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Date: 02 October 2021 | Blue/Leicester

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Kirkby Stephen Sale of Bluefaced Leicester Rams and Females

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen held their annual crossing Bluefaced Leicester Show and Sale when a catalogued entry of 236 were on offer.

Topping the sale at £6500 was the overall champion West Biggins P1 a Highberries H2 sired ram lamb out of a Ridding K1 from the Reed Family, Lands Farm, West Gate who continued their current success turning out a wonderful pen of strong well made flashy, and well bred ram lambs. Taking this lamb home with them was Messrs Hargreaves, Meadow Bank, Barley.

Champion (L-R) Catherine Raine (I’Anson) Helen Shields (Eden Farm Supplies) Chris Pears (Judge) Andrew Reed (Consignor)

Our judge Chris Pears, Fell, Fell Side House Farm, Caldbeck had an unenviable job selecting his prize winners from what was said to be one of the best turnouts of Bluefaced Leicester rams seen so far at this ever increasing sake in terms of quality and reputation.

Mr Pears awarded the overall reserve champion to the second placed ram lamb, Low Tipalt P005 which was sired by Low Tipalt N001 and out of Old Hemley J007. This lamb later went on to sell for £900 to Messrs Slack, Stoneriggs, Hilton.

Reserve Champion (L-R) Catherine Raine(I’Anson) Helen Shields (Eden Farm Supplies), Chris Pears (Judge) Ron Wilson (Consignor)

Messrs Wight, Midlock Farm, Biggar sold shearling rams to £4500 for Midlock N20 this ram being sired by Midlock L27 and out of a Marriforth G2 dam.

Messrs Booth, Old Hall Farm, Feizor were the successful purchasers of this ram.

Next selling for £3500 was Highberries P21 which is sired by Carry House M009 consigned by Messrs Marston, Millstone Moor, Cockermouth, and bought by Messrs Pattinson, Pinfold House, Bishop Auckland.

Another ram lamb from this home sold for £3000 Highberries P007 sired by 3425/N10 and out of a 3425/C018 dam this time selling to Messrs Richardson, Low Garth, Cockermouth.

Messrs Brown, Asby Hall also sold ram lambs to £3000 for Asby Hall P018, sired by Smearsett K1 and out of Smearsett G1, this lamb travelling back to Halthwistle with its new owner Messrs Smith-Jackson, Hightown.

Messrs Reed, Lands Farm joined in selling into the £3000 mark with West Biggin P4 which is sired by 3425/H2 out of a Carry House Jackpot J2 dam, and this time selling to Messrs Walton, West Shotton Farm, Darlington.

The popularity of this sale is growing year on year with a fantastic trade from start to finish, with good quality well bred rams being in strong demand from our large crowd of buyers from far and wide.

128 Ram Lambs sold to average £1030.80

47 Shearlings rams sold to average £902.97

5 Aged rams sold to average £720.

16 rams sold between £2000-£6500

62 rams sold exceeded four figured selling between £1000-£6500 oulllkkkjngggghhhhh

Leading averages:
6          @         £2283.33         Lands Farm
5          @         £2140.00         Highberries
4          @         £1775.00         Barley
7          @         £1642.86         Asby Hall
6          @         £1600.00         Midlock
7          @         £1500.00         Carry House
3          @         £1433.33         Macqueston
3          @         £1333.33         Skeughdale
4          @         £1125.00         Redburn
2          @         £1050.00         Rayson Hall
13        @         £1003.85         Greenriggs

Leading Prices:

Ram Lamb :- £6500, £3000, £1800, £1000 Lands Farm; £3500, £3000, £2900 Millstone Moor; £3000, £2600, £2000, £1500, £1400 Asby Hall Mews; £2800, £2200, £1100, £1000 Meadow Bank; £2400, £2000, £1400(3), £1000 Low Carry House; £2200 Hundith House; £2000, £1300 Redburn Farm; £1800, £1400, £1100 Macqueston; £1600 Midlock Farm; £1600 Oak House; £1500, £1000 Glenrath; £1400, £1200 West Dowgill; £1400, £1300(2) Tarn House; £1300 Bradley Field Farm; £1200 Dunkenshaw Farm; £1200, £1000 Highfield; £1100 Riddings; £1100 Yore House; £1100, £1000 Asby Grange; £1000 Marriforth; £1000(2) Redgate; £1000 Otterburn Lodge.

Aged:- £1200 Greenriggs; £1000 West Shotton; £600 Whitewall Farm; £500 Gillcumber Edge.

Shearling Rams:- £4500, £1000, £900 Midlock Farm; £2000, £1700, £1600, £1400, £1000, £900, £850 Greenriggs; £1500 Whitewall Farm; £1500 Bowderdale Head; £1000 Otterburn Lodge Farm; £900, £800 Gillses Farm; £900 Gillcumber Edge.