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Date: 08 November 2021 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 8th November Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sales of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS: Yet another larger show 85 Prime bulls forward selling dearer on the week with ten selling over £1800 with six selling over £2000 to a day’s top of £2224.22 for a 921kg Limousin from Messrs Wilson, Reddings Farm, Moffat purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Messrs Richardson, Whitehead Brow, Wigton to £2061.68 for a 765 kg purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butcher, Bradford.  £2061.45 to Messrs Jardine, The Yett, Lockerbie, £2034.64 to D A Harrison, Hill House, Wigton, £2014.64 from Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths, Carlisle purchase by A & D Meats and £2013.38 for the Yett once again and purchased by Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.  British Blues crosses from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan to £1862.54 to Ralph Pearson and £1764.35 from D A Harrison, Wigton purchased by Bowland Foods.  Top overall pence per kilo of 273.5p was paid to Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk for the aforementioned.   Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields, Lockerbie sold top Limousin to 271.50 purchased by Bowland Foods, Messrs Nixon, Hunters Hall, Wigton to 270.50 purchased by George Watson,  Parthenais to 261.50 from Messrs Bradley, Marina, Maryport and purchased by Morgan Helliwell.  Black and White dairy bred cattle peaked at £1578.29 for a Fleckvieh from Messrs Jardine, The Yett purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.  Friesians to £1394.82 from Messrs Prudham, Whitefield, Brampton again purchased by Jewitt Meats and Holstein Friesians to £1301.38 from Messrs Graham, South Lambhill, Longtown purchased by Bowland Foods.  Swedish Red and Whites sold to £1530.09 from Messrs Prudham, Whitefold.  Top overall was for the aforementioned Fleckvieh selling to 216.5 and secondly for a British Friesian from Messrs Reed, Croft House, Carlisle to 208.50 purchased by Robert Metcalf, Brookwood Abattoir, Halifax.

Please advise entries for next week’s sale by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading prices per head: Limousin £2224 Reddings, £2061 £1732 Whitehead Brow, £2016 £2013 The Yett £2034 Hill House Farm, £2014 Mirkbooths £1990 £1970 Sarkshields Farm, £1824 Upper Huntleywood Farm, £1786 West Moorhouses, £1643, £1528  Cleughbrae Farm, £1614 Hunters Hall, £1520 Whitefield, British Blue £1862 Upper Brydekirk £1764 Hill House Farm, £1353 Bectonhall  £1259 Cote House Farm, Parthenais £1778 Marina House, Fleckvieh £1578 The Yett, Charolais £1546 £1453 Ladyhousesteads, Aberdeen Angus £1505 £1503 Upper Huntlywood Farm, £1473 £1379 Lambhill, £1381 Blackcarts Farm, Friesian £1394 £1243 Whitefield £1361 £1274 £1211 The Flatt, £1165 Croft House, Hereford £1326 Beck House, Holstein Friesian £1301 £1085 South Lambhill £1266 £1112 Milton Farm, £1137 Mirkbooths, £1067 Randalinton Farm, Whitebred Shorthorn £1235 £1162 Burgh Head Farm, Luing £1204 Blackcarts, Simmental £1777 Newbie Mains, Swedish Red & White £1530 Whitefield, Montbeliarde £1133 Seymour House, £1069 Beeches £1050 Seymour House, Dairy Shorthorn £1050 Mirkbooths.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 273.5 Upper Brydekirk 248.5 Hill House Farm, Limousin 271.5 265.5 Sarkshields Farm, 270.5 Hunters Hall, 269.5 248.5 Cleughbrae Farm,  269.5 257.5 Whitehead Brow  262.5 254.5 The Yett 258.5 West Moorhouses, 251.5 Hill House Farm, 241.5 Reddings, Parthenais 261.5 Marina House, Simmental 219.5 Newbie Mains, Aberdeen Angus 219.5 Upper Huntleywood Farm, 207.5 Blackcarts Farm, 205.5 198.4 South Lambhill 199.5 Justicetown Farm, Charolais 218.5 211.5 Ladyhousesteads, Hereford 218.5 Beck House, Fleckvieh 216.5 The Yett, Friesian 208.5 202.5 199.5 Croft House 207.5 (x2) The Flatt, Montbeliarde 205.5 Seymour House 194.5 Beeches, Whitebred Shorthorn 202.5 193.5 Burgh Head Farm, Luing 201.5 Blackcarts Farm, Swedish Red & White 191.5 Whitefield, Holstein Friesian 188.5 177.5 Mirkbooths 181.5 Milton Farm, 180.5 Bectonhall 179.5 South Lambhill 175.5 Randalinton Farm.

PRIME CATTLE: A very good entry of 54 prime steers and heifers forward at the weekly sale whereby trade would see a slight easing on the week.  Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle which equated to £1989.98 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton sold the second and third highest prices of £1925.75 purchased again by Pioneer Foods and £1919.75 purchased by the firm of WE Fairlie, Letham.  Messrs Bowe also sold the top price per kilo of 275.5 for one of the aforementioned.

Heifers forward in good numbers and peaked at £1881.38 for a Charolais cross from Messrs Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries purchased by Pioneer Foods.  Pioneer also secured a Blonde cross of Messrs Mitchell, Grassknop Farm, Penrith at £1872.34 and a Limousin cross of Messrs Hewitson, Shatton Lodge, Cockermouth at £1859.07.  A Parthenais cross from Messrs Wilson, Bowscale Farm, Maryport sold to £1710.35 and was purchased by W E Fairlie, Letham.  Top overall pence per kilo of 3.00 was paid to Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton and purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin.  Messrs Story, Newbiggin Farm, Carlisle sold to a top of 278.50 and was purchased by Steven Wilson, Butcher Shop, Corby Hill, Carlisle.

Please advise entries for next week’s sale by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£1989, £1810, £1736 Low Whinnow, £1925, £1919, £1699 Bothel Parks, £1887 Hollins Farm, £1788, £1713, £1671 Newbiggin Farm, £1772, £1716 Hoddomtown, £1689 Shatton Lodge Farm Belted Galloway £1145, £1133 Woodhall Farm

Heifer: Charolais £1881, £1769, £1765 Upper Tinwald Farm Blonde £1872 Grassknop Farm, £1498 High Aketon Limousin £1859 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1777 The Ash, £1728, £1480 Bowscale Farm, £1650 Upper Brydekirk, £1644, £1497, £1460 High Aketon, £1620 Newbiggin Farm, £1619 Edenlin, £1616 Grassknop, £1511 Mirkbooths Parthenais £1710 Bowscale Farm Aberdeen Angus £1504 Crook Hill Farm British Blue £1467 High Aketon

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
275.5p, 268.5p, 259.5p Bothel Parks, 266.5p, 257.5p, 256.5p, 245.5p Newbiggin Farm, 255.5p, 245.5p Hoddomtown, 253.5p, 251.5p Low Whinnow, 243.5p Shatton Lodge Belted Galloway 210.5p, 206.5p, 204.5p Woodhall Farm

Heifers: Limousin 299.5p, 271.5p, 265.5p(x2), 257.5p, 251.5p High Aketon, 278.5p, 259.5p Newbiggin Farm, 270.5p Bowscale Farm, 268.5p The Ash, 268.5p Edenlin, 259.5p Upper Brydekirk Parthenais 268.5p Bowscale Farm British Blue 263.5p High Aketon, 239.5p The Ash Blonde 261.5p Grassknop Farm, 257.5p High Aketon Charolais 259.5p(x2), 242.5p Upper Tinwald Farm

CAST COWS: A larger show of 412 cast cows, stock bulls and out of spec cattle were presented to an increased ringside of buyers which resulted in the trade for beef cows being 4-6p up on the week. DA Harrison & Co, Hill House Farm’s run of cows topped at 799kg at 206.5p totalling £1649, 807kg at 185.5p totalling £1496 and 746kg at 188.5p totalling £1406 all for Limousin x bought by Owain Llyr (x2) and Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Lawson & Son, South Farm sold the top priced Angus heifer for 736kg at 214.5p totalling £1578 to Eric Hall. Messrs Conlon, Common Carr Farm sold the top priced British Blue cow for 811kg at 187.5p totalling £1520 to Owain Llyr. DG Farming, Dinwoodie Green Farm sold a Simmental x heifer for 683kg at 219.5p totalling £1499, 612kgs at 223.5p totalling £1367 and 618kg at 212.5p totalling £1313 bought by Jewitt Meats and Sean McGimpsey (x2). Messrs Cowx & Son, Hudscales sold a British Blue x cow for 669kg at 218.5p totalling £1461 to Owain Llyr. Dennis Cadzow & Co, Duncrahill’s run of 15 Limousin cows topped at 552kg at 234.5p totalling £1294 and 519kg at 215.5p totalling £1118, 586kg at 215.5p totalling £1262, 649kg at 213.5p totalling £1385 bought by Eric Hall, Jewitt Meats, Alan Jarvis and Michael Helliwell. Messrs Wetherell & Son, High Buildings sold a Hereford heifer for 632kg at 199.5p totalling £1260 to Alan Jarvis.

A great entry of 235 dairy cast cows was on offer with an amazing lift of 9.4ppk on the week. Messrs Harrison & Sons, Down Hall sold a Holstein x heifer for 785kg at 182.5p totalling £1432 to Alan Jarvis. Messrs Sharp, Woodend Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 696kg at 186.5p totalling £1298 and 737kg at 170.5p totalling £1256 to Les Fell (x2). Messrs Irving, Brunt Hill sold a Holstein x heifer for 676kg at 188.5p totalling £1274 to Les Fell. Messrs Bulman & Son, Bank House sold the top priced Friesian heifer for 708kg at 179.5p totalling £1270 to Les Fell and 591kg at 182.5p totalling £1078 to Brian Capper. Messrs Threlkeld, Ladywells sold a Holstein x cow for 702kg at 175.5p totalling £1232 to Messrs Wyllie. Messrs Wilson, Wood Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 688kg at 177.5p totalling £1221 to Les Fell. Messrs Coulthard, Justicetown Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 733kg at 164.5p totalling £1205 to Les Fell. Messrs Reed, Croft House sold Friesian heifers for 558kg at 194.5p totalling £1085, 541kg at 188.5p totalling £1019 to Brian Capper and Jewitt Meats. Brownrigg Hall sold a Holstein x heifer for 544kg at 182.5p totalling £992 to Les Fell. Messrs Messenger, The Howes sold the top priced Fleckvieh cow for £1140 to Steven Bowes.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1650 £1497 £1406 £1236 Hill House, £1398 £1280 The Hill, £1393 £1323 Hudscales, £1386 Reddings, £1386 £1336 £1296 £1294 £1287 £1263 Duncrahill Farm, £1355 Thackwood, £1342 West Moorhouses, £1285 High Wreay Farm, £1223 Mains of Collin Farm, £1219 Bushfield Aberdeen Angus £1579 £1317 South Farm, £1332 Crook Hill British Blue £1521 Common Carr Farm, £1462 Hudscales, £1378 £1215 £1190 Hill House, £1302 Waterhouses, £1268 West Moorhouses, £1217 Drumshangan Farm, £1197 Crookdyke Simmental £1499 £1368 £1313 Dinwoodie Green Farm, £1255 Dornock Mains Holstein Friesian £1433 £951 Down Hall, £1298 £1257 £1102 Woodend Farm, £1274 Brunt Hill, £1232 Ladywells, £1221 Wood Farm, £1206 Justicetown Farm, £1099 £993 High Ploughlands, £1079 Limekilns Farm, £993 Brownrigg Hall Farm, £991 Crummock Bank Farm, £965 Evening Hill Farm, £960 Prior Hall, £956 Old Town Farm, £948 High Field, £944 Harelawhole, £935 Ribton House Herefords £1346 Dinwoodie Green Farm, £1261 High Buildings, £1100 £1014 Old Prieston Friesian £1271 £1111 £1079 Bank House, £1085 £1020 Croft House, £1021 Prior Hall, £1004 Fleckvieh £1141 The Howes Charolais £1120 The Laythes, £1114 Hill House Beef Shorthorn £1117 £1015 North Corrielaw Swedish Red & White £983 The Howes Galloways £743 £699 East Clough

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 234.5p 215.5p 215.5p 213.5p 178.5p 178.5p 173.5p 172.5p 167.5p 166.5p Duncrahill Farm, 206.5p 188.5p 185.5p Hill House, 192.5 Reddings, 177.5p 175.5p Hudscales, 174.5p The Laythes, 168.5p 160.5p Mains of Collin, 165.5p Thackwood Simmental 223.5p 219.5p 212.5p Dinwoodie Green Farm, 148.5p Dornock Mains British Blue 218.5p Hudscales 193.5p 183.5p 178.5p Eden Bank Farm, 191.5p Waterhouses, 187.5p Common Carr, 176.5p Crookdyke, 169.5p Hill House, 169.5p Brunt Hill, 165.5p West Moorhouses Aberdeen Angus 214.5p 173.5p South Farm Hereford 199.5p High Buildings, 165.5p Dinwoodie Green Farm, 157.5p 145.5p Old Prieston Friesian 194.5p 188.5p Croft House,182.5p 179.5p 175.5p Bank House, 135.5p 127.5p Prior Hall, 129.5p Kirkbarrow Hall, 127.5p Mounsey Bank, 127.5p 124.5p The Flatt, 125.5p Laversdale, 124.5p 120.5p Hillhead, 124.5p The Green, 121.5p Harelawhole, 120.5p Bowness Hall Holstein Friesian 188.5p Brunt Hill, 186.5p 170.5p 167.5p Woodend Farm, 182.5p 157.5p 149.5p 147.5p Down Hall, 182.5p Brownrigg Hall, 177.5p Wood Farm, 175.5p High Field, 175.5p Ladywells, 174.5p High Ploughlands, 164.5p Justicetown Farm, 159.5p Evening Hill Farm, 157.5p Crookdyke, 155.5p Lane End, 151.5p Espland Hill, 139.5p The Square,137.5p Thackwood Farm Beef Shorthorn 183.5p 164.5p North Corrielaw Charolais 164.5p The Laythes, 156.5p Hill House Swedish Red & White 176.5p The Howes Galloways 148.5p 143.5p East Clough Fleckvieh 135.5p The Howes Holstein 129.5p Knockshiffnock Farm, 121.5p Justicetown Farm Montbeliarde 129.5p 125.5p Brayshaw  Luing 119.5p Herdship

CAST BULLS: 23 stock bulls and out of spec bullocks were up 27.2p on the week. Messrs Dandie, The Dales sold a Limousin stock bull for 1037kg at 166.5p totalling £1726 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill sold a Limousin stock bull for 1090kg at 153.5p totalling £1672 to Charles Kirkpatrick. DA Harrison & Co, Hill House Farm sold a Limousin stock bull for 1031kg at 152.5p totalling £1572 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Rudd & Sons, Grassings Farm sold a Hereford stock bull for 1328kgs at 114.5p totalling £1520 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Ritchie, Stormont sold 40 to 64 month old bullocks for 1147kg at 129.5p totalling £1481, 897kg at 157.5p totalling £1412 and 849kg at 157.5p totalling £1337 to Charles Kirkpatrick (x2) and Messrs Roberts. DG Farming, Dinwoodie Green sold overage Ayrshire bullocks for 732kg at 181.5p totalling £1328 and 700kg at 186.5p totalling £1305 to Les Fell.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1727 The Dales, £1673 Whitstonehill, £1572 Hill House, £1485, £1413, £1337 Stormont Hereford £1521 Grassings Farm, £1266 Laversdale Ayrshire £1329, £1306 Dinwoodie Green British Blue £1194 The Dales Aberdeen Angus £1112 Brayshaw

Leading prices per kilo: Ayrshire 186.5p 186.5p 181.5p Dinwoodie Green Farm Limousin 166.5p The Dales, 157.5p 157.5p Stormont, 153.5p Whitstonehill, 152.5p Hill House Charolais 145.5p Bank Head


An increased number of lambs on the week still fell well short of buyers requirements resulting in a trade that had to be seen to be believed, an overall average of 292pph SQQ 301pph which translates to £132.07 a head, a rise of £17.47 on the week however numbers well behind last year explaining why the price is £42.96 per head higher!
A top call of £194 was paid for an exceptional pair of lambs consigned by Sandy Sanderson, Swallowdene, Dearham which sold to Tony Harrison, Butcher, Main Street, Cockermouth.
Closely following at £190 was a stunning 49kg Dutch lamb from Messrs Wigham, HArgill House, Hexham selling to Mr R Skelton.
Beltex lambs lead the way per kilo with Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall, Dalton selling 4 lots over 400pph with 2 lots at 407.5p selling to Vivers Scotland
Suffolks sold to £158 from Messrs Magnay, Galleywreay, Penrith and 304.8 from Messrs Graham, The Wreay, Wigton.
Mules to £150 and 287.10p both lots from Messrs Browell, Quarry House, Hexham

Leading Prices per head: Texel £194 Swallowdene; £178, £166 Bengall; £178 Hermitage; £176, £172, £165 Old Rectory; £175 Hightown; £172 Edenlin; £171, £170 Flimby Hall; £171 Cracrop; £170, £166 Cardew Hall; £170 Street Head; £169 Mirkbooths; £166 Round Meadows; £166 Street Head; £165; £165 Ghyll House Dutch Texel £190, £169, £166, £163(x2), £162p, £160, £152 Hargill House; £173, £158, £145.5, £145 Thirlwall Castle £168, £164p, £154, £145 Ashfield; £165 Unity; £151 Sycamore House; £150.5p High Old Shield; £147 Thorneyland Beltex £168, £150, £145 Castlehill; £156, £153, £152 Galleywreay; £156, £154, £151 The Wreay; £145 The Throp Suffolk £158 Galleywreay; £152 Denton Mains; £141 High Wreay ; £138 Whinney Hill; £134 Mirkbooths; £134 Triermain; £133 Stone House Mule £150, £145, £125 Quarry House; £140 Lawston; £138, £132 Hightown; £136(x2) Kilnknowe; £135, £125 High Park Foot; £134, £129.5 Kilnstown; £132.5 Reaygarth; £130 Church Farm; £130, £127 Horsleyhill; £129.5 Denton Mains; £127.5 Cold Shields; £127.5  Blue Texel £133 The Wreay;

Leading Prices per kilo:  Beltex  407.5(x2), 404.9p, 400p Cardew Hall; 395p, 334p, 331.9p, 314.6pThe Wreay; 366p, 338p Castlehill; 362.8p, 318.8p, 313.4p Galleywreay; 345.2p, 330p, 310p The Throp; 333.3p, 315p Glebelands; 326.2p Castlehill Texel 395.6p Hermitage; 395.6p Bengall 390.5p, 386.4p, 375.6p, 362.8p(x2), 361p Cardew Hall; 384.2p Swallowdene; 375p Braithwaite Hall; 360.5p Hermitage; 355p Grassgarth; 352.5p, 343.6p Braithwaite Hall; 352.3p High Park Foot; 341.7p Cracrop Dutch Texel 393.2p, 385.4p, 355p, 351p, 329.5p Thirlwall Castle; 393p, 387.8p, 386p, 379p, 376.7p, 362.2p Hargill House; 373.3p, 334.7p Ashfield; 358.3p, 337.8p High Old Shield; 338.1p Low Houses; 334.1p, 326.2p Thorneyland; 326.8p Unity; 324.4p Low Houses Bleu Texel 317p The Wreay Suffolk 304.8p The Wreay; 304p Denton Mains; 298.1p Galleywreay; 292.3p Stone House; 291.3p Triermain; 287p, 283p, 281.4p, 274p(x3), 273.3p, 271.4p, 271p, 270p Brae of Coynach; 276.3p Mirkbooths; 276p Whinney Hill; 273.8p High Wreay Mule 287.1p, 275.2p, 274.7p Quarry House; 284.1p, 277.2p 275.5p High Park Foot; 282p, 277.2p Cold Shields; 278.9p Reaygarth; 273.7p Horsleyhill; 270.8p Church Farm; 268p, 267p Kilnstown; 266.7p Lawston; 266.7p, 260.4p Hightown; 264.1p, 261.5p Kilnknowe; 261.6p Denton Mains;


The weekly sale of Cast ewes and rams where meat would be dearer on the week. Topping today’s sale at £155 was a Suffolk cross ram from Josh Merrell.  Ewes sold to a top of £138 for 2 Texel x ewes from Messrs Dickinson, High House. Mule ewes sold to a top of £98 for a pen of 21 from Messrs Roe, Reservoir Farm.  Swaledales sold to a top of £71 for 2 from Messrs Wigham, Hargill House.  All classes of ewes are short of requirements with trade for ewes continuing to be very strong.

Leading prices per head:

Ewes: Texel £155 The Green; £138, £128(x2), £117 High House; £120 Zetlands; £100 High Troweir; £94 Reservoir; £90 Rose Cottage Suffolk £117 The Spinney Mule £98 Reservoir; £98, £88 Church Farm; £91 Park Head; £86 Horsleyhill Dorset £90 Zetlands£88 Church Farm Kerryhill £70 Zetlands Jacob £78 Zetlands Rough Fell £75 Sheepfield Swaledale £71, £65 Hargill House; £67 Horsleyhill; £67 Church Farm; £52 Dollard Farm Blackface £66    High Troweir; £64  Rose Cottage 

Rams: Texel £137 Horsleyhill; £135 The Green

Please contact a member of our Sales team for further information
David Holliday                                  07710 189804                   Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson                                07872 129274                   Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little                                        07872 840685                   Prime & Cast Sheep