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Date: 03 August 2022 | Store Sheep

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Kirkby Stephen Store Sheep

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their opening show and sale of Store lambs here at Kirkby Stephen and it really did ring the bell!!.

894 Lambs forward sold to top at £116 for the first placed pen of 10 Beltex cross lambs consigned by Messrs Marwood, Hill Top Farm, Richmond and which were purchased by our show Judge Mr Beresford, Kirkby in Furness. 

The first placed pen of Mule lambs went to a pen of 19 from Messrs Thompson, East Unthank Farm, Haltwhistle which went on to make £87. 

Messrs Marwood, Hill Top Farm also took the first placed pen of Hill lambs with a pen of 10 Swaledales which sold for £50. 

The ringside was buzzing and packed with potential buyers from near and far!.  This resulted in what was described as strong a store lamb trade as seen so far this season with plenty of pens of all breeds of lambs making £85 - £92. 

Flash House Farms, Sheffield sold a pen of 20 Texel cross Mule lambs to make £92 and £91. 

All breeds and sizes of store lambs were a flying trade with an overall sale average of £80.40 being achieved for nearly all small to medium sized lambs, many buyers left empty handed and many more store lambs can easily be sold to great advantage here at Kirkby Stephen with our next sale being on the 16th August, entries taken until 10th August. 

Show Results

Continental lambs (pen of 10 or more)

1st – Messrs R Marwood & Son, Hill Top Farm - £116

2nd – Messrs GM&V Bayles, Haithwaite - £92

3rd – Mr RL Dent, Mount Pleasant - £88.50

Mule Lambs (pen of 10 or more)

1st – Messrs WD&B Thompson, East Unthank - £87

2nd – Mr T Collinson, Leekworth Gardens - £79

3rd – Messrs GG & MA Long, Rathvale - £89

Hill Lambs (Pen of 10 or more)

1st – Messrs R Marwood & Son, Hill Top Farm - £50

Leading Prices:

Beltex £116, £84 Hill Top Farm; £92, £89.50 Haithwaite; £91 Leekworth Gardens: Texel £92, £91, £86.50, £85.50, £81.50, £81 Flash House Farm; £89, £84.50 Rathvale; £88.50 Houghton House Farm; £85 Sandford Hall; £84 Low Houses Farm; £83 Rosgill Head; £81 Sandford Hall; £81 Nova Scotia: Mule £87 East Unthank Farm; £80 Bankwood; £79.50 Rathvale; £79 Leekworth Gardens; £76 Pikestone Farm: Suffolk £83 Sandford Hall: Swaledale £50 Hill Top Farm.