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Date: 18 March 2021 | Store & Weanling Cattle

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St Boswells Annual Show & Sale of Native bred cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Native Bred Cattle which was kindly sponsored by Performance Feeds and Thomas Sherriff & Co Ltd. Supported by Morrisons for Best Shorthorn.

Taking charge of the judging of pens throughout the sale was Mr M.Orr, Lower Greenhill.  Top honours went to Messrs Runciman, Upper Blainslie with a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks and the top pen of Heifers went to Messrs Connon, Greenknowe.  Best pen of Shorthorn.x went to Messrs Hislop, Coltcrooks.
Topping the days trading was Messrs Osborne, Outerston with a pen of superb Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks at £1430.
Top pence per kilo was from the great annual consignment from Messrs Connon, Greenknowe with a pen of Aberdeen Angus.x Bullocks at 290.3p per kilo.

Bullocks per kilo -  Aberdeen Angus:  290.3p(2) Greenknowe, 289.5p Upper Blainslie, 289.1p Blegbie, 285.3p, 284.5p Nisbet Mill,  283.3p Langhope, Nisbet Mill, 282.9p Kittyfield, 279.5p Harwood on Teviot, 277.1p Greenknowe, 276.9p Blegbie, 275p Brothershiels, 274.7p Cortleferry, 274.3p Greenknowe, 273.8p Nisbet Mill, 273.1p Harwood on Teviot, 272.3p Eilean Farm, 272.2p, 271.6p Symington Mains, Red Poll: 233.3p Kittyfield, Hereford: 240.8p, 231.5p, 226.8p Greenriggs, Limousin: 274.7p Cortleferry, Luing: 251.5p Synton Mill, Beef Shorthorn: 257.7p Kirktonhill, 249.4p, 245.9p Coltcrooks, 242.9p Brockhouse, 238.8p Croc Mhor Farms, 236.9p Brockhouse, Simmental: 252.8p Huntershall, 252.5p Camieston, 250p, 247.8p, 244.3p Angelrow, 243.2p Huntershall, 243p Angelrow, 242p Greenknowe, 241.9p Angelrow, 240.4p Ayton Cocklaw, British Blue: 241.3p Polton, 240.5p Greenknowe

Bullocks per head -  Aberdeen Angus: £1430 Outerston, £1400, £1355 Woodhead, A, £1345 Outeston, £1330 Blegbie, £1300 Polton, £1295 Woodhead, A, £1275 Outerston, Camieston, £1270 Cortleferry, Kirktonhill, Polton, £1260 Woodhead, A, Outerston,£1255 Polton, £1250 Symington Mains, £1240 Outerston, Symington Mains, £1230 Woodhead, A, Brothershiels, Red Poll: £840 (2) Kittyfield, Hereford: £1030, £930 Greenriggs, Limousin: £1140 Cortleferry, Luing: £830 Synton Mill, Beef Shorthorn: £995 Brockhouse, £970 Pirnie, £965 Morebattle Tofts, £960 Coltcrooks, Simmental: £1275 Camieston, £1185, £1115 Angelrow, £1110 Huntershall, £1100 Angelrow, £1070 (2)Ayton Cocklaw, £1040 (2) Angelrow, British Blue: £1255 Polton, £1010 Greenknowe

Bullocks averaged 257.99p per kilo (+35p)

Heifers per kilo -  Aberdeen Angus: 259.1p Blegbie, 258.1p Ellemford, Upper Blainslie, 254.3p Greenknowe, 254p Trabroun, 253.7p Blackburnrigg, 249.2p Pirnie, 248.3p Blackburnrigg, 246.5p Greenknowe, 246.2p Pirnie, 245.1p Nisbet Mill, 244.7p Greenknowe, 244.4p Eilean, 244.3p Newhouses, Hereford: 234p, 225.4p Greenriggs, Luing: 236.3p Huntershall, Beef Shorthorn: 232.9p Coltcrooks, 227p Bowmont Farming, 226p Pirnie Hall Cottages, Simmental: 236.3p Huntershall, 235.7p, 224.7p Arkleton

Heifers per head -  Aberdeen Angus: £1360 Sunnycroft, £1210 Cortleferry, £1140 Blegbie, £1110 Ellemford, Mountbenger, £1070 Blegbie, £1065, £1050 Camieston, £1040 Newhouses, £1030 Greenknowe, £1010 Upper Blainslie, Hereford: £900 Greenriggs, Luing: £945 Huntershall, £900 Tushielaw, Beef Shorthorn: £1260 Bowmont Farming, £985 Pirnie Hall, £920 Coltcrooks, Simmental: £1155, £1090 Arkleton, £945 Huntershall, £930 Bowmont Farming

Heifers averaged 236.53p per kilo (+27p)