Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

10th June 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 10th June Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly primestock sale selling 1382 sheep comprising of 1016 Lambs and 366 Cast Ewes

Lambs, a good show of forward being easier in line with national trend, more heavies appearing weekly to meet an increasing demand

Average SQQ – 238p – Overall 235p

Leading Lamb Prices per head:

Sale topped with Texels to £115 Roseden (A Traves & Son) closely followed by a cracking pen of 15 Beltex £112.50 (300p) Chillingham Home Farm (Vivers Scotlamb). Charolais: £110 Cornhill (J & B Fitton Ltd). Texel: £110 Pasture Hill (Thompson Wholesale Meat), £110 Lochside (Thompson Wholesale Meat), £108 Yetlington Lane. Beltex: £110 Nesbit, £108.50 Annstead. Suffolk: £110, £106 Brockley Hall (Worsley Butchers), £109 (2) Easington Grange (Farmers Fresh).

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 300p, 284p, 271p, 270p, 268p Chillingham Home Farm, 271p, 264p Annstead, 261p East Newburn. Texel: 274p East Newburn, 253p Treaty Park, 252p Lochside, 251p Marshal Meadows, 250p Pasture Hill. Charolais: 250p Cornhill. Suffolk: 241p Brockley Hall, 240p East Newham

Ewes, more about meeting a similar trade to average £78

Beltex: £122 Annstead (Yorkshire Halal). Texel: £100 Lawfield and South Carter Moor, £100 Hoprig, £92, £90 Shipley Smallburn, £90 (2) Berryhill and Bellstruther. Suffolk: £94 Hoprig, £90 Greenhead, Reston, £90 Low Middleton, Berryhill and West Longridge. Mule: £76 Berryhill, £75 Broadmeadows and West Longridge. Blackface: £60 Fawdon and Ingram. Cheviot: £70 Ingram. Cheviot Mule: £80 Hoprig

Rams: Suffolk: £100 Kypie