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Date: 27 September 2021 | Breeding Sheep | Swaledale

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Middleton In Teesdale Annual Show & Sale of Swaledale Ewes and Gimmers

Middleton-in-Teesdale, Station Road, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co Durham, DL12 0PJ

At Middleton-In-Teesdale Mart, on Monday 27th September, Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual show and sale of Uncrossed Swaledale ewes and shearling gimmers. 

A larger entry of 3110 head were presented for sale, this noted event was kindly sponsored by Eden Farm Supplies and For Farmers and pre sale judging was carried out by Mr Jimmy Bell, Lanark.

He awarded the 1st prize pen of ewes from Messrs Bainbridge, Ash Dub the Champion rosette and the Stephenson Cup, this pen of 10 was full of character and quality befitting of any Championship, sold to the sale leading price of £500, and was purchased by the Judge, in a half share with Mr E Fox, Lanark. The Reserve Championship was awarded to the 2nd prize pen of ewes from Messrs Raine, Stanhope Gate, which sold at £400 to Mr Fox. Messrs Raine also won the shearling class which sold for the gimmer section top of £190, also to the Judge.   

Prize List:
AT & A Bainbridge, Ash Dub, Forest In Teesdale, Barnard Castle - £500
2nd CR Raine & Sons, Stanhope Gate Farm, Laneside, Barnard Castle - £40
MA Bainbridge Ettersgill House,  Forest In Teesdale, Barnard Castle - £240

Shearling Gimmers
CR Raine & Sons, Stanhope Gate Farm, Laneside, Barnard Castle - £190
2nd JD Bentley & Son, Lanehead Farm, Kelton, Barnard Castle - £170
3rd REG Pierson & Son, Friar House Farm, Whitby - £180

Champion: AT & A Bainbridge, Ash Dub, Forest In Teesdale, Barnard Castle
Reserve Champion: CR Raine & Sons, Stanhope Gate Farm, Laneside, Barnard Castle

The sale was a resounding success with a busy ringside throughout the sale, with an average of £147.41 (+£1267) being achieved for the ewes with shearling gimmers levelling at £149.24 (+25.62). Seventeen pens achieved £200 and above with thirty six pens over £170, showing the level of returns available. Also matching the sale leaders were the 2nd prize pen of ewes from Stanhope Gate, which also sold at £500 a head to Messrs Wallace, Lane Head, Middleton in Teesdale. Messrs Raine’s run  of 150 2 & 3 crop ewes lead the consignment averages at a jaw dropping £249.12.

Leading prices per head:

Ewes: £500 (x2) Ash Dub, £500, £400, £360, £270, £255, £205, £200, £170 Stanhope Gate Farm, £245, £200 Grains O Beck, £240 Ettersgill House, £235, £225, £190, £180 West Briscoe, £235, £200, £180 Lanehead Farm, £230 High Birk Hatt, £205, £190, £180 Rigg Farm, £200, £178 Laneside, £195, £175 Ashgill Farm, £185 Lummas House, £180 Swarthymere, £178 Parrick House Farm, £178 High Corn Park, £175 Shieldhill Top, £175 Step Ends Farm, £172 High Birk Hatt, £172 Gillfield, £170 Hunt House, £170 Arngill House,

Shearling Gimmers: £190, £165 Stanhope Gate Farm, £180 (x2), £175, £165, £158, £15 Friar House Farm, £170, £142 Lanehead Farm, £168, £155 West Stoney Keld, £155 Howgill Farm, £152, £150 Grains O Beck, £150, £140 Bollihope Shield Farm, £150 Knott Hill Farm, £150 Bail Hill, £142 Shield Hurst, £140 East Horngarth Hill, £140 The Pry, £140 Orchard Farm.     

Champion Pen - Messrs Bainbridge, Ash Dub

1st prize shearling gimmers - Messrs Raine, Stanhope Gate