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Date: 22 November 2021 | Store Sheep

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Borderway Store Sheep

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 22nd November Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store lambs.

A smaller run of store sheep forward but trade every bit as sharp on the week. All sized lambs proved very good to sell with a top price of £124 being achieved by Messrs Spruce, The Barns, Forest Head whose consignment went on to average £116.

All qualities were very well sought-after leaving vendors highly delighted. The very small running type of lambs also looked a good price for little weathered lambs making £71 - £80 regularly away

Many more store sheep are required each week so please make the most of the trade and get in touch with David on 07500173273

Leading Prices:

Texel £124 £118 £102 The Barns, £118 Gorfen Letch Cottage, £116 £112 £106 £105 Crosshill Farmhouse, £111.50 £102 Stone Hall, £105 £102 £100 Smithy Garth, £104 Grayson Drive, £104 Cawfields, £103 £100 Valley View, £100 Jenetes Hill, Beltex £118 £116 The Barns, £114 Banks Farm, Suffolk £111 £107 £84 Banks Farm, £110 £108 £88 Green Close, Hampshire £94 Cowgate Farm