Wooler Primestock Sale

7th March 2018

At Wooler on Wednesday 7th March Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep

Sale highlights £101 pen of smart Texel hoggs from J A Riddell, Newstead and 211.4p per kilo for a pen of Beltex hoggs from Lilburn Estates.

Leading Prices per head: Texel: £101 Newstead, £95.50 West Longridge, £88 Kettleburn, £87.50 West Longridge. Greyfaced: £96, £87.50 Lilburn Estates, £84, £80 West Longridge. Suffolk: £93 Gatherick, £83.50 (2), £83 (2) West Longridge. Blackfaced: £90, £82, £82.50 West Longridge. Zwartble: £85 Gatherick. North Country Cheviot: £78 South Ord. Beltex: £74 Lilburn Estates.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex: 211.4p Lilburn Estates. Texel: 200p (2), 198.9p West Longridge, 197.6p Newstead. North Country Cheviot: 200p South Ord. Suffolk: 198.8p, 197.6p, 195.3p West Longridge, 187p Lilburn Estates. Blackfaced: 195.2p West Longridge. Greyfaced: 194.4p Lilburn Estates.

Ewes, a moderate show very dear

Leading prices per head: Texel: £117 Newstead, £99, £97 Mid Edrom, £87 Newstead. Suffolk: £115 Newstead, £101 Mid Edrom. Zwartble: £89 Gatherick. Greyfaced: £59, 8 Mordington Holdings. Blackfaced: £40, 8 Mordington Holdings.