Wooler Store Cattle Sale

6th November 2018

At Wooler on Tuesday 6th November Harrison and Hetherington held their Store & Suckled Calf sale with a good selection on offer with all cattle keenly bid for.

Topping the day’s trade was S Shell & Sons, Brandon with a cracking Charolais Steer making £1130. Topping the pence per kilo was a cracking pen of Charolais Steers from Fawdon Farms at 243.6ppk

Leading Steers per head: Charolais: £1130, £1085 Brandon, £810, £800 Fawdon Farms (Suckled Calves). Limousin: £1065 Brandon, £910, £880 Fawdon Farms. Stabiliser: £1065 East Ditchburn. Aberdeen Angus: £1100, £980 Amerside Law, £940 East Ditchburn. British Blue: £980 Chillingham Home Farm. Simmental: £960 Amerside Law

Leading Heifers per head: Charolais: £1120, £1115 Fawdon Farms, £995, £840 Brandon. Limousin: £1020 Fawdon Farms, £990 Brandon. Aberdeen Angus: £835 Shawdon Woodhouse, £775 Amerside Law.

Leading Steers per kilo: Charolais: 243p, 238p (2), 235p Fawdon Farms, 226p Brandon. Limousin: 238p, 231p, 223p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 215p, 213p Amerside Law, 206p, 203p East Ditchburn. British Blue: 204p Chillingham Home Farm.

Leading Heifers per kilo: Charolais: 227p, 218p Fawdon Farms, 205p, 200p Brandon. Limousin: 231p Fawdon Farms, 205p, 200p Brandon. Aberdeen Angus: 194p Shawdon Woodhouse.