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08 April 2022

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Grant set to judge the best in Cumbrian business

Our Commercial Sales Manager and Auctioneer Grant Anderson he has just been invited to be on the panel of judges for the Livestock Farmer of the Year, in the Cumbria Farmer Awards. 


“I am honoured to have been chosen as judge,” enthused Grant.  “Farmers really are the unsung heroes of the food chain, working tirelessly to provide high quality local produce, so it is good to see their hard work and skills being recognised.”


“Much of my day to day work entails evaluating livestock and working with farmers every day, so it will be great to get behind the scenes.  Livestock farming  is such an important and integral part of Cumbrian life and these awards strive to find the best farmers and livestock in the area and celebrate their great contribution to the local economy.   The Livestock Farmer of the Year category is open to all types of lowland and hill farming livestock enterprises and of course in Cumbria there are many tremendous livestock farmers. I believe key to success for the individual who wins, will be the ability to demonstrate their passion for producing quality livestock and produce,  along with the highest levels of animal welfare and general good husbandry.”