Wooler Store Cattle Sale

25th February 2020

At Wooler on Tuesday 25th February Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with trade working away nicely

Topping the day’s trade was a superb Limousin.x Steer from R W & K Telford, Branton Eastside raising £1150.

Grazing cattle was topped by E Carse & Son, South Ord with a pen of Limousin.x Heifers at 228ppk

Leading prices per head – Steers: Limousin: £1150, £1100, £1085 Branton Eastside, £1055, £1030 Brockley Hall. British Blue: £1100, £1070 Branton Eastside. Aberdeen Angus: £1080, £950 Shawdon Woodhouse.

Leading prices per head – Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1040 (2), £1010, £1000 Wandon. Limousin: £1020, £960 Branton Eastside, £960, £930 Brockley Hall

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Limousin: 222.8p, 216.4p South Ord, 217.8p, 217.3p, 216.1p, 216p Branton Eastside. Aberdeen Angus: 220.5p, 211.7p, 211.3p Milfield Demesne, 214.4p Shawdon Woodhouse. Simmental: 210p West Rennington

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 228.1p, 223.8p South Ord, 215p, 213.6p Branton Eastside. Aberdeen Angus: 200p South Ord, 200p, 199p Wandon

Next Sale:      Tuesday 10th March
Show & Sale of Store Cattle for The Robin Scott Trophy – Entries Invited