Wooler Store Cattle Sale

7th April 2020

At Wooler on Tuesday 27TH April Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of store cattle which met a buoyant trade throughout even through these difficult times

Taking The William Harvey Lindisfarne Goblet home was R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture with a fantastic Lim.x Steer raising £1050. R A Cadzow lifted this for the fourth consecutive year

Topping the day’s trading was T H & D W Armstrong, Milfield Demesne with a stretchy AA.x Steer at £1160

Top pence per kilo was from an annual consignment from Dunstan Hill with a Lim.x Hfr at 296p

Fawdon Farms topped the pence per kilo with a pen of fantastic Char.x Strs at 266p

Steers averaged 228.88p

Heifers averaged 223.37p

Leading prices per head – Steers: Limousin: £1160 Milfield Demesne, £1120, £1010 West Hall, Belford, £1050, £1030, £1020, £1015, £1000 Inland Pasture, £1050 Wrangham East, £1035, £1015 Dunstan Hill. Aberdeen Angus: £1105 Newstead, £830 Milfield Demesne. Simmental: £1105 Newstead. British Blue: £1070, £950, £940, £920 Inland Pasture. Charolais: £1070, £985, £960 Dunstan Hill, £965, £950, £950, £935, £920 Fawdon Farms

Leading prices per head – Heifers: Limousin: £1070, £940 West Hall, Belford, £1050, £990, £975, £960 (2) Dunstan Hill, £1000, £995, £990, £945 Inland Pasture, £940 Wrangham East. Charolais: £1020, £930, £870 Dunstan Hill, £1010, £1000, £935, £890, £870 Newstead, £890, £885 (2), £875 Fawdon Farms. Simmental: £1010 Newstead

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Charolais: 266.4p, 265.7p, 258.4p, 255.4p (2), 250p, 238.3p Fawdon Farms, 234.5p Dunstan Hill. Limousin: 264.9p , 256.8p, 250p, 249.4p, 249.3p, 247.1p, 242.8p, 242.1p  Inland Pasture, 257.4p, 243.5p  Fawdon Farms, 250.7p, 243.6p, 241.3p Dunstan Hill, 242.5p Wrangham East. British Blue: 256.8p, 243.2p, 242.1p, 238.9p, 232.1p Inland Pasture. Simmental: 214.3p Dunstan Hill. Aberdeen Angus: 214.3p Dunstan Hill

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 296p, 232.8p, 232.1p, 231.3p Dunstan Hill, 272.3p, 263.9p, 256.4p, 247.5p, 235.1p, 228p Inland Pasture, 239.7p , 233.9p , 228.1p Branton Eastside. Charolais: 252.1p, 243p, 242.5p, 241p, 236.7p, 231.2p Fawdon Farms, 227.1p Dunstan Hill.