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Date: 10 January 2022 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 10th January, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS: A much larger entry of 107 Prime bulls forward resulting in a fantastic trade throughout, seeing 4 sell over £2000 and 14 over £1700 to a day’s overall top of £2210.94 and £2203.29 for Limousins from Messrs Priestley, Cracrop Farm, Brampton and Messrs Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan to £2110.05 all purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  D A Harrison, Hill House, Wigton sold their best to £1935.50 and British Blue crosses from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton to £2055.17 both purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.  Top Charolais cross came from D A Harrison peaking at £1894.45 and purchased by Bowland Foods.  Aberdeen Angus from Gordon Brooke Farming at Earlston peaked at £1611.06.  Top pence per kilo overall went to Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton with one of their British Blue crosses and was purchased by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers.  Messrs Ewing, Dumbretton sold the best Limousin to 269.5p and Messrs Miller, West Farm, Aspatria to 267.5p both purchased again by Ralph Pearson.

Dairy bred bulls sold to a top of £1415.01 for a Fleckvieh from Messrs Mitchinson, Beck House, Carlisle and was purchased by Ross Greenwood.  Messrs Graham, South Lambhill, Longtown to £1397.07 for a Holstein Friesian and was purchased by Bowland Foods.  Top price per kilo was the aforementioned Fleckvieh from Beck House attaining 233.5p and secondly by Messrs Wilson, Street Head, Carlisle to 219.5p for a Holstein Friesian.

Please advise entries by calling or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading prices per head: Limousin £2210, £2203 Cracrop, £2110, £1899 Dumbretton, £1935 Hill House, £1856, £1805, £1722 West Farm, £1810 Roxburgh Mains, £1705 Sarkshields, £1704 Lesson Hall, £1691 Ellen Bank British Blue £2055, £1823 Osborne Farm, £1642 Hill House, £1607 Low Farm, £1501 Beck House, £1443 Stenries, £1442 South Lambhill, £1435 Bectonhall, £1413 Cote House Charolais £1894 Hill House, £1631, £1537 Wydon Farm, £1437 Byrecroft Simmental £1629, £1413 Kirtleton House, £1395 Byrecroft Aberdeen Angus £1611, £1397 Upper Huntlywood, £1608 Low Farm, £1433, £1215 Roxburgh Mains Fleckvieh £1415 Beck House, £1216, £1149 Haythwaite Lane, £1198, £1184, £1122, £1073, £1063 East Park Holstein Friesian £1397, £1325, £1250 South Lambhill, £1378, £1258 Street Head, £1332, £1268, £1158, £1156 Blackrigg, £1212 Brisco Hill Hereford £1362 Mirkbooths Galloway £1320 Balgray Hill, £1319 Shancastle Norwegian Red £1299 Kirkbride House Montbeliarde £1271 Kirkbride House Beef Shorthorn £1210 Beck House Staberlizer £1062 The Swaites.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 275.5p, 264.5p Osborne Farm, 251.5p Stenries, 237.5p Low Farm, 235.5p Cote House Limousin 269.5p, 260.5p Dumbretton, 267.5p, 257.5p West Farm, 265.5p, 255.5p Hill House, 264.5p, 259.5p Cracrop, 263.5p Ellen Bank, 259.5p Lesson Hall, 256.5p Sarkshields, 251.5p Airyolland, 245.5p Gallowberry, 245.5p (x2) Church Farm Charolais 239.5p Hill House, 239.5p, 227.5p Wydon Farm Fleckvieh 233.5p Beck House, 207.5p, 205.5p, 203.5p, 195.5p East Park, 197.5p (x2) Haythwaite Lane Simmental 232.5p, 221.5p Kirtleton House Aberdeen Angus 228.5p Low Farm, 209.5p Upper Huntlywood, 209.5p Brisco Hill, 207.5p Roxburgh Mains, 203.5p Beck House Galloway 221.5p Balgray Hill, 193.5p Shancastle Holstein Friesian 219.5p, 218.5p Street Head, 203.5p Brisco Hill, 185.5p, 184.5p, 180.5p Blackrigg, 183.5p Elephant Farm, 180.5p South Lambhill Hereford 211.5p Mirkbooths Montbeliarde 204.5p Kirkbride House Beef Shorthorn 202.5p Beck House Norwegian Red 197.5p Kirkbride House Staberlizer 197.5p The Swaites.

PRIME CATTLE: A much larger entry of 64 Prime steers and heifers forward at Borderway weekly sale of Primestock whereby trade was sharper on the week easily by 5-10p.  Topping the sale overall was regular customers Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton with their 752kg Limousin cross steer peaking at £1921.36 purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.  Next best at £1876.05 was another 758kg Limousin cross from Messrs Philipson, Glebe Farm, Penrith and was purchased by Eric Hall.  Top price per kilo steer came from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill whose run of 6 which peaked at 264.50 for a 702kg Limousin cross being purchased by Border Meats, Lockerbie.

Heifers sold to a day’s top of £1894.81 for weekly vendors Messrs Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries selling their 733kg Charolais cross purchased by Pioneer Foods.  Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill, Carlisle sold their outstanding 702kg Limousin cross to £1807.65.  Joe Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton sold their best to £1700.55 for a British Blue cross and was purchased by Alan Jarvis.  Top overall pence per kilo of 275.5p was paid to Messrs Graham, Miller Hill, Brampton for their 534kg Limousin cross heifer and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Messrs Murray, Prior House, Carlisle for their 571kg which achieved 268.5p and was purchased by Black Brow Abattoir.  British Blue crosses from Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan peaked at 271.5p and was purchased by Border Meats, Lockerbie.

Please advise entries by calling or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£1921, £1792 Bothel Parks, £1876 Glebe Farm, £1865 Nealhouse, £1856, £1819, £1782 Miller Hill, £1842 Hoddomtown, £1826 Prior House, £1816, £1784 The Lake, £1797 Petteril Hill Galloway £1330 Balgray Hill.

Heifers: Charolais £1894, £1744, £1646 Upper Tinwald Limousin £1807 Petteril Hill, £1633, £1611 Greenhill. £1632 High Plasket Lands, £1598, £1533 Prior House, £1595, £1471 Miller Hill, £1571 High Plasket Lands, £1526 Burnside, £1525 Meikleholm, £1510 Airyolland British Blue £1700 Greenhill, £1683, £1433 Upper Brydekirk, £1518 High Plasket Lands Chianina £1486 Greenhill.

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
264.5p, 262.5p, 261.5p, 245.5p Miller Hill, 262.5p, 255.5p Bothel Parks, 259.5p, 257.5p Petteril Hill, 254.5p, 249.5p The Lake, 254.5p Hoddomtown, 252.5p Nealhouses, 248.5p Newbiggin, 247.5p Glebe Farm, 244.5p Prior House Galloway 203.5p Balgray Hill.

Heifers: Limousin 275.5p, 252.5p Miller Hill, 268.5p Prior House, 266.5p Greenhill, 265.5p Burnside, 262.5p Meikleholm, 258.5p, 251.5p High Plasket Lands, 257.5p Greenhill, 257.5p Petteril Hill, 255.5p Airyolland, 251.5p Newbiggin British Blue 271.5p Upper Brydekirk, 269.5p Greenhill, 256.5p High Plasket Lands Charolais 258.5p (x2), 252.5p Upper Tinwald Chianina 235.5p Greenhill Hereford 219.5p Thornington.

CAST COWS: A large entry of 355 cast cows, stock bulls and out of spec cattle was on offer to the usual large ring side of buyers which ensured a flying trade with trade being an amazing 17.5p up on the week.

Mr Gary Bell, Haas Side sold an outstanding Charolais X cow for 841kg, 237.5p, £1997 bought by Owain Llyr; Thor Atkinson, Plumpton sold a pure Charolais cow for 987kg, 174.5p, £1722 bought by Charles Kirkpatrick.  O’Kane and Morgan sold the top priced Limousin cow for 953kg, 176.5p, £1632 and Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm sold a Limousin X cow for 835kg, 195.5p, £1632 both to Owain Llyr; Messrs Johnston & Son, Orton Hall sold a Limousin X heifer for 707kg, 229.5p, £1622 and Messrs Darling & Sons, Stitchill Home Farm sold a Limousin X cow for 858kg, 179.5p, £1540 both to Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Rome & Co, Niven Hill sold the top priced Blonde cow for 802kg, 181.5p, £1455 to Michael Helliwell and Messrs Wilshaw, Oulton Hall sold a Blonde cow for 803kg, 177.5p, £1425 to Charles Kirkpatrick.  Messrs Neil, Upper Nisbet sold an Aberdeen Angus heifer for 545kg, 226.5p, £1234 to Alan Jarvis and Messrs Thompson, East Unthank sold a British Blue X cow for 670kg, 208.5p, £1396 to Jewitt Meats.

A great entry of 221 dairy cast cows sold to average 117.5p, being up 14.6p on the week.  Buckabank Farm sold a Holstein X heifer for 738kg, 190.5p, £1405 to Les Fell; Bluestone Farming run of Fleckvieh X cows topped at 888kg, 155.5p, £1380; 893kg, 152.5p, £1361 and 838kg, 157.5p, £1319 bought by Messrs Roberts and Phillip Bowes (x2).  Messrs Harrison, Dundraw sold a Holstein X heifer for 801kg, 167.5p, £1341 to Les Fell; Messrs Smithson, Skelcies Hall sold a Holstein X heifer for 704kg, 182.5p, £1284 also to Les Fell.  Messrs Rogerson & Son, Wardpark sold a Fleckvieh heifer for 611kg, 207.5p, £1267 bought by Eric Hall; Messrs Imrie, Harelawhole sold a Friesian heifer for 583kg, 182.5p, £1063 to Les Fell; Messrs Mattocks, Aulby Farm sold a Friesian heifer for 654kg, 181.5p, £1187 to Alan Jarvis and Messrs Harrison, Hazel Head sold a Holstein X cow for 875kg, 134.5p, £1176 to Les Fell.  

Leading Prices per Head: Charolais £1997 Haas Side, £1722 Plumpton, £1400 Hill House, £1337, £1262 Hallbankgate Farm Limousin £1682 Plumpton, £1632 Osborn Farm, £1622 Orton Hall, £1540, £1291 Stichill Home Farm, £1495, £1297 Dumbretton, £1418, £1415, £1285 Meikleholm, £1413, £1389 Haas Side, £1365 Penpugh, £1363 Upper Nisbet, £1344 Grange Hall, £1306 Balgray Hill, £1299, £1294 Bonshawside, £1293 Fellside British Blue £1489 Nealhouse, £1418 Skelcies Hall, £1412 Lodge Farm, £1396 East Unthank, £1378 Stichill Home Farm, £1318 Hallburn Croft, £1269 Hill House, £1256 Grange Hall Blonde £1455 Niven Hill, £1425, £1368 Oulton Hall, £1392 Plumpton Holstein Friesian £1405, £1177, £1036 Buckabank, £1341, £1247 Dundraw, £1284 Skelcies Hall, £1176 Hazel Head, £1147 Brownrigg Hall, £1137 Randalinton, £1114 Berrier Head, £1051 Hallfield, £1044 Baggrow, £1039 High Field, £1035 The Howes, £1014 High Plains Fleckvieh £1380, £1361, £1319, £1300, £1289 Nethermains, £1267 Wardpark Aberdeen Angus £1308, £1234 Upper Nisbet Simmental £1303 Little Bavington Beef Shorthorn £1258 Frankstown, £1135, £1104 Farlam Hill Friesian £1187 Aulby, £1140, £1039 Fauldie, £1119 Kilfillan, £1063, £1045 Harelawhole, £1053, £1028 Dockray Hall, £1021 Thornington Hereford £1150 Gall Farm Luing £1133 Glebe Steading Shorthorn £1116 Parton Holstein £1112 Woodside, £1063 Beech Holme, £989, £971, £961 Muirhouse, £988 Dundraw Montbeliarde £1037 Millrigg, £1032 Seymour House, £1010 Greenwrae.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Charolais 237.5p Haas Side, 174.5p Plumpton, 166.5p Hill House Limousin 229.5p Orton Hall, 196.5p Balgray Hill, 195.5p Osborne Farm, 193.5p, 179.5p, 176.5p Meikleholm, 191.5p, 177.5p Haas Side, 191.5p, 180.5p, 178.5p, 177.5p Upper Nisbet, 183.5p Penpugh, 180.5p Thirlwall Castle, 176.5p Plumpton, 176.5p Bonshawside, 176.5p Hill House Aberdeen Angus 226.5p, 174.5p Upper Nisbet, 147.5p Spital Shield, 140.5p Miller Hill British Blue 208.5p East Unthank, 194.5p Grange Hall, 181.5p Lodge Farm 169.5p Nealhouse, 166.5p Miller Hill Fleckvieh 207.5p Wardpark, 157.5p, 155.5p, 153.5p, 152.5p, 144.5p, 142.5p Nethermains Luing 195.p Glebe Steading Holstein Friesian 190.5p, 175.5p, 161.5p Buckabank, 182.5p Skelcies Hall, 178.5p Hallfield, 167.5p, 144.5p Dundraw, 149.5p Trailflatt, 139.5p Berrier Head, 137.5p Kelsick Farm, 137.5p Blackrigg, 137.5p, 136.5p Randalinton, 136.5p Brownrigg Hall Friesian 182.5p, 177.5p Harelawhole, 181.5p Aulby, 179.5p Thornington, 176.5p (x2), 169.5p Fauldie, 174.5p Dockray Hall Holstein 178.5p Beech Holme, 175.5p, 127.5p Woodside, 126.5p, 124.5p Newbampton, 125.5p Millrigg, 125.5p, 122.5p (x2) Muirhouse, 125.5p Dundraw Blonde 181.5p Plumpton, 181.5p Niven Hill, 177.5p Oulton Hall Beef Shorthorn 150.5p Frankstown, 144.5p Farlam Hall, 132.5p Brisco Hall, 131.5p Parton Simmental 149.5p Little Bavington Hereford 141.5 Monk Farm, 138.5p Gall Farm, 121.5p Down by Rigg, 120.5p Brownrigg Hall Montbeliarde 139.5p Millrigg, 132.5p Seymour House, 126.5p Greenwrae.

CAST BULLS: A total of 14 stock bulls and out of spec bullocks sold well, RVCM Agri, Airyolland sold a Limousin stock bull for 924kg, 193.5p, £1787 to Owain Llyr; Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close sold a Limousin stock bull for 1140kg, 149.5p, £1704 also to Owain Llyr; Messrs Copeland & Son, Kilfillan sold an Aberdeen Angus stock bull for 885kg, 179.5p, £1588 to Rob Medcalf and Messrs Lamb, High Troweir sold a Limousin stock bull for 826kg, 185.5p, £1532 to Owain Llyr.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1787 Airyolland, £1704 Lords Close, £1695 Rose Castle, £1532 High Troweir, £1523 Sycamore Rise Aberdeen Angus £1588 Kilfillan Simmental £1374 Culquhasen Saler £1349 Castle Nook Holstein £1254 Blue Dial

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 193.5p Airyolland, 185.5p, 156.5p High Troweir, 149.5p Lords Close Aberdeen Angus 179.5p Kilfillan Saler 157.5p Castle Nook.

PRIME SHEEP: Another good entry of 2206 Prime sheep were forward; best end sorts and export weights sheep remain in demand with middle weights and upwards proving to be harder to place.  An overall average of 272p,  SQQ 282.74p or £122.25p was achieved.  The leading price of £200 was paid for a 56 kg Blackfaced hogg sold by Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown.  Three vendors saw their top end lots sell at 400p/kg with Messrs Wigham, Hargill House at 404.8p, closely followed by Messrs Browell, Quarry House at 404.7p and 400p, also selling at 400p was R & M Scott, Thirlwall Castle.  Suffolks sold to £135 from Messrs McGregor, East Field, Annan.  Mules to £131 from Kilnstown Farms, Ltd, Carlisle.

Leading Prices per head: Blackfaced £200, £130, £121, £115, £114.50, £114 (x2), £112.50, Smalmstown, £115 South Lambhill Texel £174, £172, £168 Quarry House, £160 Ewan Close £160 Roachburn, £158, £156, £148, £146 (x2) Basco Dyke, £150 Stanger Hill, £150 (x2) Church Farm, £150, £148 Bowscale, £149, £146 (x2) Harley Croft, £147 South Lambhill, £145 Round Meadows Dutch Texel £168, £156, £153, £143, £135, £127 Thirlwall Castle, £168, £155, £150, £142 (x2), £139, £132, £131 Hargill House, £145, £144, £135, £129, £128 Unity, £129 Sycamore House Beltex £167, £160, £150, £147, £143, £141 Farewell Grange, £160 Swallowdene, £139, £132.50, £131 Castlehill, £138, £131 Glebelands, £136.50, £135, £132, £123 Grassgarth, £135, £130, £125 Reddings, £127 Glebelands Zwartbles £140 Harley Croft Greyfaced £131, £126 (x2) Kilnstown Farms, £128, £125, £116 Brampton Fell, £126 Dirrops, £126 Low House, £125.50, £119 Round Meadows, £123 Farewell Grange, £122, £119 Jackson Rigg, £121 Nunscleugh, £119 Reaygarth, £118.50 Cold Shields, £116.50 Denton Mains Charollais £130, £123, £122 (x2), £121 Outer Woodhead Mil Bleu £128, £123 Stanley House Rouge £126 Swallowdene Hill Cheviot £113 Castlehill Swaledale £110 Church Farm, £104 (x2) Cold Shields, £92 Whitehead Hill.

Leading Prices per kilo: Dutch Texel 404.8p, 385p, 364.70p, 356p, 341.5p, 336p, 334.1p, 314.3p, 312.1p Hargill House, 400p, 382.5p, 375.9p, 332.6p, 325.3p Thirlwall Castle, 341p, 320p, 315p, 314p Unity, 310p, Little Swinburne, 305.1p Sycamore House Texel 404.7p, 400p, 381.8p, 345.7p, 333.3p, 331p, 314.6p  Quarry House, 340.5p, 304.3 Smalmstown, 335.6p, 301.1p Harley Croft, 333.3p Low House Farm, 331.8p, 307p Cracrop, 326.5p, 309.1p Ewan Close, 306.4p, 306.1p, 301.1p Stanger Hill, 300p Milton Mains Beltex 379.5p, 317.8p, 313.3p, 306.3p, 300p Farewell Grange, 356.4p, 344.7p, 319.3p Castlehill, 349.4p, 335.9p, 325.6p, 321p Glebelands, 333.3p Swallowdene, 325.9p, 317.4p, 311.4p, 300p Grassgarth, 325p Reddings, 318.4p The Throp Blackfaced 357.1p, 267.9p, 263.4p, 262.1p, 260.2p, 260.2p, 260p Smalmstown, 264.4p South Lambhill Mil Bleu 303.7p, 287.6p Stanley House Rouge 300p Swallowdene Charollais 300p, 278.2p, 268p, 267.5p, 267.4p Outer Woodhead Suffolk 273.8p Bowscale, 270.7p, 270p Smalmstown, 260.2p Low House, 258.3p Dirrops, 256.5p, 250p Eastfield, 256.3p Denton Mains, 255.9p Roe Farm, 251p Albyfield Greyfaced 266.7p, 247.5p Brampton Fell, 263.3p Cold Shields, 263p, 247.9p Reaygarth, 260p Manor Farm, 259.1p Cold Shields, 255.9p, 249.1p Jackson Rigg, 254.7p Gapshields, 253.3p Denton Mains, 252p Low House, 252p Dirrops, 249.5p, 249.5p  Kilnstown, 249.5p Nunscleugh, 248.5p Farewell Grange, 245.10p Meadows Farm Swaledale 244.7p Cold Shields.

CAST EWES & RAMS: Monday saw a larger show of 270 cast sheep with leaner ewes being far sharper on the week.  Topping todays sale at £190 was a cracking Texel ewe from Messrs Clark, Newton Stewart with big framed sheep continuing to sell to excellent rates.  Suffolk cross ewes selling to £141 from Annie Hutcheon, Maulscastle.  Mules topped at £116 from Messrs Little, The Guards.  Swales topped at £80 for three from Messrs Morton, Church Farm.  Rams sold to £140 also from Messrs Hutcheon.  Lean Swales sold very well with plain types regularly in the £40 range.  All classes of cast sheep continue to sell at excellent rates.

Leading Prices Per Head:

Ewes: Texel £190, £148, £138 Fineview, £158 Glebelands, £158, £144 Maulscastle, £150 Grapes Barn, £140 Thorneyland, £136 Oakbank, £135 Hargill House Suffolk £141, £114 Maulscastle, £133 Oakbank, £122 Stag House, £114 Outer Woodhead, £112 Glebelands Beltex £134, £116 The Guards Dutch Texel £126 Hargill House Greyfaced £116, £114 The Guards, £111, £100 Townhead, £111, £99 Church Farm,  £106 Whitehead Hill, £101, £100 Denton Mains Easycare £98, £96 Peddar Hill Zwartbles £92 The Guards Dorset £90 Church Farm Swaledale £80 Church Farm, £74 Denton Mains, £66 Hill Side, £66 Brampton Fell Badger Faced £75 Middle Bank End Hill Cheviot £68 Middle Bank End.

Rams: Suffolk £140 Maulscastle Texel £140 Glebelands, £128 Fineview, £110 Maulscastle Swaledale £80 Cold Shields.

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