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Date: 14 December 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday evening when 4063 sheep consisting of 3013 prime lambs and 1050 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £202 was a 67kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm, Richmond.

Also topping at 428.2p/kg were a pen of thirteen 39kg Beltex cross lambs which sold for £167 and were also consigned by Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm.

Messrs Simpson, Highscale Farm, Wigglesworth sold a pen of nine 42kg Beltex cross lambs to make £178.50 (425p/kg), another pen of nine 43kg lambs to make £182 (423.3p/kg) and a pen of nine 42kg lambs for £177 (421.4p/kg) all form Highscale Farm.

Charlotte Wills, Fawcett Park sold 42kg Beltex cross lambs to make £174.

Messrs, Searchlight Farm, Middlesbrough sold a pen of four 42kg Beltex cross lambs to make £173.50 (413.1p/kg)

Messrs Dodd, Skylin, Temple Sowerby sold three 41kg lambs to make £169 (412.2p/kg).

Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm sold a pen of twenty one 43kg lambs to make £167.

Texel cross lambs sold to £175 from Messrs Coulthard, Bridge End Farm, Westgate.

Kirkby Stephen proved itself as having a consistent leading trade week in week out with 14 active buyers ensuring that an SQQ average of 300.31p/kg and an overall average of 290.23p/kg for 3013 lambs was achieved which includes 716 Mule and hill bred lambs.

Mule lambs sold to £136 from Messrs Pattinson, Pinfold House, Bishop Auckland.

Mule lambs topped at 273.9p/kg for a pen of 46kg lambs making £126 from Messrs Pratt, Intake Bottom, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Raine & Davidson, Thorney Gale sold a pen of 32 46kg Mules to make £125.50 (272.8p/kg).

Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm, Lockerbie sold a pen of 45kg Suffolk cross lambs to make £142.50 (316.7p/kg).

783 Beltex cross lambs sold to average £147.30 and 347.7p/kg.

Cast sheep were a flying trade for all types once again with strong heavy ewes and well bred sheep being in particular demand.

Topping the sale at £240 was a Texel cross ewe from Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm, Lockerbie.

Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Sowerby sold Texel cross ewes to £214.50 Messrs Brannen, Scar Top, Newbiggin sold Texel cross ewes to £212.50 with Suffolk ewes selling to £180 also from Scar Top.

Swaledale ewes sold to £100.50 for a pen from Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hill Farm, Workington.

Many more ewes are required next week here at Kirkby Stephen with much increased buyers demand!

Leading Prices –

Prime Lambs

Price per head –

Beltex £202, £172, £167, £161, £157, £156, £155.50, £155 Carkin Moor; £182, £178.50, £177, £174.50, £172.50, £167.50 Highscale Farm; £179 Fawcett Park (C. Wills); £174, £165, £155 Fawcett Park; £173.50, £163.50 Searchlight Farm; £171.50, £156 Hallbankgate Farm; £171.50, £158.50, £156, £155.50 Hall Farm House; £170.50 Terry Farm; £170 Thorney Gale; £169, £165 Skylin; £167, £163, £161, £158 Chapel Farm; £167 Castle Hill; £167, £164, £163, £161, £157(2) Littleburn Farm; £164, £158.50(2), £157 Marriforth; £162, £161, £160, £159.50, £158.50(2), £157 Little Beck;  £162 Gillses Farm; £159.50 Parkside; £158.50, £156.50, £156 Rookwith House; £158 Prospect Farm Cottage; £157 Whygill Head; £156 Row End Farm: Texel £175 Bridge End Farm(Coulthard); £170, £161.50, £150, £148.50 Whygill Head; £165, £160, £153.50 Newton Farm;  £164, £157.50, £148.50 Highscale Farm; £160, £154, £152.50, £148.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £158.50, £146.50 Littleburn Farm; £156, £150 Prospect Farm Cottage; £156, £150, £149 Moor Riggs; £155.50 Barningham House; £154 Highfield; £151.50 Rosgill Head; £151 Clarks Farm; £150, £146 Bowes Cross Farm; £150 Middle Bank End; £149 Hallbankgate Farm; £148.50 Windygate; £148.50 Fawcett Park Farm; £148 Marriforth; £146 Little Beck; £145 Parkside: Dutch Texel £170, £166 Terrys Farm: Suffolk £155, £152 Littleburn Farm; £144, £142.50 Marriforth; £143.50, £142 Black Syke; £142.50 Haas Side Farm: Mule £136 Pinfold House; £134, £131.50 Marriforth; £131.50 Woodbine House; £131.50 Croft House Farm; £131 Keisley Farm; £130 Dirt Pit Farm; £130 Easegill Head; £130 Fawcett Park Farm: Kerry Hill £130 Littleburn Farm: Charollais £126 Newsham Grange: Cheviot £124 Castle Hill; £120 Helbeck Grange: Lleyn £123.50 Laitha Farm: Swaledale £120 Harbour Flatt; £108 Green Gill Farm; £104 Dirt Pit Farm; £103 Pinfold House; £99 West End Farm; £98 Oakbank Farm: Blue Texel £118.50 Orchard Farm: Scotch Blackface £102.50 Buckles Farm: Goat £96 Green Gill Farm.

Price Per kilo –

Beltex 428.2p, 409.5p, 390.8p, 388.4p, 365.1p, 361p Carkin Moor; 426.2p Fawcett Park (C Wills); 425p, 423.3p, 421.4p, 396.6p, 380.7p, 375p Highscale Farm; 413.1p, 389.3p, 371.3p Searchlight Farm; 412.2p, 377.8p, 375p Skylin; 408.3p, 386.6p, 361.1p Hall Farm House; 407.3p, 362.2p Littleburn Farm; 404.8p Thorney Gale; 404.7p, 392.9p Fawcett Park Farm; 400p, 372.6p, 368.6p Rookwith House; 396.5p Terrys Farm; 389.8p, 362.8p Hallbankgate Farm; 388.1p, 371.1p, 365.9p, 363p Chapel Farm; 387.8p, 380.3p, 374.4p, 368.4p West Lea; 382.1p, 378.9p, 377.5p Moor Riggs; 373.7p Grassgill Lodge; 371.4p Row End Farm; 371.1p Castle Hill; 365.1p Whygill Head; 362.8p Intake Bottom: Texel 354.8p Hallbankgate Farm; 254.8p Moor Riggs; 246.7p Prospect Farm Cottage; 340.4p, 330.2p, 326.6p Newton Farm; 334.9p Breaks Hall; 334.8p 320.5p Highfield; 333.3p Whygill Head; 322.8p, 321.4p Highscale Farm: Suffolk 316.7p Haas Side Farm; 386.3p Chapel Farm (Hebson); 274.4p Palliard; 274.4p Starrah; 272.4p White House; 270.8p Black Syke: Dutch Texel 314.5p Dry How; 313.2p Terrys Farm: Goat 309.7p Green Gill Farm: Kerry Hill 295.5p Littleburn Farm: Charollais 295p Wiske Moor: Blue Texel 289p Orchard Farm: Cheviot 281.8p Castle Hill; 271.9p Dry How; 270p Buckles Farm: Lleyn 280.7p Laitha Farm: Mule 273.9p Intake Bottom; 272.8p Thorney Gale; 270.7p Burton Hill; 267.4 Croft House Farm; 267.4p West End Farm; 266.3p Galloper Rise; 263.5p Harbour Flatt; 263.3p Marriforth; 262.8p Orchard Farm; 262.5p Highfield; 262.2p Green Gill Farm:

Scotch Blackface 268.2p Middle Bank End Farm: Swaledale 255.3p Harbour Flatt; 254.7p Buddle House; 254.3p Studfold Farm; 247p Palliard; 245.5p Green Gill Farm; 244.1p Old Spital Farm; 243.4p Step Ends Farm; 243.2p Helbeck Grange; 241p High Birk Hatt:

Cast Ewes

Texel £240, £182.50 Haas Side Farm; £214.50, £200, £196.50 Grassgill Lodge; £212.50, £194.50 Scar Top; £196.50 Clarks Farm; £166.50, £158.50(2), £157.50 Parkside; £164.50 Prospect Farm Cottage; £159.50 Dona Close; £153.50 Goodlie Hill Cottage: Suffolk £180, £170 Scar Top: Beltex £178.50, £136.50 Rookwith House; £129.50 Castle Hill: Bluefaced Leicester £132.50 Whingill; £119.50 Marriforth; £112.50 Davygill Farm: Cheviot Mule £130 New View Farm; £130 Haas Side Farm: Lleyn £129.50 New View Farm; £108.50 Whingill: Cheviot £120 Haas Side Farm; £93.50, £83.50 Middle Bank End Farm; £84.50 Dry Howe: Mule £115.50 Clarks Farm; £113 Black Syke; £112 Castle Hill; £107.50 Gaisgill Row Farm; £105 Middle Bank End Farm: Swaledale £100.50, £86 Kelmore Hill Farm; £94.50 Dirt Pit Farm; £86.50 Gapshields; £85.50 Woodbine House; £84.50 Whingill; £84 Castle Hill; £83.50 Glebelands; £82.50 High Birk Hatt; £82 Low House: Zwartble £92.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Scotch Blackface £90, £81.50 Castle Hill; £76.50 Low House; £75.50 Newton Farm: Rough £78.50 Smardale Hall: Herdwick £76.50 Low House.

Cast Rams

Beltex £186.50, £174.50, £153.50 Buddle House: Texel £180.50 Yore House; £170.50 Wharton Hall; £170.50 Barningham House; £150 Ellergill: Lleyn £168.50 Woodfoot: Bluefaced Leicester £160.50 Bridge End Farm; £140 Barningham House; £136.50 Gillses Farm; £132.50 Whingill: Suffolk £134.50 Green Gill Farm: Cheviot £116.50 Ellergill: Swaledale £115.50 Gillses Farm; £100 Hoggarths Farm: Scotch Blackface £94.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Rough £92.50 Ellergill: Jacob £84.50 Ellergill.