Wooler Store Cattle Sale

13th March 2018


Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Store Cattle for The Robin Scott Trophy. Topping the day’s trade was a fabulous Limousin Steer from R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture at £1340, pence per kilo was obtained by E Carse & Son, South Ord for their Champion Limousin Heifer realising 292.7p or £1200.

A cracking show of grazing cattle were forward with all vendors going home delighted with the days trading.

No less than 18 cattle were in the pre-sale show with the Champion going to E Carse & Son, South Ord. Reserve Champion R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture.

Show Results – Heifers
1st South Ord (Champion)
2nd Inland Pastures

Show Results – Steers
1st Inland Pasture (Reserve Champion)
2nd Branton Eastside
3rd Inland Pasture

Overall average – Steers 234p, Heifers 224p

Leading Prices per head – Steers:  Aberdeen Angus: £1100, £1060, £1040 (2), £1000 Wandon, £1080, £1035 Tower Martin. Limousin: £1175 South Ord, £1110, £1070 (3), £1010, £1000 Branton Eastside, £1110, £1050, £1030, £1020 Inland Pasture. Simmental: £1110 Tower Martin. British Blue: £1340, £1060, £1040, £1020, £1000 Inland Pasture. Charolais: £1130, £1035 East Ditchburn, £1090 Tower Martin, £1030, £1020 Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per head – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1070 East Ditchburn. Limousin: £1200, £910 South Ord, £940, £920, £900 Inland Pasture, £905 Branton Eastside. Charolais: £1000, £940, £870 Tower Martin, £955, £950, £865 East Ditchburn, £930 Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Aberdeen Angus: 236p, 216.9p, 212p South Ord, 225p, 218p Tower Martin, 222p Fawdon Farms, 218p, 217p, 213p Wandon. Limousin: 263p, 256p, 251p, 249p, 247p Inland Pasture, 261p, 244p, 235p South Ord, 258p, 250p, 237p, 235p Branton Eastside. Simmental: 215p Tower Martin. British Blue: 263p, 255p, 254p, 250p, 249p, 247p Inland Pasture. Charolais: 279p, 251p, 245p, 242p, 233p Fawdon Farms, 231p Tower Martin.

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: 196p East Ditchburn. Limousin: 292p, 233p, 230p South Ord, 245p, 236p Inland Pasture, 236p Branton Eastside. Charolais: 239p Fawdon Farms, 220p Tower Martin.