Wooler Store Cattle Sale

25th April 2017

At Wooler on Tuesday 25th April 2017 Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle where they sold 95 Store Cattle

Cattle a plainer show on the fortnight but all classes easily maintained late rates

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers: Charolais: £1300, £1280 Springhill, Seahouses. Simmental: £1190, £1150 Newstead, £1090 Lanton Estate, £1040 Broomhouse, Cambo. Aberdeen Angus: £1150, £1100, £1080 (2), £1050, £1000 Wandon. Limousin: £1120, £1100 Newstead. Shorthorn: £1180 Lanton Estate. Hereford: £1070 North Lyham

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers: Charolais: £1180 Newstead, £1100 (2) Tower Martin. Aberdeen Angus: £1110 Tower Martin. Simmental: £950 Tower Martin. Limousin: £940 South Ord.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers: Aberdeen Angus: 267p, 240.4p, 238.1p, 237.4p (2), 231.6p Wandon, 259p South Ord, 231.9p Broomhouse, Cambo. Limousin: 265.1p Shotton. Hereford: 248.6p North Lyham. Simmental: 236.5p Lanton Estate.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 262.7p, 250.9p, 248.6p South Ord. Aberdeen Angus: 230.8p Tower Martin.