Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

24th June 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 24th June Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock selling 1604 sheep comprising of 1325 Lambs and 279 Cast Sheep

With new outlets appearing all classes remain dearer especially heavies

SQQ 242p, heavies 240p

Leading Lamb Prices per head: Texel: £118 Fowberry Moor (Worsley Wholesale Butcher), £117, £111.50 North Rennington ( Thompson Wholesale Meat), £115, £111 Tritlington Hall (Farmers Fresh), £115 Swinhoe North and Kentstone, £114.50 Reaveley Greens, £114 Marshall Meadows, £112.50 Bowshiel, £112 Springhill, Seahouses and Nesbit. Vendeen: £115 (2), £114 .50 South Lyham (J A Jewitt). Suffolk: £113, £111, £110 Nesbit, £109 Branton Eastside. Beltex: £113.50, £109 Lochside, £108.50 Annstead, £106.50 Chillingham Home Farm

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 296p, 287p, 285p, 264p, 257p Chillingham Home Farm, 286p, 273p, 268p Annstead, 269p, 265p, 260p Huntington. Texel: 268p Black Heddon, 265p Greystone, 262p South Carter Moor, 260p Reaveley Greens, 257p Fowberry Moor, 257p, 255p Pasture Hill, 257.5p South Carter Moor. Vendeen: 250p South Lyham. Suffolk: 249p Reaveley Greens, 244p Nesbit

Cast Sheep:

All types well sold being slightly dearer on the week, overall average £85

Texel: £128 Loanend (Yorkshire Halal), £92 Mordington, £90 Linbriggs. Suffolk: £105.50, £105 Cornhill (J T Dunn), £103, £96 West Longridge, £96 Gainslaw Hill. Vendeen: £90 South Lyham (T England), £89 Sunnyside, Reston. Blackface: £60 Newham Buildings (A O Bell). Beltex: £107 Wrangham. Cheviot: £86 Linbriggs. Lleyn: £86 Loanend. Mule: £80 West Longridge, £77 Mordington, £75.50 Wrangham

Rams: Texel: £130 Loanend, £112 Linbriggs. Beltex: £104 Lochside. Berrichon: £100 Newham Buildings. Easy Care: £85 Chatton Park.