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Date: 11 October 2021 | Primestock

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St Boswells Primestock Sale

St Boswells, Newtown St Boswells, Melrose, TD6 0PP

Sold 61 Clean Cattle, 36 Cast Cows, 1839 Prime Lambs and 1164 Cast Sheep

Bullocks (20) averaged 241p per kg and sold to 267p  (+15p on the week) 

Heifers (40) averaged 245p per kg and sold to 269p (2) (n/c on the week)

1 Youngs Bull averaged 240p per kg

Cast Cows (34) averaged 147p per kg and sold to 185p (+7p on the week) Top price £1539

Cast Bulls (2) averaged 115p per kg and sold to 125p.

Top price £1287

Lambs (1839) averaged 245.6p per kg, (+3.1p on the week) and sold to £151 for Suffolk Lambs

Top price 325p per kg for Beltex Lambs.

Cast Sheep (1164) averaged £72.70, and sold to £153 for Texel Ewes

Heavy Ewes averaged £104,  light ewes sold to £97 for North Country Cheviot Ewes, and averaged £56


Clean Cattle met a great trade

Bullocks per head:

(465-555kgs): Faughhill £1436.16, Wester Ulston £1314.40, Faughhill £1297.12

(556+kgs): Broachrigg £1607.34, Lurdenlaw £1587.20, £1581.66, £1514.70

Bullocks per kilo

(465-555kgs.  Average 230.86p): Faughhill 264p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Wester Ulston 248p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Faughhill 242p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

(556+kgs.  Average 246.79p): Broachrigg 267p Forsyths of Peebles, Lurdenlaw 261p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, 256p J.A Waters & Sons, 255p Mr G.Chapman, Lennoxlove 249p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd, Faughhill 247p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd

Heifers per head:

(400-484kgs): Snawdon £1242.36, Ramrig £1201.76, Faughhill £1141.70

(485+kgs): Bee Edge £1651.66, £1576.34, £1574.10, Snawdon £1521.06, Bee Edge £1484.80

Heifers per kilo:

(400-484kgs  Average 235.53p): Snawdon 261p Jed’s Butchers, Ramrig 259p Michael Malone of Edinburgh Ltd, Faughhill 245p J.F Finlay & Co Ltd,

(485+kgs.  Average 247p):  Bee Edge 269p (2) Forsyths of Peebles, Hugh Black & Sons, Lurdenlaw 262p J.Saunderson (Butchers), Faughhill 260p Forsyths of Peebles

Young Bulls per head: Huntington £1363.20 (240p)


Slightly less with weathered Cows harder to cash

Cast Cows per head: Kersknowe £1539.70, £1491.26, Marigold £1328.30, Brothershiels £1291.22, Haltree £1278.42, Huntington £1255.80, Corsbie £1227.76, Marigold £1220.94, Huntington £1214.50

Cast Cows per kilo: Marigold 185p, Huntington 175p, Kersknowe 173p (2), Marigold 173p, Brothershiels 167p, 161p, Huntington 161p


Cast Bulls per head- Corsbie £1287.50 (125p)


Quality types in demand, all types wanted.  Average 245.6p (44.8kgs)  £110

Lambs per head

Suffolk: £151 Oxmuir, £145 Haltree, £142 Symington Mains, £140 Headshaw, L, £139 Oxmuir, £135 Symington Mains,Headshaw, L, £134 Oxmuir, £132 Symington Mains, £130 Headshaw, L, £129 Nether Tofts, Blegbie, Whitsome West Newton, £128 Langraw, Craigsford Mains, £127 Blegbie, £126.50 Symington Mains, Texel: £150, £149 Huntington, £145 Haltree, Huntington, £143 Brothershiels, Woodhouse, £139 Huntington, Craigsford Mains, £138 Brothershiels, £137 Corsbie, Whitsome West Newton, £135 Haltree, Corsbie, £134.50 Hermiston, £133 (2) Symington Mains, Lylestane, Beltex: £148 Whitsome West Newton, £143 Wauchope, £139 Woodhouse, £138 (2), £137, £136 Wauchope, £136 Kaeside, £135 Wauchope, £134 Kaeside, Wauchope (3), £133, £132 Wauchope, £130 Wester Ulston, Wauchope, North Country Cheviot: £140, £136, £122 Symington Mains, £113 Gospelhall, Oxford: £127 Chesters Brae, £119.50 Blackcruik, Charollais: £125, £118, £115 Harelawside, Dorset: £119.50 The Granary, Duns, Cheviot Mule: £111.50 Gospehall

Lambs per kilo:

Beltex: 325p, 322.4p Wauchope, 321.7p Whitsome West Newton, 320.9p, 317.2p, 315.3p, 313.3p, 312.9p, 311.6p (2), 310.8p, 309.1p, 307p, 306.8p  Wauchope, 302.3p Wester Ulston, 292.9p Lylestane, Wauchope, 287.1p Wauchope, 285.1p Kaeside, 282.8p Wauchope, Texel: 290.9p Harden Mains, 289.6p Huntington, 286.4p, 285.7p Wester Houses, 281.3p Corsbie, 279.1p Wauchope, 278p Craigsford Mains, 275p Brothershiels, 272.7p Westerhouses, Huntington, 269.7p Brothershiels, 267.4p Wauchope, 266.7p Westerhouses, 266p Whitsome West Newton, 264.4p Brothershiels, 262.5p Wester Ulston, 261.4p Wauchope, 259.8p, 258.8p Brothershiels, 258.5p Corsbie, Suffolk: 264.2p Headshaw, L, 263.6p Haltree, 260p Headshaw, L, 258p Whitsome West Newton, 253p Symington Mains, 250p Headshaw, L, 248.1p Oxmuir, 246.2p Craigsford Mains, 245p Corsbie, North Country Cheviot: 247.3p, 244p, 242.2p, 242p Symington Mains, 240.9p Lylestane


As numbers grow the percentage of hillbred and weathered sorts does  also. This reflected in the trade as all classes were £2-£3 easier on the week as has been witnessed across the country, albeit still a solid go.

Sale peak of £153 for a smart Texel from Farm Stock Genetics (Over Whitlaw), whilst tups sold to £121 for a Suffolk from Walker, Cammerlaws

Texel: £153 Over Whitlaw, £145 Wester Ulston, £143 Leaston, £137 Belmont, £131 Wester Ulston, Redden, £129 (2) Leaston, £121 Wester Ulston, Suffolk: £137 Headshaw, L, £131 Ruecastle Cottage, £125 Mowhaugh Schoolhouse, £119 Belmont, £117 Symington Mains, Leaston, £113 Corsbie, £111 Langraw, Beltex: £113 Leaston, Greyfaced: £113 Bluecairn, £105 Redden, £97 Kaeside, Redden, £95 Harelawside, £93 Blackcruik, £89 Kaeside, Symington Mains, £89 Crookston, Half Bred: £107 Headshaw, L, North Country Cheviot: £97 Bluecairn, £91 Whitehill, £89 Adderstonshiels, £85 Spittal Tower, £81 Symington Mains, Blegbie, £79 Philiphaugh, £78 Millheugh, Cheviot Mule: £97 Blegbie, £91 Millheugh, £89 Philiphaugh, Bluefaced Leicester: £95 Crookston, Charollais: £93 Woodriggs, Selkirk, Lleyn: £81 Dolphinston, £78 Over Whitlaw, £77 Dolphinston, Over Whitlaw, Hampshire: £77 Bridgehaugh Mill, Easycare: £73, £59 Inchkeith, £56 Bankhosue, Blackface: £73 Whitehope, Innerleithen, £61 Blackburn, £53 Whitehope, I, £51 Blackcruik, Heriot Mill, Dartmoor: £69 Crumstane, Jacob: £61 Blackcruik, Norfolk: £47 Crumstane, Herdwick: £45 Crumstane, Shetland: £23 Crumstane


Suffolk: £121 Cammerlaws, Texel: £107 Symington Mains, Blackface: £89 Headshaw, L, Herdwick: £63 Crumstane