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Date: 09 December 2021 | Store Cattle, Store Sheep

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St Boswells Sale of Store Sheep & Cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP


Mixed show but met a fabulous trade.

Texel: £110 Venchen, £108, £105, £102, £101.50 Broom
North Country Cheviot: £100, £94 Easter Midburn
Suffolk: £95 Venchen
Hill Cheviot: £81.50 Byrecleugh, £76(2) Whitefield, Earlston


Store Cattle met a fast trade topping at £1220 from Messrs Crocket, Conker Cottage with a superb Limousin.x Heifer.  Top pence per kilo went to the same home for a pen of Limousin.x Heifers at 280p per kilo.

Bullocks per kilo-
Aberdeen Angus:
Woodhouse, Peebles 221.2p, 217.8p
Charolais: 217.7p Brothershiels

Bullocks per head:
Aberdeen Angus:
Woodhouse, Peebles £1095, Brothershiels £1050
Simmental: £1000 Lanton

Bullocks averaged 216p per kilo

Heifers per kilo-
Aberdeen Angus:
Brothershiels 222.9p, 215.4p

Limousin: 280p Conker Cottage
Simmental: Lanton 207.9p, 206.7p
Charolais: 218.4p Brothershiels

Heifers per head:
Aberdeen Angus:
Brothershiels £1120, £1070
Limousin: Conker Cottage £1220

Simmental: £1050 Lanton
Charolais: Lanton £1090

Heifers averaged 215p per kilo