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Date: 01 October 2021 | Store & Weanling Cattle

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St Boswells Show & Sale of Native Bred Store Cattle

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Harrison and Hetherington held their Annual Show and Sale of Native Bred Store Cattle.  Cattle were presented in full bloom from start to finish.

Taking control of today’s judging was Mr A.Taylor, Heatheryhall, Thankerton.

Today’s Champion went to Messrs Ross, Wester Middleton with a fabulous Aberdeen Angus.x Bullock raising £1460 to the days judge.

Top honors for topping the sale was a great annual consignment from Messrs. Stirling, Bow at £1710 with a thumper of a Shorthorn Bullock.

Taking top pence per kilo was Messrs Ross, Wester Middleton with their Champion Bullock at 274p per kilo.

Show Results:-

kindly sponsored by H & H Insurance Brokers and supported by Morrisons for best Shorthorn.

Class 1  Pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Heifer Calves
1st           Stagehall

Class 2  Pen of 8 Aberdeen Angus Bullock Calves
1st           Wester Middleton

Class 3  Pen of 4 or more Shorthorn cross Heifer Calves
1st           Harden Mains

Class 4  Pen of 8 or more Shorthorn Bullock Calves
1st           Bow

Class 5  Best Aberdeen Angus Bullock
1st           Wester Middleton (CHAMPION)
2nd          Wester Middleton
3rd           South Riccalton

Class 6  Best Aberdeen Angus Heifer
1st           Sunnycroft (RESERVE CHAMPION)
2nd          South Riccalton
3rd           Not Forward

Bullock per head:

Aberdeen Angus.x –

10-12m:  Wester Middleton £1260 (2), Easter Middleton £1250, Cortleferry, Easter Middleton £1245, Byrewalls £1235, Wester Middleton £1230, £1220, 13-17m: £1470, £1460 Wester Middleton, £1400 Earlside, £1390 Newton, £1380 Gainslaw Hill, £1370 Earlside, £1360 Whitfield, £1350 Bow 18m-22m:  £1680 Meigle, £1640 South Riccalton, £1470 Wester Middleton, £1450 Whitfield, £1400 Earlside, £1390 Newton, Hwk, £1380 Gainslaw Hill

Shorthorn.x –18-22m:  £1350, £1340 Bow, £1320 Meigle, 23m-26m: £1710, £1590, £1580, £1510, £1490, £1360, £1340 Bow

Bullocks per kilo-

Aberdeen Angus.x-

10-12m: 273.9p Wester Middleton, 273p Towford, 272.7p Cortleferry, 271.8p Towford, 268.4p Stobshiel Mains, 267.7p Cortleferry, 267.5p Northfield, St Abbs, 266.7p Stobshiel Mains, 265.9p Wester Middleton, 265.1p Easter Middleton, 13-17m: 273p Towford, 272.7p Cortleferry, 271.8p Towford, 267.7p Cortleferry, 265.9p Wester Middleton, 256.6p Fairnilee, 256.2p South Riccalton, 256.1p Wester Middleton,  18-22m: 250.7p Meigle, 245.8p Whitfield, Hwk, 244.8p South Riccalton, 240p Sunnycroft

Shorthorn.x – 23-26m: 227.5p, 220.6p, 215p, 212p Bow

Bullocks averaged 231p per kilo (£1151)

Heifers per head-

Aberdeen Angus.x-

10-12m: £1080 Northfield, St Abbs, £1070 Cortleferry, £1060 South Riccalton, £1055 Byrewalls, £1020 Upper Blainslie, Byrewalls, 13-17m: £1560 Whitfied, Hwk, £1280 Gainslaw Hill, £1260 Newton, Hwk, Gainslaw Hill, £1230 Northfield, St Abbs, Upper Blainslie, £1210 Branxholm Braes, 18-22m: £1560, £1520 Whitfield, Hwk, £1400 Newton, Hwk, £1380 Sunnycroft, £1260 Gainslaw Hill, £1250 Whitfield, Hwk, £1230 Upper Blainslie

Shorthorn.x - 23-26m: £1220 Bow

Heifers per kilo-

Aberdeen Angus.x-

10-12m: 251.4p South Riccalton, 242.5p Cortlferry, 237.5p Byrewalls, 235.6p South Riccalton, 235.2p Cortleferry, 235p Byrewalls, 13-17m: 263.4p Sunnycroft, 254.1p Calaburn, 251.4p South Riccalton, 243.8p Gainslaw Hill, 242.5p Cortleferry, 18-22m: 233.8p Whitfield, Hwk, 226.3p South Riccalton, 226.1p Whitfield, Hwk, 225p Sunnycroft, 223.2p Whitfield, Hwk, 220.9p Shielswood

Heifers averaged 214p per kilo (£985)