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Date: 16 March 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 3,311 sheep were forward consisting of 3,005 prime hoggs and 306 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £182 was a 54kg Beltex cross hogg from Messrs Mason, East Farm, Malton which was bought by West Scottish Lamb.
Messrs Mason also topped at 425.6p/kg for a pen of five 39kg Beltex cross hoggs which sold for £166 with another pen of ten 42kg Beltex cross hoggs selling for £167 (420.5p/kg) also from East Farm.
Messrs Thompson, Lincolnshire sold 50kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £173 selling to J. Birkbeck on behalf of Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.
Messrs Simpson, Highscale Farm, Wigglesworth sold a pen of fifteen 39kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £165.50 (424.4p/kg) with another pen of twenty 39kg hoggs selling for £163.50 (419.2p/kg) also from Highscale Farm.
Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park Farm, Dufton sold a pen of 39kg Beltex cross hoggs to make £162.50 (416.7p/kg)
Messrs Mason, Malton sold a pen of ten 42kg hoggs to make £170.50 (406p/kg) and a pen of fourteen 39kg hoggs to make £158 (405.1p/kg)
Texel cross hoggs sold to 356.8p/kg for a pen of nine 44kg hoggs which sold for £157 from Messrs Thompson, Lincolnshire with this same home topping Charollais cross hoggs at £161.
Texel cross mule hoggs sold to 307p/kg for a pen of eighteen 43kg hoggs which sold for £132 from Messrs Patchett, Ripon.
Other pens of twenty 45kg Texel cross Mule hoggs sold to £136.50 303.3p/kg, with another pen of twenty one 44kg hoggs bred this same was selling for £133, 302.3p/kg all from Messrs Patchett.
Suffolk cross Mule hoggs sold to 296.7p/kg for a pen of thirty 45kg hoggs selling for £133.50, with another pen of twenty nine 46kg Suffolk cross Mules making £134.50 292.4p/kg and a pen of twenty seven 44kg hoggs the same way bred making £128.50 292p/kg all from Messrs Turnbull, Fife.
Mule hoggs sold to £134.50 for a pen of fifteen 51kg hoggs from Messrs Huck, Austwick which were bought by Scotbeef Ltd.
Messrs Patchett sold 45kg Mules to make £126 (280p/kg)
Blackfaced hoggs sold to £141 from Todholes Partnership, Elsdon with Blackfaced hoggs also topping at 280.4p/kg for a pen of 46kg hoggs making £129 from Messrs Turnbull, Boghall, Fife.
Swaledale hoggs topped at 279.5p/kg for a ring-full of eighty-eight hoggs weighing 44kg and selling for £123 with another pen of forty 43kg Swaledale hoggs making £120 (279.1p/kg) from Messrs Graham, Brechin.

25 pens and 160 hoggs sold between £160-£182
7 pen and 180 hoggs sold between £150-£182
30 pens and 228 hoggs sold between 350-425p/kg
363 Beltex cross hoggs sold to average £150.92 and 360p/kg

Cast sheep of all classes were a flyer and numbers were way short of extreme demand from buyers, and many more are needed here at Kirkby Stephen!
Beltex cross ewes sold to £150 from Messrs Buckle, Buckles Farm.
Mule ewes sold to £120.50 from Messrs Harrison, High Beck Head, Barnard Castle.
Swaledale ewes topped at £90 for a pair from Messrs Slack Stoneriggs

Leading Hogg Consignment Averages






East Farm






Highscale Farm






Fawcett Park Farm






Stainby House Farm






Town End Farm






Hallbankgate Farm






Fir Tree Farm






West Summersides












The Croft






Friars Garth






East Todholes






Sowerthwaite Farm






Manor Farm

Leading Prices –
Prime Hoggs

Price Per Head –  Beltex £182, £172(2), £170.50, £170, £169, £167, £166, £165, £164(2), £158 East Farm; £173, £170, £161, £158, £155, £154, £152 Stainby House Farm; £165.50, £164.50, £163.50 Highscale Farm; £164.50 Mill Street; £162.50, £150(2) Town End Farm; £162.50(2), £161.50, £157.50, £157, £156 Fawcett Park Farm; £156.50, £150.50 Fir Tree Farm; £155.50, £151.50, £150 Hallbankgate Farm; £151.50 Ashlea Farm; £150.50 Friars Garth; £150 High Field; £150 Skylin: Blue Texel £167.50 Chapel Farm: Charollais £161, £153 Stainby House Farm: Texel £159.50, £157(2), £150(2) Stainby House Farm; £150.50, £150, £148.50, £145, £141 Boghall; £150(2), £141 Whygill Head; £150 Town End Farm; £150 Manor Farm; £150, £143.50 East Todholes; £148.50, £140 Friars Garth; £148, £146.50, £145, £140.50, £140 West Summersides; £142.50 Fawcett Park Farm; £140.50 Waitby Farm; £140 Chapel Farm; £140(2) Fir Tree Farm: Suffolk £152.50, £136.50 Friars Garth; £144(2), £142.50, £138.50, £137.50, £137, £136 Boghall; £142 Hallbankgate Farm; £135 East Todholes: Scotch Blackface £141 East Todholes; £129 Boghall; £125.50 Greystone House; £125.50, £121.50 Snowfield Farm; £122.50 Hallbankgate Farm: Mule £134.50(2) Sowerthwaite Farm; £132 Dalbrack Farm; £132, £131, £130 East Todholes; £127.50 Ollerbrook Farm; £127.50 High Beck Head; £127.50 Low Farm; £126 West Summersides; £125 Burton Hill: Swaledale £129.50, £125, £123, £120 Dalbrack Farm; £128.50, £124.50 Sowerthwaite Farm; £127 Redgate; £124.50 Manor Farm; £122 Easegill Head: Bluefaced Leicester £125.50 Ashlea Farm House: Cheviot £124.50 Snowfield Farm; £118.50 Briggle Farm; £117.50 Skylin: Rough £114, £104.50 Hardendale Hall: Jacob £105 Beechcroft Farm: Herdwick £85 Hardendale Hall.

Price per kilo –  Beltex 425.6p, 420.5p, 406p, 405.1p, 397.6p, 390.9p, 381.4p, 375.7p, 375.6p, 366.7p, 361.7p East Farm; 424.4p, 419.2p, 401.2p,  374.3p Highscale Farm; 416.7p, 386.9p, 375.6p, 362.8p Fawcett Park Farm; 396.3p Town End Farm; 396.1p Fir Tree Farm; 391.7p Mill Street; 384.6p Skylin; 369.5p Hallbankgate Farm: Texel 356.8p Stainby House Farm; 342p, 316p, 307.8p, 300p Boghall; 341.5p Friars Garth; 318.8p Fir Tree Farm; 309.5p, 309.1p Hallbankgate Farm; 307p, 304.7p, 303.3p, 302.3p(2), 301.1p, 300p West Summersides; 304.8p Chapel Farm; 304.3p(2) Fir Tree Farm; 301.6p Carpool: Blue Texel 335p Chapel Farm; 315.2p Town End Farm: Cheviot 302.9p, 291p Boghall; 286.6p Skylin; 285.9p, Helbeck Grange; 285.5p, 281.1p Buckles Farm; 283p Snowfield Farm; 282.1p Briggle Farm: Charollais 300p Hawkrigg Farm; 288.9p Ashlea Farm: Suffolk 296.7p, 292.4p, 292p, 286.5p, 286.2p, 285.4p, 283.3p, 282.7p, 281.4p Boghall: 287.2p House & Holme: Mule 292.2p East Rackwood Hill Farm; 280p West Summersides; 275p Dalbrack Farm; 270.7p Mill Street: Scotch Blackface 280.4p Boghall Farm; 279.4p Beechcroft Farm; 278.9p, 273.1p Snowfield Farm; 272.8p Greystone House: Swaledale 279.5p, 279.1p, 269.8p, 260.4p Dalbrack Farm; 270.7p, 262.2p Sowerthwaite Farm; 267p Snowfield Farm, 263.6p Burton Hill; 261.6p Haber: Kerry Hill 272.4p Beechcroft Farm.

Cast Ewes -  Beltex £150 Buckles Farm; £108.50 High Field: Texel £150 Scar Top; £134.50 Mill Street; £130.50 Hawkrigg Farm; £130 Mill Street: Bluefaced Leicester £132.50 Hundith House; £120 High Beck Head; £118.50 Asby Grange; £110.50 Ashlea Farm: Mule £120.50 High Beck Head; £112.50 Town End Farm; £112 Greta Farm; £108.50 Waitby Farm: Lleyn £110 Whingill: Dorset £106 Buckles Farm: Swaledale £90 Stoneriggs; £85.50 Haithwaite; £84.50 Manor House Farm; £81.50 Mill Cottage; £80.50 High Beck Head; £80 Aisgill Farm; £80 Mill Street: Cheviot £86.50 Low Greenside; £82.50 Ollerbrook Farm: Lonk £80.50 Ollerbrook Farm: Rough £78.50 Cocklake Farm: Scotch Blackface £76.50 Hallbankgate Farm.

Cast Rams -  Texel £120.50 Lummas House; £118 Haithwaite; Rough £95 Cocklake Farm; Cheviot £93.50 Low Greenside.