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Date: 06 June 2022 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 99 Clean Cattle, 26 Cast Cows, 853 Prime Lambs,  631 Prime Hoggs and 457 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (36) averaged 262p per kg and sold to 300p

Heifers (62) averaged 272p per kg and sold to 310p

Cast Cows (26) averaged 186p per kg and sold to 225p. Top price £1885

Cast Bulls (1) sold to 165p , Top price £1867

Lambs (853) averaged 329.36p per kilo (+2p on the week), £141.22 per head and sold to £170

Top price 367.1 p per kg for Beltex Lambs

Hoggs (631) averaged 262.31p per kg (-15p on the week), £127.34 per head and sold to £189 for Texel Hoggs

Top price 295.6p per kg

Cast Sheep (457) averaged £140.76, and sold to £220 for a Texel Ewe

Heavy Ewes averaged £149, light ewes sold to £125 for Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £107


Solid trade throughout

Bullocks per head: Bee Edge £1909.60, £1881.16, Upper Nisbet £1859.92, Whitrighill £1781.04, Lurdenlaw £1773.64, Broachrigg £1768.80, Penston £1733.76, Whitrighill £1711.80

Bullocks per kilo: Greenknowe 300p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Penston 290p Worsley Wholesale Butchers,288p S.I Carlisle & Co, Dunslaw 282p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Whitrighill 281p, 280p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 280p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd

Heifers per head: Bee Edge £1854, Lennoxlove £1822.08, Bee Edge £1811.84, £1793.96, Whitsome West Newton £1791.80, Upper Nisbet £1787.88, Bee Edge £1781.64, £1752.24, £1728.72, Lurdenlaw £1727.44

Heifers per kilo: Whitsome West Newton 310p Briggsys Butchers, Penston 302p Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 300p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, Lurdenlaw 298p(2), Penston Worsley Wholesale Butchers, Bee Edge 298p(x 3) Worsley Wholesale Butchers (2)and Hugh Black & Sons

Young Bulls: Priesthaugh £1224.60(157p)

CAST COWS – Just as dear as numbers dry up!

Cast Cows per head: Haystoun House £1885.50, Haltree £1670.76, Upper Nisbet £1627.70, Woodhouse £1580.46, Dolphinston £1556.60, New Blainslie £1526.50, Stobswood £1485.96, £1450.46, Woodhouse £1449

Cast Cows per kilo: Haystoun 225p, Haltree 221p, New Blainslie, Dolphinston 215p, Woodhouse 213p, Stobswood 209p, Woodhouse 207p, Haystoun 205p, Stobswood, Upper Nisbet 205p

Cast Bulls: Whitriggs £1867.80(165p)


Lambs per head- Texel: £189 Headshaw, Lauder, £179 Duke Street, Hawick, £171 Waterside, £165 Shepherds Cottage, Bairnkine, £165, £162, £161 Waterside, £159 Hallrule Mill, Waterside, £157 Waterside, £155 Woodhouse (2), Lleyn: £163, £159, £151 Over Whitlaw, Beltex: £157, £151 Craighouse, Half Bred: £149 Waterside, Suffolk: £149 Langraw, £141 Waterside, Langraw £137 Waterside, Blackface: £133, £128, £127 Waterside, Shetland: £107 Stichill Eastfield

Lambs per kilo- Blackface: 295.6p, 292p, 290.9p Waterside, Texel: 293p Helmburn, 289.6p Hallrule Mill, 288.9p, 286.4p, 284.1p(2), 283.7p Waterside, 283.3p New Blainslie, 283.1p Waterside, 282p Duke Street, Hawick, Suffolk: 277.8p Bonjedward, 269.2p Shotton, 269p Faughhill, 268.8p (2), 266p, 262p, 260p Waterside, Beltex: 277.6p Waterside, 266p, 264.9p Craighouse, Border Leicester: 228.3p Waterside, Shetland: 276.9p Stichill Eastfield

Hoggs per head- Texel: £170 Huntington, £166, £161 Sunnycroft, £160 Coltcrooks(2), Edrom Mains, Greenhead, Reston(2), Sunnycroft, Whitsome West Newton, £159 Whitsome West Newton, Huntington, Suffolk: £167 Marvingston, £164 Wester Middleton, £159 Belmont, £153 Thornington, £150, £148 Belmont (3), Ballencrieff Mains, Edrom Mains, Beltex: £151 Faughhill, £145 Huntington, £144 Faughhill, £142 Huntington, Charollais: £138 Waterside, Hampshire: £137 Marigold, Berrichon:£125 Springwood Lodge, Zwartble: £124 Lauder Barns

Hoggs per kilo- Beltex: 367.1p, 355p, 348.7p Huntington, Texel: 361.4p Headshaw, Lauder, 360.5p Byrewalls, 357.8p Sunnycroft, 355p Middlethird, 354.8p Thornington, 353.3p Huntington, Whitsome West Newton, 351.2p Byrewalls, 351.2p Sunnycroft, 350p Whitsome West Newton, Middlethird, 350p Huntington, Suffolk: 351.2p Headshaw, Lauder, 340p, 333.3p Elwartlaw, 331.3p Belmont, Hampshire: 326.2p Marigold


Cast Sheep trade continues to go from strength to strength with a fantastic sale average of £140.76 for 457 sold!

All classes continue to be well short of buyers requirements.

Sale top of £220 with a powerful Texel from G.Harper, Brockielaw.  Cast Tups sold to a peak of £155 with a Texel from N.Elliot, 2 Duke Street, Hawick

Texel: £220 Brockielaw, £191 Headshaw, Lauder, £183 Waterside, £175 Duke Street, Hawick, £173 Faughhill, Suffolk: £175 Headshaw, Lauder, Faughhill, £165 Hardacres, Thornington, £163 Hermiston, Huntington, £159 (2) Ballencrieff Mains, Beltex: £165 (2) Faughhill, Cheviot Mule: £157 Wedderlie, Greyfaced: £149 Harelawside, £141 Hermiston, £139 Harelawside, £137 Shotton, Elwartlaw, Langraw, Thornington, £133 (2) Woodhouse, Zwartble: £145 Pond House, Cavers, Half Bred: £141 Bonjedward, £137 Marvingston, North Country Cheviot: £125 Main Hill, Melrose, £117 Wedderlie, £113 South Riccalton, Jacob: £115 Brockielaw, Blackface: £105 Marvingston

RAMS : Texel: £155 Duke Street, Hawick, Beltex: £143 Craighouse, Lincoln Longwool: £129 Crumstane