Wooler Store Cattle Show & Sale

10th March 2020

At Wooler on Tuesday 10th March Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual Show & Sale for the Robin Scott Trophy.

Taking responsibility of judging was Mr Robert Gray, Low Hall, Morpeth who expertly judged an excellent show that was presented to him

Taking the day’s Championship was a fabulous Lim.x Steer from R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture and retaining The Robin Scott Trophy for the second year, which made £1080 to the judge Mr R Gray.     R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture also took the Reserve Champion with an exceptional Lim.x Heifer

Championship Limousin.x Steer from R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture making £1080
left to right Simon Cadzow (Inland Pasture) and Mr R Gray, Low Hall (judge)

Show Results:

Champion – Inland Pasture

Reserve Champion – Inland Pasture

1st Single Steer – Inland Pasture

2nd Single Steer – Inland Pasture

3rd Single Steer – Inland Pasture

1st Single Heifer – Inland Pasture

2nd Single Heifer – Branton Eastside

3rd Single Heifer – Fawdon Farms

Out with the show topping the day’s trade was a Char.x Steer from G H Dixon, East Ditchburn at £1160. With an exceptional run of cattle forward throughout the sale

Steers averaged 234p + £15 on the year    Heifers average 223p + £12 on the year

Leading Steers per head: Charolais: £1160, £1130, £1090, £1080 East Ditchburn, £1020 Fawdon Farms. Limousin: £1140 Milfield Demesne, £1030, £1010, £1000, £995, £985 Inland Pasture, £1000 Branton Eastside, £975 Brandon. Aberdeen Angus: £1090 East Ditchburn, £1090, £960, £950, £930 Wandon, £920 Milfield Demesne. British Blue: £1080 (2), £1010, £1000 Inland Pasture. Simmental: £1000 Hillcrest Livestock

Leading Steers per kilo: Limousin: 269.3p, 239.2p, 237.3p, 232.5p, 232.4p Inland Pasture, 259.7p, 252.7p, 248p Fawdon Farms, 254.6p, 244.9p Brandon, 248.7p, 247.2p Branton Eastside, 238.5p Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: 258p, 256.5p, 256.3p, 250p, 248p Fawdon Farms. British Blue: 254.1p, 246.6p, 246.3p Inland Pasture. Aberdeen Angus: 247.7p, 231.3p, 225.5p Wandon, 224.2p East Ditchburn. Simmental: 233.3p Brandon, 227.3p Hillcrest Livestock

Leading Heifers per head: Limousin: £1030, £940 Inland Pasture, £970 (2) Branton Eastside, £920 Brandon, £910 Fawdon Farms. Charolais: £970 East Ditchburn, £960 Fawdon Farms. British Blue: £900 Chillingham Home Farm

Leading Heifers per kilo: Limousin: 250.7p, 244.4p, 231.5p Inland Pasture, 237.7p (2), 231.8p, 227.6p Branton Eastside, 236p, 227.9p Brandon, 230.4p Fawdon Farms, 227.8p Chillingham Home Farm. Charolais: 249.4p, 247.9p, 240.6p, 230.1p, 224.8p Fawdon Farms. British Blue: 227.8p Chillingham Home Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 208.6p, 205.1p Wandon, 206.2p Hillcrest Livestock