Wooler Show & Sale of Suckled Calves

9th October 2018

At Wooler on Tuesday 9th October Harrison and Hetherington held Annual Autumn Show & Sale of Suckled Calves with trade buoyant throughout, all vendors went home delighted with the day’s trading. A tremendous show of cattle, a credit to all vendors even with the tough summer. Topping the day’s trading   was a pen of fantastic A.A.x Steers raising £1250 from R J Bradbury, Black Heddon and top price per kilo went to S Shell & Sons, Brandon for a pen of superb Lim.x Heifers at 266.4p per kilo.

Special thanks to our sponsors Barclays Bank and The Farmers Guardian.

Average Steers £1010 (+£28) 217.65p per kilo (+4p)
Average Heifers £887 (-£15) 210.41p per kilo (-4p)

Show Results

Charolais Steers
1st Fawdon Champion £1210, White House
2nd Brandon Reserve Champion £1100, Elwick
3rd Brandon £1040

Charolais Heifers
1st Brandon  £970
2nd Brandon  £1050
3rd Fawdon    £1010

Limousin Steers
1st Brandon   £1030
2nd Fawdon   £1025
3rd Fawdon    £980

Limousin Heifers
1st Chillingham Home Farm, Champion, £1120, Longnewton
2nd Fawdon, Reserve Champion, £965, The Willows
3rd Chillingham Home Farm, £1020

Leading Prices Per Head Steers:

Aberdeen Angus: £1250, £1200, £1190, £1180, £1175, £1160 Black Heddon, £1220, £1160, £1110, £1100 Titlington Mount. Limousin: £1145, £1130, £1080 Chillingham Home Farm, £1095, £1090, £1065, £1060 Brockley Hall, £1030, £1010 Brandon, £1025, £990, £985 Fawdon Farms. British Blue: £1150, £1015 Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: £1210, £1160, £1130 (x2), £1120 Fawdon Farms, £1155, £1120, £1100, £1080 Brandon, £1070, £1040 East Ditchburn.



Leading Prices Per Head Heifers:

Aberdeen Angus: £1080 South Ditchburn, £1065, £990 (2) Black Heddon, £1010 Berryhill. Limousin: £1120, £1105, £1060, £1020, £1010 Chillingham Home Farm, £1075 Brandon, £990, £970, £965 Fawdon Farms, £930, £915, £910 Brockley Hall. British Blue: £1000, £925 Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: £1060, £1050, £970, £960 Brandon, £1010, £1000, £980, £970 Fawdon

Leading Prices Per Kilo Steers:

Aberdeen Angus: 219p, 212p, 210p East Ditchburn, 212p, 210p Titlington Mount, 207p, 206p Black Heddon. Limousin: 242p, 238p, 228p, 225.5p, 225p, 221p, 220p Fawdon Farms, 228p, 224p, 223p Brockley Hall. British Blue: 214p, 203p, 202p Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: 247.5p, 247p, 245p (x2), 243p, 239p, 237p, 236p (x3) Fawdon Farms, 241p, 233p, 230p East Ditchburn, 234p (x2), 233p, 232p Brandon.

Leading Prices Per Kilo Heifers:

Aberdeen Angus: 211p East Ditchburn, 208p Berryhill, 200p (x2) South Ditchburn. Limousin: 266p, 226p Brandon, 257p, 245p, 232p (x2), 231p, 224p, 223p Fawdon Farms, 225.5p, 222p (x2), 219p Chillingham Home Farm. British Blue: 213p, 203p Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: 246p, 240p, 232p, 230p, 225p, 222p Fawdon Farms, 230p, 229p, 224p, 217p East Ditchburn.