Wooler Sale of Suckled Calves

8th October 2019

Harrison & Hetherington held their annual Show & Sale at Wooler Mart with 637 gracing the ring, all cattle keenly bid for throughout despite the current prime stock prices.

Taking the honor at judging today was Messrs. Grey, Heugh Farm, Craster who had the tough task of judging with an exceptional show of cattle forward.

Taking the Championship of the Spence Cowans Trophy was H N Howard & Sons, Chillingham Home Farm with an exceptional Heifer, Reserve Champion went to the same home with a Limousin Steer.

Champion Any Breed from Chillingham Home Farm
Champion Any Breed from Left to Right: Phillip Grey (Judge) Fraser Tait (Barclays Bank), Neil Douglas Chillingham Home Farm, Nick Sheffer (Barclays Bank)

Taking the honors at winning The Bobby Robinson Trophy was Fawdon Farms with a Charolais Steer, with Reserve Champion going to S Shell & Sons, Brandon with the second placed Steer.

Champion Charolais
Charolais Champion from Left to Right: Fraser Tait (Barclays Bank) Phillip Grey (Judge), Nick Sheffer (Barclays Bank), Bill Telford, Fawdon Farms

Topping the day’s trading was R J Bradbury, Black Heddon with a Hereford.x Steer raising £1190

Topping the day’s price per kilo was a pen of Charolais.x Steers from Fawdon Farms at 225p

A special thank you to Barclays Bank and Farmers Guardian for their kind sponsorship

Overall Average: Steers £900 and 186.3p per kilo, Heifers £810 and 180.3p per kilo

Leading Price Per Head – Steers:  Hereford: £1190, £1050 Black Heddon. Aberdeen Angus: £1130, £1090, £1080, £1065 Black Heddon, £1080, £1050, £1030 (2) Titlington Mount, £1010 Berryhill. Simmental: £1100, £1085, £1020 Newstead. Charolais: £1060, £965, £950 (3) Brandon, £1005, £1000, £985, £950 Fawdon Farms, £1005 (2), £960 Newstead, £950 (2) East Ditchburn. British Blue: £1050 Chillingham Home Farm. Limousin: £1045, £995, £950, £945, £930, £905 Chillingham Home Farm, £1030, £900 Newstead, £985, £980, £940, £935, £905 Brockley Hall, £970 Brandon. Other: £885 Springhill, Berwick. Shorthorn: £720, £700 (2) Springhill, Berwick.

Leading Price Per Head – Heifers:  Limousin: £1080, £990, £950, £900 Chillingham Home Farm, £1035 Fawdon Farms, £950 Newstead, £950 Brandon, £930 Brockley Hall. Charolais: £1040, £960 Newstead, £945, £900 Fawdon Farms, £940, £910, £900 Brandon, £900 East Ditchburn. Aberdeen Angus: £980, £905, £875 Titlington Mount, £960, £925, £895, £850 (2) Black Heddon, £930, £890 Berryhill, £860 Newstead. Hereford: £975 Black Heddon. British Blue: £880, £830 Chillingham Home Farm. Shorthorn: £830 Springhill, Berwick

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers:  Charolais: 224.9p, 219.4p, 218.7p, 217.9p, 214.5p, 212.7p, 209.6p (2), 206.7p, 202.8p, 202.3p Fawdon Farms, 204.4p Brandon, 202.7p, 201.6p East Ditchburn. Limousin: 207.1p, 200.9p, 190.7p Fawdon Farms, 204.4p, 203.2p, 199p (2), 198.9p, 197.1p Chillingham Home Farm, 202.1p, 193.2p, 190.3p Brandon. Aberdeen Angus: 201.1p, 195.3p, 185.4p East Ditchburn, 197.8p Berryhill. 191.3p Newstead, 188.4p Shawdon Woodhouse, 188.3p Black Heddon. British Blue: 196.3p Chillingham Home Farm. Hereford: 184.5p Black Heddon. Simmental: 179.2p Brandon, 170.4p, 170p Newstead. Shorthorn: 160p Springhill, Berwick.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers:  Limousin: 217.6p, 209.3p, 198.2p, 197.8p, 186.3p Chillingham Home Farm, 190p, 185.5p Brandon, 189.9p, 188.1p, 187.8p Fawdon Farms. Charolais: 209.3p, 208.7p, 202.4p, 199.5p, 198.7p, 196p (2) Fawdon Farms, 196.3p Brandon. Aberdeen Angus: 201.3p Berryhill, 187.1p, 185.4p East Ditchburn. British Blue: 197.8p, 187.8p Chillingham Home Farm. Hereford: 170.5p Black Heddon