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Date: 04 February 2021 | Store Cattle, Store Sheep

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St Boswells Sale of Store Cattle & Store Sheep

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

An outstanding show was forward for a ring back with buyers, selling to extreme rates.

Overall Average 240p per kilo

Topping the sale was a fantastic run of Limousin Cattle from J.G Grieve, The Lee at 368kgs, 283p per kilo, £1043.57

Bullocks per head – Aberdeen Angus: £1190 Currie Inn, £1170, £1155, £1145 Nisbet Mill, £1130 Currie Inn, £1000 Nisbet Mill, Limousin: £1160 Craiglea, £1140 The Lee, £1130 Greenhead, S, £1040 The Lee, Wester Dawyck, £1035 Wester Dawyck, £950 The Lee, Saler: £1050 Gateshaw, £1000 Nisbet Mill, Beef Shorthorn: £1050 Wester Dawyck, Simmental: £1040 New Blainslie

Bullocks per kilo – Limousin: 267.6p, 266.7p, 262.1p The Lee, 255.9p Bedrule, 255.6p Wester Dawyck, 254.9p, 254.3p Greenhead, S, 254.3p, 253.7p Bedrule, Aberdeen Angus: 248.4p Nisbet Mill, 240.4p Currie Inn, 236.4p, 233.7p, 229.9p Nisbet Mill, Saler: 243.8p Bedrule, 236p Gateshaw, 229.9p Nisbet Mill, Simmental:  231.1p New Blainslie

Bullocks averaged 244p per kilo

Heifers per head – Limousin: £1180 Craiglea, £1150 The Lee, £1100 Woodhouse, £1090 The Lee, £1080 Woodhouse, £1070 Craiglea, Woodhouse, £1040 The Lee, £1035 Wester Dawyck, £1020 The Lee, Aberdeen Angus: £1120 Gateshaw, £1065, £1050 Nisbet Mill, Saler: £1120 Gateshaw, Simmental: £1110 Woodhouse, £1100 Gospelhall

Heifers per kilo – Limousin: 326.5p 291.4p, 275.9p, 267.4p The Lee, 265.4p Wester Dawyck, 234p, 228.4p, 227.7p Woodhouse, Charolais: 262.7p Haigh & Barber Farming, Aberdeen Angus: 228.6p Gateshaw, 228.3p, 224.2p, 221.8p Nisbet Mill, Saler: 228.6p Gateshaw

Heifers averaged 236.19p per kilo


Suffolk: £100, £90 Broom, Texel: £95 Broom, £94 Greenhead, S, £91 (2) Broom, £80 Greenhead, S, North Country Cheviot: £54 Whitefield, E