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Date: 09 May 2022 | Breeding Sheep

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Borderway Store & Breeding Sheep Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

Monday 9th May held their annual show and sale of Hogs and Lambs and Shearlings & Lambs at Borderway with a tremendous run of sheep presented for judging. The pe sale show was very capably judged by local quality stock enthusiasts Mr James Musgrave, Cardew Hall, Dalston for the continentals and Suffolk’s. Local mule enthusiast Thomas Hird, Westray Farm, Embleton for the mules.

Show results

Class 1 - Continental Hoggs with lambs

1st – Messrs Fell, Harley Croft

2nd – Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

3rd - Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

Class 2 – Continental shearlings and lambs

1st - Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

2nd – Messrs Oliver, Whitehouse Farm

3rd- Messrs Thompson, Howburn Farm

Class 3 – Suffolk Hoggs with lambs

1st – Messrs Taylor, Harrow

Champion: Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

Reserve Champion: Messrs Fell, Harley Croft

Class 5 – Mule shearlings & Lambs

1st – Messrs Hunt, Braithwaite Shields

2nd – Messrs Middleton, Stonehouse

3rd- Messrs Fawcett, Little Blencow Farm

Class 6 – Best Ewe and Lamb

1st- Messrs Watson, Roan Garth

Class 7 – Single

1st- Messrs Hall, Newhouse

2nd- Messrs Hall, Newhouse

3rd - Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

4th - Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

5th - Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale

Champion: Messrs Hunt, Braithwaite Shields.

Reserve: Messrs Watson, Roan Garth.

The overall champion pen of shearlings from Messrs Livingston sold for a very respectable £180 per head for shearlings with twins resulting at £540 per unit. The same run of sheep also sold the top price unit on the day for a Texel shearling with twins selling for £600. The Livingstone family left highly delighted with their first visit to the Carlisle hogg and lamb sale resulting their 61 units averaging £349.31. The first prize rosette for the count hoggs was awarded to Messrs M L Fell, Harley Croft, Torpenhow for the 4th consecutive year with the reserve pen selling for £200 a head. The same good farming took the top spot twice with two individual lots selling to top the day at £260 per life. The quality consignment from Messrs Fell saw a run of 14 hogs with single lambs selling for an average of £380.42. First cross hoggs & lambs looked best value on the days selling between £105-£118 regularly. Thomas Hird presented the first prize pen of mule hogs to Brian Ridsdale, Yew Tree which went on to sell for £130 per life. Willy Taylor, The Harras received 1st place pen for Suffolk hoggs.

Leading prices:  

Hoggs with lambs at foot : Texel £260 (x2), £200, £168, £160 Harley Croft, £215, £200, £176, £170, £170, £168, £168, £160, £154 Kirtlevale, £200 Frankstown Suffolk £150, £145 The Harras, £112 Braithwaite Sheilds Greyface £130, £110, £92 Yew Tree Farm, £115, £113, £92 (twins) Stone House, £108 Dockray Hall, £105 Cumbrae, £82 Blencow Farm Beltex £112 Greyrigg House, £107 8 Abbots Close.

Ewes with lambs at foot :

Beltex £240, £230, £150 New Houses Farm, Texel £200, £180, £152, £145, £144, £140, £121, £110 Kirtlevale £131, £122 Greyface £99, £98 Briggle Farm, £94, £92 Rowan Garth, £78 Red Flatt Farm.

Shearling with lambs at foot

Beltex £145, £130, £120, £115, £112, £105, £100 New Houses Farm Texel £117 (x2), £114, £100, £94 Greyrigg House, £114 The Harras, £108, £92, £91, £86 Glebelands, £101, £88 Whitehouse Farm, £100 Dockray Hall, £96, £86 How Burn Greyface £101 Cumbrae.