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Date: 26 April 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 67 Clean Cattle, 47 Cast Cows, 14 Prime Lambs, 883 Prime Hoggs and 376 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (19) averaged 256p per kg and sold to 270p (2) (+9p on the week) 

Heifers (47) averaged 255p per kg and sold to 282p (+4p on the week)

1 Young Bull sold to 170p

47 Cast Cows averaged 169p per kg and sold to £215 (-1p on the week) Top price £1753

1 Cast Bull sold to £1463 (149p)

14 Lambs averaged 313p per kg (n/c on the week), £135 per head and sold to £160 for Charollais Lambs.

Top price 339p per kg for Charollais Lambs.

883 Hoggs averaged 292p per kg (-12p on the week), £134 per head and sold to £170 for Texel Hoggs, top price 338p per kg for Texel Hoggs

376 Cast Sheep averaged £103.34, and sold to £165 for Charollais Ewes

Heavy Ewes averaged £119, light ewes sold to £120 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £92


Bullocks per head:
Lennoxlove £1495.80, Wester Ulston £1346.68
(556+kgs):  Traprain £1670.50, Faughhill £1614.82, Lurdenlaw £1609.92, £1592.96, Lennoxlove £1571.40, Smailholm Mains £1570.80, Crookhouse £1562.40,

Bullocks per kilo:
(465-555kgs.  Average 255.7p):
Lennoxlove 270p Michael Malone of Edinburgh, Wester Ulston 257p Michael Malone of Edinburgh
(556+kgs.  Average 256.34p):  Lurdenlaw 270p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lennoxlove 270p Shaw Fine Meats, Faughhill 263p J.A Waters & Son, West Garleton 262p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Lurdenlaw 262p John Saunderson Ltd, Galagate 260p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, West Garleton 260p J.F Finlay & Co Limited

Heifers per head:
 Outerston £1219.20
(485 + kgs): Bee Edge £1705, £1668.60, £1663.80, £1662.84, £1656.46, £1634.64, Whitsome West Newton £1599.04, Upper Samieston £1579.50, Lurdenlaw £1555.56, Easter Fodderlie £1555.20

Heifers per kilo:
(400-484kgs.  Average 247.99p):
Outerston 254p J.F Finlay & Co Limited
(485+kgs.  Average 254.82p): Bee Edge 282p Foley Bros, 279p Denholm Meat Supplies, 278p Hugh Black & Sons Ltd, 277p Forsyths of Peebles, 275p Foley Bros, Penston 274p Forsyths of Peebles, 272p Briggsys Butchers, 270p S.I Carlisle & Co, Wester Ulston 270p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd

Young Bulls: Upper Samieston £1322.60 (170p)

Cast Cows per head:  Kersknowe £1753.92, £1511.58, Rumbleton £1491.44, Gateshaw £1462.48, Wester Middleton £1442.04, Over Whitlaw £1399.32, Hyndsidehill £1387.82, Marvingston £1379, Wester Middleton £1346.08, Craighouse £1345.90

Cast Cows per kilo:  Craighouse 215p, Grahamshaw 212p, Wester Middleton 203p, Gateshaw 189p, 187p, Holydean 187p, Kersknowe, Venchen, Wester Middleton 183p, Rumbleton 181p

Cast Bulls:  Wolfstar £1463.18 (149p)


Lambs similar on the week.

Lambs per head:

Charollais: £160 Runningburn, £140, £134  Ladyflat, Texel: £140 Old Melrose Lodge, Suffolk: £133, £127 Ladyflat, Zwartble: £119 The Pond House, Cavers

Lambs per kilo:

Charollais: 339.2p Ladyflat, 320p Runningburn, Texel: 325.6p Old Melrose Lodge, Suffolk: 317.5p, 316.7p Ladyflat


Good show of fed hoggs.  Returns similar.

Average - £134 (292p) 46kgs.  SQQ 302p

Hoggs per head:

Texel: £170 Muircleugh, £169, £165, £162 (3) Boghall, £160 Faughhill, £159 Bettyfield, Boghall, £156 Boghall, £155 Bettyfield, Boghall (3), £153 Boghall, £150 The Craggs, Faughhill, Halidean Mill, Halidean Mill, £148 Faughhill, Beltex: £156 (2) Faughhill, £150 The Craggs, £140 Faughhill, Cheviot Mule: £153 Berryhill, North Country Cheviot: £150, £147, £137 £134 Boghall, £134 (2) Longnewton Forest, £132 Swinnie, £130 Boghall, Allanshaws, Charollais: £140 Berryhill, Hampshire: £136.50 Bridgehaugh Mill

Hoggs per kilo:

Beltex: 346.7p, 331.9p Faughhill, 319.1p The Craggs, 307.7p Faughhill, Texel: 338.3p Boghall, 321.1p Halidean Mill, 320.5p Faughhill, 314.3p Cavers Lea, Swinnie, 312.5p Faughhill, 312p Thorndykes, 310.6p Boghall, 309.1p Earlston Mains, 304.9p Drinkstone, 303.9p Boghall, 302.5p Aikeyside, 302.4p Thorndykes, 301.3p Faughhill, 300p Boghall (3), Aikeyside, North Country Cheviot: 319p, 317p, 312.5p Boghall, 311.6p(2), 310.8p Longnewton Forest, 310p Boreland, 307p Swinnie, Suffolk: 304.3p (3) Boghall, Hampshire: 303.3p Bridgehaugh Mill, Blackface: 302.6p Aikeyside


Mixed show of Ewes forward sold to a solid trade throughout.  Small/leaner sorts fetching a premium

Peak of the sale was £165 for a smashing pair of Charollais, forward from T.Quinn, Elmbank

Suffolk: £147 Westerhall, £141 Legars, £139 Hyndsidehill, Balintore Hawksnest, £137 Hutlerburn, £131 Legars, £129 Bonjedward, Balintore Hawksnest, Symington Mains, £127 Brothershiels, Texel: £147 Muircleugh, Sunnycroft, £141 Legars, Symington Mains, Muircleugh, £135 Legars, The Craggs, £133 Hyndsidehill, Zwartble: £133 Wells Stables, Romney: £129 Collielaw, £119 Mount Ulston, £105 Collielaw, Greyfaced: £123 The Craggs, £119 Falside, £117 Elmbank, £111 Holydean, Symington Mains, Cavers Lea, Berryhill, Sunnycroft, Elmbank, North Country Cheviot: £120 Allanshaws, £115 Gospelhall, £113 Fairnilee, £103 Allanshaws, £99 Fairnilee, £97 Allanshaws, £95 Boreland,  Cheviot Mule: £119 Muircleugh, £111 Halidean Mill, Aikeyside, Hyndsidehill, £107, £101 Halidean Mill, Beltex: £115 Laidlawstiel, Half Bred: £115 Bonjedward, Bluefaced Leicester: £113 Laidlawstiel, Aberfield: £105, £103 Carterhaugh, Lleyn: £103, £87 Mount Ulston, Easycare: £95 Bankhouse, £91, £81 Pilmuir, Blackface: £91 Fairnilee, £83 Laidlawstiel, £81 Meigle, Shetland: £55 Elmbank


Charollais: £165, £155 Hume Hall, Blackface: £95 Berryhill