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Date: 05 July 2022 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night, when 4,447 sheep were forward consisting of 2,260 spring lambs, 1,042 prime hoggs and 1,145 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £178 and 494.4p/kg were a pen of five 36kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Blandford, Herefordshire.

Our “High Fives” show was held which saw a fantastic turnout of pens of five lambs of all breeds put out to show in front of our judge local quality sheep breeder Mr P Chester, Soulby.

Mr Chester awarded the overall champion pen of five lambs to the first placed Beltex crosses from regular supporters Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan, with this pen of 41kg lambs selling for £160 to Vivers Scotlamb.

Champion L-R – June & Thomas Hunter (vendor) with Paul Chester (Judge)

The reserve overall champion pen was awarded to the first placed pen of five Suffolk cross lambs which weighed 46kg and sold for £172 from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside and were purchased by A Atkinson, Harrogate.

Reserve Champion L-R – Kevin Sowerby (vendor with Paul Chester (Judge)


Show Results


1st & Champion TW Hunter, Upper Brydekirk 41kg £160 (390.2p/kg)

2nd B Blandford & Sons, Netherton Farm 36kg £178 (494.4p/kg)

3rd G Sowerby, Terrys Farm 43kg £174 (404.7p/kg)


1st JS&JO Dodd, Skylin 42kg £170 (404.8p/kg)

2nd JM Andrews, Boscar Flats 42kg £175 (416.7p/kg)

3rd TW Hunter, Upper Brydekirk 41kg £160 (390.2p/kg)


1st & Reserve Champion G Sowerby, Terrys Farm 46kg £172 (373.9p/kg)

2nd G Sowerby, Terrys Farm 48kg £172 (358.3p/kg)

3rd Messrs Sayer, Town End Farm 44kg £148.50 (337.5p/kg)


1st PL&J Dawson, School Cottage 38kg £103 (271.1p/kg)

2nd PL&J Dawson, School Cottage 40kg £116 (290p/kg)

3rd JB&GE Luck & Son, Milestone House 40kg £112 (280p/kg)

A flying trade from start to finish was achieved for prime lambs with an overall sale average of 341.82p/kg and £138.14 for 2,260 which includes a big percentage of commercial and first cross lambs within in!

Texel cross lambs sold to the second highest price on the night of £175 for a pen of 42kg lambs from the Yorkshire Sheep Queen Jojo Andrews, York.

On their first trip north to Kirkby Stephen Messrs Blandford, Herefordshire also sold a pen of 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £170 (472.2p/kg) and a pen of 10 35kg lambs to make £165 (471.4p/kg), a pen of 36kg made £168 (466.7p/kg) with a pen of 13 36kg lambs making £162 (450p/kg) and a pen of 20 37kg lambs sold to make £158 and 427p/kg) all from this home.

The whole consignment of 153 lambs from Messrs Blandford sold to average 36.5kg £155.57 and 425.49p/kg.

Messrs Slater, Whitley Hey Farm, Macclesfield sold a pen 44 34kg lambs to make £148.50 (436.8p/kg)

The run of 151 lambs from Whitley Hey Farm sold to average 34.79kg £146.12 and 420p/kg.

First cross Texel lambs sold to £164 for a pen of 53kg from Messrs Robson, Newstead Grange, Malton.

Texel cross Mule lambs sold to £163 for 52kg lambs from Messrs Richardson, Croft House, Ravenstonedale.

A pen of 25 Texel cross Mule lambs weighing 43kg sold to make £143.50 (333.7p/kg) from Messrs Owen Sandwath, Farm, Kirkby Stephen.

Messrs Brass, Bridge End, Soulby sold a pen of 10 49kg Texel cross Mules to make £159 with another pen of 14 43kg first cross lambs making £143 (332.6p/kg) also from this home.

Mule lambs sold to £136 and 289.4p/kg for a pen of 47kg lambs from Messrs Cannon, Ellergill, Ravenstonedale.

554 Beltex cross lambs sold to average a whopping £148.04 and 394p/kg

20 pens and 316 lambs sold between 400-494p/kg.

44 pens of lambs sold between £160 & £178

Prime hoggs topped at £170 for a heavy Texel hogg from Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs, Hilton.

A pair of heavy Dutch Spotted hoggs sold to make £150 from Messrs Foster, Birch Bush, Barnard Castle.

Cast sheep topped at £188.50 for a pen of five Bluefaced Leicester ewes from Messrs Bell, Scarrowmanwick.

Mule ewes topped at £137.50 for a pen of five ewes from Messrs Teasdale, Lynsack, Bishop Auckland.

Swaledale ewes sold to £117.50 for a pen of 14 from Messrs Heron, Eastfield Farm, Warcop.

Leading Consignment Averages (Spring Lambs)
No.          Weight    p/kg        Head        From
26    @    45.5kg     368.7p    £167.77    G Sowerby, Ormside
26    @    43.2kg     372.6p    £161.23    JM Andrews, York
6      @    41kg       383.7p    £157.33    GW Lee & Sons, Richmond
24    @    48.9kg     319.5p    £156.44    TA Robson & Son, Malton
153  @    36.5kg     425.4p    £155.57    B Blandford & Sons, Herefordshire
24    @    41.2kg     374.5p    £154.50    TW Hunter, Annan
6      @    46.3kg     332.3p    £154.00    M/s Teward, Darlington
40    @    44.8kg     342.1p    £153.36    JR&M Richardson, Darlington

Leading Prices –

Spring lambs

Price per head

Beltex £178, £170, £168, £165(2), £162, £158, £157, £150 Netherton Farm; £174, £163, £150 Terrys Farm; £170, £161 Needless Hall Farm; £170, £166, £160, £150 Boscar Flats; £168, £160, £157, £152 Upper Brydekirk; £168, £152 Carkin Moor Farm; £165 Crossfell House; £165 Carpool; £160, £154, £150(2) Staingills; £152 Friar House Farm; £151 Gracies Farm; £150 Grassgill Lodge; £150 Town End farm; £150 Whiteley Hey Farm; £150 Crookholm Farm; £150 Houghton Grange: Suffolk £172(2) Terrys Farm; £158.50 Etherley House; £150 Lynsack Farm; £148.50 Starrah; £148.50 Town End Farm; £145.50 Skylin; £145 Brogden Farm; £143 Friendship Farm; £143 How Nook; £140 Martindale Farm: Blue Texel £170, £156 Gracies Farm; £156 School Hill: Cheviot £164, £137 Low Greenside: Charollais £158 Angerton Hall Farm; £150, £140 Orchard Farm; £145 Black Syke: Badgerface Texel £156 Clifton Hill Gardens: Zwartble £146 Bank House: Hampshire £142 Windygate: Dutch Texel £138 Crookholm Farm: Mule £136 Ellergill; £116 School Cottage; £112 Milestone House; £103 School Cottage: Dutch Spotted £136 Gracies Farm; £135.50, £130 High Meadow Farm: Rouge £130 Crookholm Farm: Texel £175, £165 Boscar Flats; £170 Skylin; £170 Stanhope Gate Farm; £166 Angerton Hall Farm; £166 New View Farm; £165, £160 Terrys Farm; £164, £160, £154, £151 Bank House; £164(3), £154.50, £153 Newstead Grange; £163.50, £161.50, £151, £150 Lynsack Farm; £163(2) Croft House; £161, £157.50 Old Mill Flatt; £160 Upper Brydekirk; £160 Greenside; £159 Bridge End farm; £158 Town End Farm(Elliott); £157, £154.50, £151, £150 Etherley House; £157, £151 Brogden House; £156 Town End Farm(Sayer); £155 Dry Evers; £154.50 Crookholm Farm; £154 Fox Grove Farm; £153.50 Eden Flatt; £153, £150 Clarks Farm; £152 Whitley Hey Farm; £152 Chapel Farm; £150 Skylin:

Price per kilo

Beltex 494.4p, 472.2p, 471.4p, 466.7p, 450p, 434.2p, 427p, 424.3p, 405.4, 402.8p, 400p, 388.6p Netherton Farm; 436.8p, 424.2p, 414.3p, 405.4p Whiteley Hey Farm; 412.5p Crossfell house; 409.8p, 390.2p Upper Brydekirk; 404.7p Terrys Farm; 395.2p Boscar Flats; 390.7p, 380p Carkin Moor Farm; 390.2p Staingills; 383.3p Castle Hill: Texel 416.7p Boscar Flats; 404.8p, 357.1p, 356.1p, 350p Skylin; 390.2p Upper Brydekirk; 380p Chapel Farm; 375.7p, 373.7p, 357.9p Staingills; 370p Little Langton Grange; 364.9p Bankwood; 359.3p Crookholm Farm; 359.1p Town End Farm(Elliott); 359p, 351.4p Martindale Farm(Peart); 355.6p Terrys Farm; 355.1p Lough House; 354.4p Town End Farm(Sayer); 352.6p Bridge End Farm; 352.5p Friendship Farm; 350p School Hill; 350p Angerton Hall; 350p Crossfell House; 350p Pikestone Farm: Suffolk 373.9p, 358.3p Terrys Farm; 344.6p Etherley House; 340p Needless Hall Farm; 338.4p Skylin; 337.5p Town End Farm(Sayer); 333.3p Angerton Hall Farm: Blue Texel 346.7p School Hill; 343.6p, 339.1p Gracies Farm: Rouge 342.1p Crookholm Farm: Charollais 339p Crossfell House; 337.2p Black Syke; 329.2p Angerton Hall Farm; 324.4p Friendship Farm; 323.3p Friar House Farm: Dutch Texel 336.6p Crookholm Farm: Dutch Spotted 331.7p Gracies Farm; 330.5p High Meadow Farm: Hampshire 322.7p Windygate: Cheviot 304.4p Low Greenside: Badgerface Texel 300p Gracies Farm: Mule 290p School Cottage; 289.4p Ellergill; 280p Milestone House; 271.1p School Cottage: Rough 212.9p Ellergill(Steadman): Swaledale 206.9p Slip Cottage; 203.1p Well House.

Prime Hoggs

Price per head –

Texel £170 Stoneriggs; £145 Dell House; £140, £137, £131, £120 Kelmore Hill Farm; £140 Chapel Farm; £138 Upper Brydekirk; £136 Hyde Park; £130 Haithwaite; £126, £121.50 Mount Pleasant Farm; £124 Peep O Day Farm: Dutch Texel £150 Birch Bush: Blue Texel £146 Gracies Farm: Beltex £140 Needless Hall Farm; £131 Upper Brydekirk; £124.50 Mount Pleasant Farm: Cheviot £140 Skykin; £117, £110, £107(2), £106(2) Hyde Park: Mule £136.50, £125 Kelmore Hill Farm; £118 Angerton Hall Farm; £116 Hyde Park; £115 Peep O Day Farm: Swaledale £116 Stoneriggs; £110.50, £100 Mount Pleasant Farm; £107(2) Helbeck Grange; £100 Pikestone Farm: Suffolk £116 Hyde Park; £115 Angerton Hall Farm: Scotch Blackface £105 Mount Pleasant Farm: Herdwick £100 Mount Pleasant Farm: Rough £93 Smardale Hall: Jacob £90 Mount Pleasant Farm: Shetland £86 Hyde Park.

Price Per kilo –

Beltex 303.7p Mount Pleasant Farm; 272.9p Upper Brydekirk: Texel 293p, 289.3p, 287.5p, 285.4p(2), 280p, 278.6p, 278p, 276.2p, 273.8p(2), 271.3p Mount Pleasant Farm; 278.7p, 274p, 272.7p Kelmore Hill: Herdwick 269.4p Smardale Hall; 256.4p Mount Pleasant Farm: Scotch Blackface 269.2p Mount Pleasant Farm: Cheviot 265p, 261p, 254.8p, 254.3p, 250p Hyde Park: Mule 264.6p Mount Pleasant Farm; 260.4p, 247.7p Kelmore Hill Farm; 246.8p Hyde Park: Swaledale 263.1p, 250p(2), 241.5p Mount Pleasant Farm; 246.1p, 243.2p, 240.5p New Farm: Suffolk 257.8p Hyde Park: Jacob 250p Mount Pleasant Farm: Rough 221.4p Smardale Hall: Shetland 215p Hyde Park.

Cast Ewes

Bluefaced Leicester £188.50 Scarrowmanwick; £145 Riddings Farm; £140 Argill House: Texel £186 Needless Hall Farm; £180, £178, £150.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £174.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £168.50 Etherley House; £168.50 Haithwaite; £168 Well House; £166.50, £160.50, £157.50, £154 Carkin Moor; £160, £150 Chapel Farm; £158.50 Row End Farm; £154.50 Burton House; £150.50 Moorhouse; £150 Kelmore Hill Farm: Beltex £160.50, £156 Grassgill Lodge; £160 Needless Hall Farm; £152 Terrys Farm: Blue Texel £150 Morwood Moor Farm: Suffolk £147.50 £Etherley House; £138 Middle Bank End Farm; £130.50 Waitby Farm; £130 Stanhope Gate Farm: Charollais £146.50 Crookholm Farm; £130 Orchard Farm: Mule £137.50 Lynsack Farm; £136.50 Riddings Farm; £135 Chapel Farm; £131.50 Stanhope Gate; £130.50 Milestone House; £130 Moorhouse; £128.50 Raygill Farm; £128.50(2) Newstead Grange; £128 How Nook; £128 Asby Hall; £128 Chapel Farm; £128 Friar House Farm: Lleyn £134.50 Wharton Hall: Cheviot £121.50 Chapel Farm; £120.50 Castle Hill; £118.50 Melbourne House; £118.50 Bankwood: Herdwick £120 Chapel Farm; £94.50 Chapel Hill: Swaledale £117.50 Eastfield Farm; £116.50 Milestone House; £115.50, £108 Kilnstown; £110 Greenriggs; £110 Haithwaite; £107.50 West Briscoe; £105 Asby Hall; £102 South House; £102 Castle Hill; £100 Elm Pot; £100 Scarrowmanwick; £100 Eden Flatt: Rough £110.50 Lockholme Hall: Scotch Blackface £90.50, £80 Castle Hill; £88 Beechcroft Farm: Goat £90.50 School Hill.

Cast Rams

Texel £150, £130.50 The Park Wall; £140 New View Farm; £138 Moorhouse: Beltex £142.50 Haithwaite; £140 Elm Pot: Bluefaced Leicester £140 Elm Pot; £138.50 Ellergill (Cannon): Swaledale £120 West Briscoe; £100 Ireshope Plains.