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Date: 05 October 2021 | Breeding Sheep, Store & Breeding Sheep | Herdwick, Swaledale

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Broiughton Mountain Ewe Sale

Broughton-in-Furness, Station Road, Broughton-in-Furness, LA20 6HG

On Tuesday 5th October Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual sale of Mountain ewes within Broughton Auction Mart, which attracted an entry of 3500 ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs.

Trade was forecast was set to be less on the week, however the sale had a 100% clearance rate.

The pre sale show was judged ably by Mr Sam Rawling, Hollins Farm, Ennerdale, placing Anthony Hartley, Turner Hall 1st in both the shearling and the ewe classes. His winning gimmers sold the day’s top price of £380 per head. Mr Hartley also sold 2 pens of 3 crop ewes for £280 each.

In the commercial line up, a full ringside of buyers were in attendance from Grantown on Spey down to Kent, ensuring Herdwick ewes regularly selling away to £70-£85. Swaledale ewes were slightly out of favour with ewes selling to £80 for the top drawer, and second rates selling to £68-£75.

Fully warranted ewes went on to average £74.74 and shearling gimmers to £96.16. 

Prize List
Herdwick Ewes

1st A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall, Seathwaite
2nd D & HS Ellwood, Baskell Farm, Ulpha

Herdwick Gimmers
1st A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall, Seathwaite
2nd WG & D Wilkinson, Brookfield Farm, Torver, Coniston

Herdwick Ewe Lambs
1st WG & D Wilkinson, Brookfield Farm, Torver, Coniston
2nd J Braithwaite, Holme Farm, Thwaites, Millom

Swaledale Ewes
1st A Hartley Ltd, Turner Hall, Seathwaite
2nd RA Walton, Stable Harvey, Coniston

Swaledale Gimmers
1st A & B Wilson, Coniston Hall, Haws Bank, Conistion
2nd DC & JM Johnson, Fenwick, Thwaites, Millom

Leading Prices:
Ewes: Herdwick £280 (x2), £260, £220, £200, £160 (x2), £90, £80, £78, £74 Turner Hall, £90, £82, £78 Drigg Cross, £88, £75 Hoses Farm, £82 Baskell Farm, £74 Birk Howe Farm, £74 (x2) Old Hall, Swaledale £80, £76 (x2), £75 (x2), £70 (x2) Turner Hall, £74 Birk Howe Farm, £70 Old Hall, £70 Climb Stile,£68 Boon Crag, £68 Birk Howe Farm, £68 Coniston Hall, £68 Cockley Beck, £66 Folds Farm, £66 Penny Hill Park, £65 Stable Harvey.  

Shearling Gimmers: Herdwick £380, £160, £140 Turner Hall, £115, £98 Brookfield Farm, £95, £90 Scarr Head, £90, £75 Boon Crag, £86 Drigg Cross, £85 Bunson Cottages, £82 Holme Farm, Swaledale £82 Fenwick, £76, £74 (x2), £72, £70 Coniston Hall.  

Ewe Lambs: Herdwick £110, £50 Brookfield Farm, £76 Eller Mire Farm, £58, £52 Boon Crag.