Wooler Prime Sheep Sale

19th August 2020

At Wooler on Wednesday 19th August Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock selling 1864 sheep comprising 1459 Lambs and 405 Cast Ewes and Rams


A good show forward with more flesh on offer

Overall average 205p.  Heavies 197p

Leading Lamb Prices per head:  Beltex: £111, £99 Wandon, £105.50, £101 Shaw House, Stocksfield, £105 Doxford, £101.50 Linden Hillhead, £100 Lilburn Estates Texel: £110 Castlehills, £106 Twizell, £103.50, £100 East Fleetham, £102.50 Linden Hillhead, £100 Bothal Barns, Doxford, Reavley Greens, Charollais: £100 Castlehills, Shipley Smallburn, Suffolk: Branton Eastside, Doxford £98 £96, Yetlington Lane, Reavley Greens,Leicester: £94.50 Branton Cottage, Mule: £87.50 Clennel

Leading Lamb Prices per kilo: Beltex: 248p Linden Hillhead, 247p, 239p Wandon, 246p, 235p, 234p Shaw House, 237p, 230p Twizell, 235p Bothall Barns, Texel: 247p Bothal Barns, 245p, 241p Linden Hillhead, 238p Newburn, 230p East Fleetham, 228p Twizell, Bleu De Maine: 226p Swarland Old Hall

Cast Ewes

Another fast trade with all types of Ewes in strong demand.

Overall average £78

Texel: £135, £100 Hoprig, £126 Swarland Old Hall, £108 Buskin, Pasture Hill, £102, £100 Lochside, Suffolk: £106 Mid Edrom, £105 Bowmont Hill, £102 Pasture Hill, £98 Springhill, North Country Cheviot: £93 Westerside, Mule: £85 Springhill, Westerside, £85, £84 Pasture Hill, £84 Waterside, Bowmont Hill, £83 Buskin, Blackface: £76 Branton Eastside, Romney: £84 Thompsons Walls, Cheviot Mule: £88 Hoprig