheviot: 221.1p Newham Hagg. Oxford: 202.3p East Fleetham. Suffolk: 194.6p East Fleetham. Blackface: 193.3p Elwick. Greyface: 193.2p Fawdon Farms. Charolais: 189p Southfield Farm. Cheviot Mule: 182p Fawdon Farms.

Ewes, met a flying trade

Texel: £146, £145, £141 Castle Hills Farm, £130 Annstead Farm. Beltex: £140 (2) Annstead Farm. Suffolk: £137 Doxford Farm, £130, £125 (2) Low Hall, £120 Southfield Farm. Bluefaced Leicester: £127, £105 (2) Fawdon Farms. Blackface: £123 Fawdon Farms. Hampshire: £101 East Fleetham. North Country Cheviot: £100 Doxford Farm, £97 Fawdon Farms. Greyface: £94 Fawdon Farms