Wooler Store Cattle Sale

5th November 2019

At Wooler on Tuesday 5th November Harrison and Hetherington held their sale of Store Cattle with 85 gracing the ring.

Topping the day’s trading was J A Riddell, Newstead with a pen of Charolais.x Heifers raising £1080

Topping the pence per kilo was R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture with a superb British Blue.x Steer at 200 ppk.

Cattle well bid for throughout, more cattle could have been sold to vendors advantage

Leading Prices per head – Steers: Aberdeen Angus: £1010 Newstead, £950 Rugley, £920 Doxford Dairy. British Blue: £985, £945 Chillingham Home Farm. Limousin: £985 Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: £970, £960, £950, £940 Newstead. Simmental: £910, £870, £845, £840 Newstead. Hereford: £780 Chatton Park

Leading Prices per head – Heifers: Charolais: £1080, £995 Newstead. Limousin: £890 Inland Pasture. Aberdeen Angus: £890, £820 Rugley. Simmental: £805 Newstead. Hereford: £740 Chatton Park. Stabiliser: £720 Rugley

Leading Prices per kilo – Steers: British Blue: 200p Inland Pasture, 195p, 190.9p Chillingham Home Farm. Limousin: 195p Chillingham Home Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 190p Rugley. Charolais: 188.3p, 187.4p, 183.6p Newstead. Simmental: 187p Chatton Park, 181.7p Newstead. Hereford: 187p Chatton Park.

Leading Prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 190.2p, 183.5p Inland Pasture, 180.5p Newstead. Charolais: 180.9p (2), 180p Newstead. Simmental: 180.5p Newstead. Aberdeen Angus: 178p, 172.6p Rugley. Hereford: 174.1p Chatton Park.