Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

17th June 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 17th June Harrison and Hetherington held their annual Summer Show and Sale of primestock selling 1013 sheep comprising of 888 Lambs and 125 Cast Ewes.

The Show was ably judged by Paul Watson, Worsley Wholesale Butcher Ltd, who awarded the Championship to a great pen of Beltex Lambs shown by Neil Douglas on behalf of H N Howard & Sons, Chillingham Home Farm, the judge bought them for £117 (38kg) for Lancashire Direct Halal, Blackburn

Champion lambs

Reserve was a fleshy pen of smart Texels £116 (46kg) Mather & Son, Haugh Head bought by A Traves & Sons, York

1st Beltex:        £117 Chillingham Home Farm
2nd Beltex:       £110 Annstead
3rd Beltex:        £109 Chillingham Home Farm

1st Texel:         £116 Haugh Head
2nd Texel:        £110 Annstead
3rd Texel:         £100 Low Middleton

1st Suffolk:       £103 Nesbit
2nd Suffolk:      £96 Brockley Hall
3rd Suffolk:      £110 Chester Hill

The sale was attended by a strong ring of buyers operating on multiple accounts.

Sale overall average of 232p SQQ 234p, more heavies needed to meet demand

Leading Lamb Prices per head: Beltex: £108.50, £107, £106, £105 Annstead, £106.50, £106 Chillingham Home Farm, £104.50 (2) Lochside. Texel: £108 Low Middleton, £107, £104 South Carter Moor, £101.50 Thornington, £100.50 Auchencrow Mains, £100 Haugh Head. Hampshire: £97 Haugh Head. Suffolk: £102 Chester Hill, £100 Newstead

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 308p, 284p, 279p, 273p, 272p Chillingham Home Farm, 290p, 283p, 279p, 276p Annstead, 254p Lochside. Texel: 274p, 264p Annstead, 260p South Carter Moor, 254p East Newburn, 252p Haugh Head, 251p Low Middleton, 251p Broadmeadows

Ewes, a smaller show forward meeting a similar trade to average £77 overall

Texel: £104 (2) Annstead, £100 North End Farm, £95 Cresswell Farms. Suffolk: £95 Cornhill Farm, £90 Cresswell Farms, £88 West Longridge. Mule: £75 North End Farm and West Longridge, £73 Broadmeadows. Beltex: £104, £90 Annstead. Cheviot Mule: £79 North End Farm. Hill Blackface, £60 Haugh Head.

Rams: Texel: £130 (2) Newham Hall, £100 West Longridge