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Date: 28 September 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep on Tuesday night when 3089 sheep were forward consisting of 2220 prime lambs and 869 cast sheep.

Topping the sale at £158 was a 48kg Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which was bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Topping at 352.3p/kg was a 44kg Beltex cross lamb which made £155, also from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm and bought by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Messrs Burbridge, Stamford sold a pen of 36kg Beltex cross lambs to make £120.50 and 334.7p/kg.

Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm, Lockerbie sold a pen of five 40kg Beltex cross lambs to make £130 and 325p/kg.

Messrs Birkbeck, Castle Hill sold a pen of eight 43kg Beltex cross lambs to make £139.50 and 324.4p/kg.

Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange sold 42kg Beltex cross lambs for £135 and 324.4p/kg.

Messrs Fell, Stanger Hill, Wigton sold 64kg Texel cross lambs to make £142.

Our Annual “Bonny Boys” show was held which saw another wonderful turnout of quality Mule lambs.

1st JJ & E Lawson, Hundith House 53kg £118.50
2nd H R Hayton & Son, Asby Grange 48kg £106
3rd D & JH Richardson, Croft House Farm 46kg £98.50

Our Judge, Mrs L Allan, Killington awarded the first place to a great pen of 10 Mule lambs which displayed wonderful bred characteristics and went on to sell for £118.50 at 53kg (223.6p/kg) from Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton.

Also selling from this home were another pen of ten 50kg Mule lambs which sold for £113.50 topping the breed at 227p/kg.

Messrs Hayton, Asby Grange sold a pen of 20 Mule wethers weighing 48kg making £106 (220.8p/kg).

Good meated pens of Mule wethers were a fantastic trade regularly selling between £100-£108 and between 220-227p/kg.

Once again the Prime lamb trade exceeded all expectations here at Kirkby Stephen with an overall sale average of 238.4p/kg and a SQQ of 240.5p/kg being achieved, which included 448 Mule and Horned lambs.

93 pens and 399 lambs sold between £120 - £158

21 pens and 84 lambs sold between 300-352p/kg

48 pens and 223 lambs sold between 280-352p/kg  

Suffolk cross Mule lambs topped at £129 for a pen of five 54kg lambs from Messrs Fell, Stanger Hill, Wigton.

Messrs Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby sold a pen of sixteen 49kg Suffolk cross lambs to make £121 and 246.9p/kg.

Messrs Seymour, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold a pen of fifteen 50kg Suffolk cross lambs to make £122 and 244p/kg.

Heavy lambs were a flying trade being the dearest seen of late.

Messrs Wills, Fawcett Park, Dufton sold 53kg Beltex cross lambs to make £140 (264.2p/kg)

Messrs Crozier, Raggetsyke, Lockerbie sold a pen of 54kg Dutch Texel cross lambs to make £136 (251.9p/kg)

Messrs Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby sold a pen of six 55kg Texel cross lambs to make £136 (247.3p/kg) with Messrs Pedley, Yore House, Sedbergh also making £136 for 55kg Texel cross lambs.

Cast sheep topped at £170 for a pen of five Texel ewes from Messrs Fletcher & Coates, Short Thorns Farm, Weardale.

Swaledale ewes topped at £72.50 for a pen of 21 from Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle.

Leading Lamb Consignments
No.         Weight      p/kg        Head        From
13    @    46.8kg     278.4p    £130.46    MTP & SD Wills, Dufton
 20    @    51.1kg    253.6p    £129.60    JW Crozier, Waterbeck
 17    @    47.2kg    273.1p    £129.18    LC & D Wearmouth, Middleton in Teesdale
 13    @    48.9kg    263.5p    £128.92    G Sowerby, Ormside
 22    @    51.1kg    247.2p    £126.45    C R Raine & Son, Laneside
 15    @    51.8kg    234.5p    £121.50    JC & E Pedley & Sons, Sedbergh
 50    @    50.8kg    238.9p    £121.42    ME & JJ Fell, Wigton
102   @    49.5kg    244.7p    £121.25    KJ & CS Wilson Ltd, Thrusby
 91    @    43.7kg    275.7p    £120.74    E & EM Fairburn, Ripon
 22    @      44.5kg  270.3p    £120.57    HW & J Birkbeck, Soulby

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –

Price Per Kilo –

Beltex 352.3p 329.2p Terrys Farm; 334.7p, 307.5p, 302.6p, 300p Park Farm; 325p Haas Side Farm; 324.4p Castle Hill, 321.4p, 300p Asby Grange; 312.5p, 303.7p, 301.2p Marriforth; 310.2p Fawcett Park Farm; 308.8p, 305p, 303.7p West Briscoe; 308.1p, 306p Red House Farm; 306.8p Starrah:  Blue Texel 300p West Briscoe; 226p The Oaks: Texel 295.2p, 283p Starrah; 285.9p, 261.4p Staingills; 277.4p, 263p Bridge End Farm; 264.1p Buddle House; 262.8p Ormathwaite Farm; 260p Fairview House: Dutch Texel 294.4p Terrys Farm; 259.2p, 258p, 251.9p Raggetysyke; 250p Amersber Cottage: Charollais 255.8p Orchard Farm: Dutch Spotted 254.5p Haas Side Farm: Suffolk 246.9p, 239.8p Wood Farm; 244p Brackenslack; 240.4p Thorns Farm; 239.2p,238.9p Stanger Hill; 235.4p Alder Bank: Mule 227p, 223.6p Hundith House; 220.8p Asby Grange; 220.5p West Briscoe; 220.5p Allotment Farm: Cheviot 225.5p Bank Head: Kerry Hill 215.9p Bank Head: Bluefaced Leicester 214.3p Scar Sykes: Swaledale 186.8p Midlfield; 180.9p Bank Top:

Price Per Head-

Beltex £158, £155 Terrys Farm; £140, £136.50, £130(x2), £125, £122 Fawcett Park Farm; £139.50 Castle Hill; £136, £127.50, £126.50, £120 Parkside; £135(x2) Asby Grange; £135 Starrah; £132.50, £129, £128.50 Red House Farm; £132, £129.50, £128, £127.50, £127, £126.50, £125, £124.50, £120 Marriforth; £130, £125, £124 Haas Side Farm; £130 Stanger Hill; £130 Raggetsyke; £130 Croft House Farm; £128.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £126 Ascot House; £125,59 Barton Hall; £124.50 Hardendale Hall; £124.50 Staingills; £124.50, £123.50, £122, £120 West Briscoe; £123(x2, £120.50) Park Farm; £122.50 Orchard Farm; £122 Hundith House; £122 Brackenslack; £120 Yore House: Texel £142, £133, £129, £128, £127, £117, £115.50 Stanger Hill; £136 Yore House; £136, £124, £123, £122.50, £120(x2), £118(x2) Wood Farm; £128.50, £123.50 Stanhope Gate Farm; £126 Raggetsyke; £125 Eden Gate Holme Farm; £125 Barton Hall; £124.50, £124, £123.50, £119 Starrah; £123, £116  Eden Flatt; £122 Terry Farm; £122 Parkside; £121.50 Fawcett Park Farm; £121 Fair View; £121, £116.50 Bridge End Farm; £119.50 Bridge End; £119.50 West Farm; £119 Croft House Farm;  £118 Asby Grange; £118 Hardendale Hall; £117 Calva Farm; £115 Haas Side Farm: Dutch Texel £136, £134, £133, £129(x2), £127 Raggetsyke; £132.50 Terry Farm: Charollais £130 Wood Farm; £110 Orchard Farm: Suffolk £129, £122 Stanger Hill; £122 Brackenslack; £122 Terrys Farm; £121, £117.50 Wood Farm; £113 Alder Bank; £113 Short Thorns Farm: Blue Texel £120 West Briscoe: Bluefaced Leicester £120 Yore House: Mule £118.50, £113.50 Hundith House; £108 Bank Top; £106 Asby Grange; £105 Fountain Head; £105 Eastfield Farm; £102.50 Ashgill Farm; £101.50 Yore House; £100.50 Allotment Farm: Dutch Spotted £117, £116.50 Bank Top; £112 Haas Side Farm: Cheviot £108 Beverley Cottage; £106 Bank Head: Swaledale £85 Bank Top; £75.50 Green Gill Farm:

Cast Ewes

Texel £170, £150(x2) Short Thorns Farm; £150 Stanhope Gate Farm; £145 School Farm: Bluefaced Leicester £130, £105 Kilnstown Farms Ltd: Suffolk £125 Crossfell House: Cheviot £110 Row End Farm; £75.50 Crossfell House: Lleyn £94.50(x2) Hedgeholme Farm: Zwartble £92.50 Bullflatts Barn: Mule £90.50, £82.50 Friendship Farm; £90 Forest Farm; £83.50 Bridge End Farm: Rough Fell £80 Smardale Hall: Swaledale £72.50, £70.50 Kilnstown Farms Ltd; £70 Birch Busg; £70 Rigg Farm: Jacob £65.50 Orchard Farm: Herdwick £52.50 Smardale Hall:

Cast Rams

Beltex £150 Whygill Head : Texel £146 Stanhope Gate Farm; £130 Toft House : Swaledale £72.50 Ashgill Farm; £70 High Birk Hatt :