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Date: 04 May 2021 | Store Cattle

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Wooler Store Cattle Sale

Wooler, Berwick Road, Wooler, NE71 6SL

At Wooler on Tuesday 4th May Harrison & Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle, there was no dampness in the trade.

Topping the day’s trading were two great Steers from G Snaith & Son, Biddlestone Home Farm coming to £1500.

Pence per kilo was another great consignment from R A Cadzow, Inland Pasture with a pen of Limousin.x Heifers at 325ppk

Ewes and Lambs met a great trade topping at £90 per life to Lamberton

Leading prices per head - Steers: Hereford: £1500 (2) Biddlestone Home Farm, £1085, £1035 North Lyham. Limousin: £1330, £1250 Biddlestone Home Farm, £1100, £1060, £1035 Fawdon Farms, £1050 New Heaton Aberdeen Angus: £1220, £1070 North Lyham £1190, £1130, £1075 South Lyham, £1090, £1060 Wandon, £1070 Biddlestone Home Farm. British Blue: £925 Inland Pasture. Charolais: £900 Fawdon Farms. Simmental: £890 Fawdon Farms

Leading prices per head – Heifers: £1210, £1000 South Lyham, £1130, £1090 (3) East Fleetham, £1060, £1040 Wandon. Limousin: £1160 Biddlestone Home Farm, £1120, £1000 Howick, Seahouses, £1080, £1070, £1000 Inland Pasture. Hereford: £910 North Lyham. Charolais: £880, £860, £855, £825, £820 Fawdon Farms.

Leading prices per kilo – Steers: Limousin: 282p, 261.3p Shotton, 274.2p, 270.4p, 256.3p, 250.7p, 250p New Heaton, 266.7p Inland Pasture, 262p, 260.4p Fawdon Farms, 252.8p South Ord. British Blue: 298.4p Inland Pasture. Charolais: 274.4p, 246.1p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 271.8p, 257.7p, 251.2p, 250p Wandon, 262.6p, 246.5p North Lyham, 250p, 249.3p Shotton, 247.9p, 245.7p South Lyham. Simmental: 264.8p Shotton. Hereford: 246.4p, 243.4p, 237.4p North Lyham

Leading prices per kilo – Heifers: Limousin: 325p, 281.3p, 274.4p, 273.4p, 269.7p, 266.7p, 265p Inland Pasture, 273.2p, 261.1p, 256.3p, 252.6p South Ord, 263.3p, 254.5p Shotton, 255.4p Fawdon Farms, 251.7p Howick, Seahouses. Charolais: 267.2p, 261.1p, 249.2p, 245.7p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 247.7p,  244.9p (2), 233p East Fleetham, 242p  South Lyham, 238.2p Wandon, 231p North Lyham. British Blue: 242.6p Inland Pasture. Hereford: 227.5p North Lyham