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Date: 02 August 2022 | Store Cattle

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Lockerbie Store Cattle Sale

Lockerbie, Sydney Place, Lockerbie, DG11 2JA

On Tuesday 2nd August Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of store cattle at Lockerbie Mart.

A larger show of cattle was met with a very healthy ring side of buyers, with more grass about again younger cattle especially took a lift in trade.  Shorthorn bullocks sold up to 263ppk from Messrs Common, Crossdykes. Hereford heifers sold up to 260ppk from Waterhead of Dryfe Ltd.

Bullocks sold up to £1290 from Messrs More, Maxwellbank for an Aberdeen Angus. Fleckvieh bullocks sold to £1050 from Messrs Mackie. Beef Shorthorn bullocks sold to £1040 and £1010 from Messrs Common, Crossdykes. Aberdeen Angus heifers sold to £960 again from Waterhead of Dryfe.

The next sale is on Tuesday 16th August, please contact one of our Auctioneers for further information:

Joel McGarva 07909 985770

Michael Stewart 07753 720323

Cameron Robertson 07836 233042

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Aberdeen Angus
£1290, £1070, £1020 Maxwellbank, £965 Marchbank, £880 Fingland, £880, £850, £830 Hass Farmhouse, £880, £850 Shaw Cottage South, £760(x3) Waterhead of Dryfe Fleckvieh £1050 Hass Farmhouse Beef Shorthorn £1040, £1010, £965, £950, £820 Crossdykes, £860 Marchbank Hereford £840 Waterhead of Dryfe, £790 Hass Farmhouse

Heifer: Aberdeen Angus £960, £810(x4) Waterhead of Dryfe, £890, £850 Marchbank Limousin £900, £870 Marchbank Hereford £850, £630(x4) Waterhead of Dryfe Simmental £810 Craighousesteads

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Beef Shorthorn
262.3p, 247p, 238.7p, 237.4p, 225.5p Crossdykes Farm, 229.3p Marchbank Aberdeen Angus 237.4p, 225.6p Shaw Cottage South, 234.5p, 204.8p, 203.4p Maxwellbank, 229.8p Marchbank, 225.6p Fingland, 208p(x3) Waterhead of Dryfe Hereford 226.1p, 222.8p Waterhead of Dryfe Fleckvieh 190.9p Hass Farmhouse

Heifers: Hereford 259.1p Waterhead of Dryfe Aberdeen Angus 254p, 214.29p(x3), 214p Waterhead of Dryfe, 217.4p Shaw Cottage South Limousin 220.8p Marchbank Simmental 214.9p Craighousesteads