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Date: 23 September 2021 | Breeding Sheep, Store Cattle

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Sale of Store Cattle, Breeding & Feeding Sheep, Annual Show & Sale of Rams

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle with a small but quality show forward, topping at £1100 from M/s Douglas, Saughtree with a brilliant Limousin X Bullock.

Top pence per kilo went to the same home at 240.3ppk for a pen of Limousin X Bullocks.

Bullocks per head – Limousin: £1100, £1090, £1080, £1070, £1050 Saughtree Simmental: £1090 (2) Ettrickshaws Saler: £810 Bedrule Charolais: £1030 Adderstonshiels

Bullocks per kilo - Limousin: 240.3p, 240p, 239.1p, 238.6p, 236.1p Saughtree Simmental: 222.2p South Common Charolais: 217.6p, 214.6p Adderstonshiels

Bullocks averaged 221.1 p per kilo

Heifers per head –Simmental: £875, £840 South Common Charolais: £950, £900 Adderstonshiels

Heifers per kilo –Simmental: 216p South Common Charolais: 211.1p Adderstonshiels

Heifers averaged 208p per kilo

With the end of the tup sale season looming, the Annual Sale of Rams produced a smart trade for all classes forward.

Sale peak came from regular consignor P.W Hedley, Riccalton Flock, with his classy pen of Crossing Bluefaced Leicesters topping at £850, whilst a strong pen of Texel tups from respected local breeder C R Mackie, Crailing Nook sold to £800.

Top Priced Ram from Mr Bill Hedley, Corsbie Cottage £850

Mr R.Mackie Crailing Nook - £800

Bluefaced Leicester: £850, £580 Corsbie Cottages (Riccalton Flock), £420 Threepwood Cottages, £400 Hollybush Charollais: £450 Ladyflat Suffolk: £650, £600 Belmont Texel: £800 Crailing Nook, £750, £680 Harehead, £500, £420 (3) Crailing Nook


Gimmers: Blackface: £145, £142 Springhill

Ewe Lambs: Texel: £100 21 Scott Road


A great show of Blackface Wedder Lambs sold in high demand, averaging £70.22/head for 809 sold. Champion pen was awarded to Bothwell Farm realising £80 to the judge Mr H Murray.

1st           Bothwell              £80.00
2nd          Cramalt                 £74.00

3rd           Harehead            £76.00

1st prize pen

2nd prize pen

Blackface: £80, £77.50 Bothwell, £76 Harehead, £74 Cramalt, £72.50 Huntershall, £70.50 Bothwell, £68 Yett Beltex: £92 Threeburnford Texel: £85.50 Crailing Nook, Stottencleugh, £85 West Morriston Cottages, £83.50 Mainside, £80 (2) Ruletownhead, £79.50 Stottencleugh Suffolk: £84.50 Stottencleugh, £80 Woodside, £79.50 Stottencleugh Greyfaced: £84 Stottencleugh, £78.50 West Morriston Cottages, £75.50 Stottencleugh North Country Cheviot: £81 Bowershields Lleyn: £73 Menslaws