Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

1st July 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 1st July Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock selling 1623 sheep comprising of 1363 Lambs and 260 Cast Sheep

Another good show of lambs meeting a smart trade, but more heavies needed to meet increasing demand

Overall average 235p heavies 236p

Leading Lamb Prices per head: Texel: £119, £112 Thornington (D Nicholson, Whitley Bay), £118, £110 Nesbit (A Traves & Son), £116 (D Nicholson, Whitley Bay), £114 Huntington (Worsley Wholesale Butcher), £110 Whittingham Lane and Burradon Mains, £108 Kettleburn, £106.50 Black Heddon. Beltex: £115, £107 Henlaw (J&B Fitton), £110, £106 Nesbit (Thompsons Meat) £107.50 Annstead (J Curle), £105 Chillingham Home Farm (A Atkinson Livestock Ltd). Suffolk: £117, £106 Nesbit (D Nicholson, Whitley Bay), £102 Low Middleton

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 292p, 285p, 272p, 268p Chillingham Home Farm, 273p, 272p, 265p Annstead, 268p, 267p, 264p, 259p Henlaw, 255p, 251p Huntington. Texel: 267p, 253p Thornington, 260p Black Heddon, 255p, 251p Kettleburn, 254p South Carter Moor, 248p, 247p Low Middleton, 246p Lochside. Suffolk: 254p Nesbit, 249p Low Middleton, 233p Reaveley Greens

Cast Ewes:

All classes dearer with an increased average of £91.74

Beltex: £117, £106 Chillingham Home Farm, £104 Annstead, £114 Reaveley, £113 Barelees, £110 South Carter Moor, £107 South Falaknowe, £106 Mayfield and West Hall. Suffolk: £121 Kypie, £109 Nesbit, £106 Fawdon Farms, £104 (2) Lawfield, £100 Hoprig and Mayfield. Cheviot Mule: £94, £91 Hoprig, £88 Reaveley. Charolais: £102 Doune Brae, £100 Fawdon Farms. North Country Cheviot: £95, £80 Reaveley. Mule: £88 Broadmeadows, £87 South Falaknowe, £86 Mayfield and Hoprig. Blackface: £78 Fawdon Farms


Rams: Suffolk: £109 Nesbit