Wooler Store Cattle Sale

29th January 2019

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle at Wooler Mart, with all cattle keenly bid for throughout, with a strong show forward.

Topping the day’s trade was a cracking Steer from JA Riddell, Newstead realising £1190, pence per kilo was topped at 205p on three occasions, firstly from JA Riddell, Newstead for a Limousin Steer and secondly from the same home with a pen of Charolais Steers and thirdly from G W Green & Sons, Wandon with a pen of Aberdeen Angus Steers.

Leading Prices per head – Steers: Charolais: £1190, £1085, £1055 Newstead. Limousin: £1150, £1050, £1040 Newstead. Aberdeen Angus: £1120, £1055, £1040, £1020 Wandon. Simmental: £1005 Newstead.

Leading prices per head – Heifers: Charolais: £1015, £1005 Newstead. Simmental: £910 Newstead.

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Aberdeen Angus: 205p, 204p, 196.5p Wandon. Limousin: 205p, 203p Newstead. Charolais: 205p, 203p Newstead. Simmental: 195p Newstead.

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Charolais: 203p, 197p Newstead.