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Date: 11 October 2021 | Primestock

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Borderway Primestock Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS

On Monday 11th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sales of Primestock.

PRIME BULLS: A smaller entry of 68 Prime bulls forward with a marvellous trade seen throughout.  Top overall at £2365.26 was a 948kg Limousin from Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfell Park, Penrith and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Charolais sold to £1980.00 from Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate Farm, Brampton purchased by A & D Meats, Rossendale.  Simmentals to £1610.93 from Messrs Allan, Glenturk, Newton Stewart purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.  Top price per kilo of 255.5p was achieved by Messrs Wilson, Low Farm, selling their 684 kg Limousin cross equating to £1747.62.  Messrs Brough, Old Rectory sold another to 254.5p both of which were purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers.  Dairy bred bulls forward carrying good flesh saw a day’s top of £1366.50 for a Friesian from Messrs Clark, The Whins Farm, Lockerbie purchased by Jewitt Meats.  Messrs Clarks consignment of 3 Friesians averaged £1343.62.  Top overall pence per kilo of 221.5p was paid to Messrs Moscrop & Waugh, Albyfield, Carlisle for their Fleckvieh and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Many more are required weekly.

 Please advise entries for next week’s sale by call or text to the auctioneer Grant Anderson 07872 129274.  

Leading prices per head: Limousin £2365 Clifton Moor £1782 £1747 £1682 Low Farm, £1595 £1473 £1460 Old Rectory £1511 Kelbarrow £1482 Beck House, Charolais £1980 £1405 Hallbankgate Farm, £1766 Hillhead, £1537 £1442 Enzieholm £1500 £1336 The Laythes, Simmental £1610 £1468 Glenturk Farm, £1375 Beck House, Beef Shorthorn £1597 Meadow Farm, £1267 £1238 £1162 Meadow Farm, Hereford £1517 Peel Flatt Farm £1438 Peel Flatt Farm, British Blue £1481 Bectonhall, £1384 £1317 Windy Hill £1354 Beck House, Aberdeen Angus £1415 £1282 Windy Hill, £1214 Albyfield, Friesian £1366 £1359 £1305 Whins Farm, £1246 £1241 The Flatt, Stabiliser £1360 The Swaites, Fleckvieh £1253 £1249 £1143 Albyfield, Holstein Friesian £1190 £1089 Bectonhall £1078 Orton Rigg Farm, Ayrshire £1007 Plasketlands,

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 255.5 Low Farm, 254.5 243.5 239.5 Old Rectory Farm, 249.5 Clifton Moor 246.5 244.5 Low Farm,  245.5 Beck House, 244.5 232.5 Kelbarrow, Charolais 249.5 Hillhead 244.5 226.5 Enzieholm 232.5 217.5 Hallbankgate Farm, 217.5 The Laythes, Simmental 228.5 Glenturk Farm, 221.5 Beck House, Stabiliser 224.5 The Swaites, British Blue 223.5 Bectonhall 219.5 215.5 Beck House, Hereford 223.5 208.5 Peel Flatt Farm, Fleckvieh 221.5 215.5 211.5 196.5 Albyfield 196.5 Riggheads, Beef Shorthorn 208.5 205.5 194.5 Meadow Farm, Friesian 207.5 199.5 192.5Whins Farm, 195.5 192.5 Albyfield, 204.5 193.5The Flatt, Aberdeen Angus 205.5 204.5 Windy Hill 192.5 Albyfield, Holstein Friesian 183.5 Orton Rigg Farm, 179.5 (x2) Bectonhall, Ayrshire 180.5 176.5 (x2) Plasketlands.

PRIME CATTLE: Yet another increased entry of 53 prime steers and heifers were forward to fourteen active buyers ensuring Borderway remains top of the North! Top overall and dipping into the two thousand club were weekly vendors Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton receiving £2001 purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Messrs Hewitson, Shatton Lodge, Cockermouth sold another to £1936.03 and purchased by Mr Eric Hall. Charolais to £1936.73 from Messrs Wilson, Bowscale Farm, Maryport. British Blue crosses sold to £1881.68 from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake, Carlisle.


Top pence per kilo of 277.5ppk was paid to Messrs Graham, Miller Hill Farm, Brampton and purchased by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton sold another to 274.5ppk and was purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin. Heifers were seen to peak at £1829.34 for a Limousin from Messrs Stevenson, Lower Langshaw, Carluke and purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin. Messrs Jarman, Brow Top Farm, Workington peaked at £1715.86 for another Limousin cross heifer purchased by Mr Steven Wilson, Corby Hill, Carlisle. A 552kg British Blue cross heifer from Messrs Miller, High Aketon, Wigton run peaked at £1559.40 and was purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Harrington, Hosket Hill, Carlisle had a run of 5 quality Charolais which peaked at £1757.63 purchased again by Steven Wilson.  Top overall pence per kilo of 297.5ppk was paid to Messrs Little, Greenhill, Wigotn, another two attained 285.5ppk firstly by Messrs Jarman, Brow Top and secondly by Messrs Miller, High Aketon all purchased by Mr Steven Wilson, Corby Hill.

Leading Prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£2001, £1871, £1722 Bothel Parks, £1936 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1854 Elm House, £1841, £1695 Croft Farm, £1828, £1749, £1665 Miller Hill, £1656 Newbiggin Farm, £1582 The Lake, £1550 High Aketon, Charolais £1936, £1706 Bowscale Farm, British Blue £1881, £1669 The Lake, £1770 Elm House, Shorthorn £1854 The Lake, Holstein Friesian £1137, £1101 Windy Hill.

Heifer: Limousin £1829 Lower Langshaw Farm, £1715 Brown Top Farm, £1707 Clifton Moor, £1673 Hosket Hill Farm, £1634 Shatton Lodge Farm, £1632 Elm House, £1627, £1556, £1484 Greenhill Farm, £1624 High Aketon, £1598  Miller Hill, £1462 Brow Top Farm, £1427 Newbiggin Farm, £1422 Hollins Farm, Charolais £1757, £1685, £1591 Hosket Hill Farm,  £1577, £1370 High Aketon, British Blue £1559 High Aketon, £1452 Mirkbooths, £1447 Brow Top Farm, £1433 Greenhill Farm, Hereford £1110 Townfoot Farm,

Leading Prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
277.5p, 255.5p, 248.5p Miller Hill, 274.5p High Aketon, 270.5p, 265.5p, 239.5p Bothel Parks, 262.5p Newbiggin Farm, 261.5p Elm House, 247.5p (x2) Croft Farm, 235.5p The Lake, British Blue 273.5p, 249.5p The Lake, 261.5p Elm House, Shorthorn 269.5p The Lake, Charolais 263.5p, 255.5p Bowscale Farm, Holstein Friesian 185.5p, 173.5p Windy Hill.

Heifers: Limousin 297.5p, 267.5p, 259.5p Greenhill Farm, 285.5p, 266.5p Brow Top Farm, 285.5p, 256.5p High Aketon, 284.5p Lower Langshaw Farm, 279.5p Elm House, 277.5p Miller Hill, 275.5p, 273.5p, 267.5p Newbiggin Farm, 271.5p Shatton Lodge Farm, 259.5p Hosket Hill Farm, British Blue 282.5p High Aketon, 267.5p Greenhill Farm, 257.5p Brow Top Farm, Charolais 272.5p, 256.5p, 249.5p Hosket Hill Farm, 265.5p High Aketon, Hereford 209.5p Townfoot Farm.

CAST COWS: A great entry of 436 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer with quality beef cows in demnd but weathered cows would be less on the week. Messrs Nimmo, Bogside Farm, Wishaw’s run of Limousin cows topped at 917kg at 228.5p totalling £2095 for a 89 month old Limousin bought by Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor’s run of outstanding Limnousin cows topped at 862kgs at 222.5p at £1917, 757kg at 223.5p totalling £1691, 692kg at 238.5p totalling £1650, 722kg at 218.5p totalling £1577, 743kg at 205.5p totalling £1526 all purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Slack, Plumtree House sold the top priced Charolais x cow for 766kg at 241.5p totalling £1849 also to Owain Llyr. DA Harrison & Co, Hill House Farm’s run of well finished cows topped at 733kg at 231.5p totalling £1696 for a Limousin x bought by Owain Llyr. Messrs Thompson, How Burn sold a Limousin x cow for 664kg at 225.5p totalling £1497 to Jewitt Meats. Messrs Oliver, Cawfield sold a Limousin x heifer for 619kg at 216.5p totalling £1340 to Seam McGimpsey. Messrs Richardson & Son, Laverock sold a Limousin cow for 656kg at 278.5p totalling £1367 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Jewitt, Gracies Farm sold a British Blue x cow for 700kg at 204.5p totalling £1431 to Owain Llyr.

A mixed show of dairy cast cows was on offer with trade being slightly less for all classes. Messrs Cannon, Espland Hill sold a Holstein x heifer for 748kg at 179.5p totalling £1342 and 677kg at 167.5p totalling £1133 to Eric Hall and Les Fell. DA Harrison & Co, Hill House sold the top priced Friesian cow for 830kg at 155.5p totalling £1292 to Michael Helliwell. Messrs Workman, The Beeches sold a Montbeliarde x heifer for 675kg at 184.5p totalling £1241 to Brian Capper. Messrs Wilson, Evening Hill Farm sold a run of Holstein x heifers for 678kg at 175.5p totalling £1189 and 688kg at 171.5p totalling £1179 and 644kg at 171.5p totalling £1104 bought by Alan Jarvis(x2) and Les Fell. Messrs Gardhouse & Son, Aikton House sold the top priced Fleckvieh cow for 820kg at 143.5p totalling £1176 to Michael Helliwell. Messrs Hutchinson, The Hill sold a Holstein x cow for 871kg at 127.5p totalling £1110 to Phillip Bowes. Messrs Little, Kirkbride House sold a Norwegian Red heifer for 593kg at 181.5p totalling £1076 to Capper Farming. Buckabank Farm sold Holstein x heifers for 614kg at 177.5p totalling £1089 and 590kg at 175.5p totalling £1035 both bought by Les Fell. Messrs Harrison, Round Hill sold a Holstein x heifer for 554kg at 171.5p totalling £950 to Alan Jarvis.

Leading Prices per head: Limousin £2095, £1340, £1335 Bogside Farm, £1917, £1691, £1650, £1577, £1526, £1464, £1410, £1393, £1361 Clifton Moor, £1696, £1499 Hill House Farm, £1497 How Burn, £1481, £1340 Cawfields, £1428 East View Farm, £1367 Laverock Bridge Charolais £1849 Plumtree House, £1368 Barsalloch Farm, £1192 Bridge Mill, £1189 Laverock Bridge British Blue £1431, £1106 Gracies Farm, £1238 Woodhead Farm, £1195 Underhelm, £1128 Netherhill Farm Simmental £1396, £1365, £1311, £1267, £1179 Newbie Mains, £1325 Wynholm Farm, £1273 Porterstown Farm, £1212, £1145 Drumjargon Farm, £1147 Glenturk Farm Holstein Friesian £1342, £1133 Espland Hill, £1189, £1179, £1104 Evening Hill, £1110 The Hill, £1089, £1035, £913, £901 Buckabank Farm, £1087 Big Balcraig Farm, £1081 The Hill, £1065 Hill Green, £1042 Justicetown Farm, £984 Park House Farm, £981 Bridge Farm, £950 Round Hill Friesian £1290 Hill House Farm, £946 Thackwood Farm, £908 Middle Farm Montbeliarde £1245 Beeches Fleckvieh £1176 Aikton House, £1013 Wardpark Stabilizer £1117 The Swaites Beef Shorthorn £1088 Stichill Home Farm Hereford £1086 Glenturk Farm Norwegian Red £1076, £1007 Kirkbride House Aberdeen Angus £1056 Bank Farm Holstein £1006 Woodhouse, £925 Park House Belted Galloway £789 Wallish Walls Jersey £641 Millstones

Leading Prices per Kilo: Charolais 241.5p Plumtree House, 199.5p Barsalloch Farm British Blue 204.5p, 165.5p Gracies Farm, 178.5p Underhelm Limousin 238.5p, 223.5p, 222.5p, 218.5p, 205.5p, 197.5p Clifton Moor, 231.5p, 184.5p Hill House Farm, 228.5p, 177.5p Bogside, 225.5p, 182.5p How Burn, 216.5p, 193.5p Cawfields, 208.5p Laverock Bridge, 197.5p Wynholm Farm, 194.5p Woodhouse Farm, 177.5p Courstein, 175.5p East View Farm, 175.5p Bail Hill Simmental 191.5p, 169.5p Porterstown Farm, 187.5p, 151.5p Newbie Mains, 175.5p Wynholm Farm, 172.5p Drumjargon Farm, 154.5p Glenturk Farm Montbeliarde 184.5p Beeches Norweigen Red 181.5p, 168.5p Kirkbride House Holstein Friesian 179.5p, 167.5p Espland Hill, 177.5p, 175.5p, 167.5p, 152.5p Buckabank Farm, 175.5p, 171.5p, 171.5p Evening Hill, 171.5p Round Hill, 145.5p, 125.5p Justicetown Farm, 145.5p Chalk Lodge, 133.5p Grange Farm, 129.5p, 127.5p Big Balcraig Farm, 129.5p Bongate Moor, 129.5p Woodhousehill, 127.5p, 124.5p The Hill Salers 169.5p Drumjargon Farm Aberdeen Angus 158.5p Wallish Walls, 146.5p Bank Farm Hereford 175.5p Greening House Friesian 155.5p Hill House Farm, 146.5p Middle Farm, 141.5p Hill Top, 127.5p Thackwood Farm Beef Shorthorn 153.5p Stichill Home Farm British Blue 147.5p East Plenmeller Farm Whitebred Shorthorn 144.5p Wallish Walls Fleckvieh 143.5p Aikton House Stabilizer 136.5p The Swaites Holstein 123.5p Park House Belted Galloway 117.5p Wallish Walls Galloway 107.5p Gracies Farm Jersey 105.5p Millstones

CAST BULLS: 7 stock bulls on offer. Messrs Mitchell, Mirkbooths sold a Holstein stock bull for 1158kg at 114.5p totalling £1325 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Scott, Thirlwall Castle Farm sold a Limousin stock bull for 1001kg at 124.5p totalling £1246 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Bell, Hallbankgate Farm sold the top price Shorthorn stock bull for 840kg at 135.5p totalling £1138 to Owain Llyr.

Leading Prices per head: Holstein Friesian £1325 Mirkbooths Limousin £1246 Thirlwall Castle Farm

Leading Prices per Kilo: Aberdeen Angus 179.5p Brayshaw Beef Shorthorn 135.5p Hallbankgate Farm Limousin 124.5p Cumstone Farm, 124.5p Thirlwall Castle Farm

PRIME SHEEP: On Monday Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of 2181 prime sheep. A slight fall in numbers on the week only made buyers keener with all classes seeing an improved trade from the offset. An overall average of 245p, SQQ 253p or an impressive £110.84 per head was achieved for a wide variety on offer and all represented in said results. Top this week at £166 was a tremendous Texel cross lamb from Messrs Jefferson, Aspatria Hall, Wigton which sold to Tony Harrison Butchers, Cockermouth. Dutch Texel cross lambs from Messrs Wigham, Hargill House, Haltwhistle led per kilo with a pair at 354.2p purchased by Mr A Dawson. Beltex lambs sold to £146 for a pen of 3 from Messrs Pearson, High Plasketlands, Wigton and also to 351.2p from Messrs A & A Little, Hollands, Penton.

Leading Prices per head: Texel £166, £138, £133, £131 Aspatria Hall, £150 High House, £146, £134 Harley Croft, £146 The Wreay, £144, £137, £134 Longhurst, £143 The Croft, £142, £137 Dykehead, £136(x2), £134 Hermitage, £135 Pasture House Farm, £133 Wavercroft, £131 Tone Hall Dutch Texel £152, £145, £126.50, £123, £121 Ashfield, £150, £147, £146, £145, £143, £142, £137, £127 Hargill House, £130, £125.50, £122.50 Thirlwall Castle Farm, £129, £125, £121 Unity Farm, £123 Ashknowe Beltex £145, £124 High Plasket Lands Farm, £145, £125(x2), £124 Mid Farm, £144, £137 Hollands, £140, £127.50 The Throp, £139 Hunley, £135, £132, £129 Winterhope, £130 Reddings, £129, £127, £125, £122 Castlehill, £122 Walton Woodhead Greyfaced £126, £104.50 Spout Bank, £115, £106.50 Hightown, £114, £105.50, £102 Kilnstown, £112 Tone Hall, £104.80 Baggra Yeat Suffolk £124 Tone Hall, £121 Pasture House Farm, £117 Beamwham, £115(x2), £109.50 Greensyke, £114 West End Farm, £112.50 Walby Grange, £110, £103 Roe Farm, £108.50 The Wreay, £107 Wiza Farm, £105 Denton Mains, £105 Stone House Bleu Du Maine £117 Greensyke Rouge £115 Ashknowe

Leading Prices per kilo: Dutch Texel 354.2p, 346.3p, 345.2p, 328.7p, 322.6p, 320.9p, 288.6p Hargill House, 323.4p, 301.2p, 290p Ashfield, 309.5p, 298.8p, 291.7p, 287.7p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 303.7p, 291.4p Ashknowe, 295.1p, 290.7p, 287.8p Unity Farm, 294.6p Sycamore House Beltex 351.2p, 285.4p, 284p Hollands, 347.6p, 295.2p High Plasket Lands Farm, 341.2p, 291.6p, 290.7p, 281.8p Mid Farm, 333.3p, 300p, 298.8p The Throp, 331p Hunley, 317.6p, 300p, 296.6p, 290.5p Winterhope Farm, 302.4p, 286.7p Castlehill, 281p Cardewlees  Texel 333.3p High House, 316.3p, 311.6p, 309.1p, 282.2p, 282.2p, 277.3p Hermitage, 310.3p, 302.6p Dotland Park, 304.9p Great Easby Farm, 302.3p Lakeland View, 301.8p, 276p Aspatria Hall, 297.6p, 288.6p Ellerslea, 295.1p Mossband Hall, 292p The Wreay, 288.9p Wavercroft, 284p Dykehead, 277.6p Lanerton, 277.4p Little Swinburne Farm Bleu Du Maine 251.6p Greensyke Suffolk 238p Greensyke, 236.6p Roe Farm, 232.7p West End Farm, 232.6p Wiza Farm, 232p Walby Grange, 230.9p The Wreay, 230.5p Pasture House Rouge 230p Ashknowe Greyfaced 226.9p, 223.5p Kilnstown, 226.6p, 219p Hightown, 225p Beech House, 224p Tone Hall, 223.9p, 216.7p Whiteside Farm, 222.3p Spout Bank, 217.9p, 215.5p Highside Farm, 216.1p Baggra Yeat

CAST SHEEP: The weekly sale of 230 cast ewes and rams saw a top of £145 for a Beltex ram from Messrs Williamson, Dykehead. Ewes topped at £143 for a Beltex from Messrs Smith-Jackson, Hightown. Mules topped at £95. Swales sold to a top of £60 for 16 from Messrs Wigham, Hargill House. Leaner ewes would be slightly harder to sell with more of these types on the market.

Leading Prices Head:
EWES: Beltex
£143, £138, £102, £97 Hightown, £113 Hargill House, £98 Middle Bank End Farm Texel £136 Rigg House, £123, £117, £114 Dykehead, £110, £104(x2) Wolsty Farm, £108, £100 High House, £107 New Sandsfield, £106 Craigs Lea, £101 Ravenside Dutch Texel £109, £97 Kirklinton Hill Charollais £99 Justenlees Greyfaced £95 Church Farm, £94 High House, £94 Five Oaks Sawmill, £94 Stone House, £86 Wolsty Farm, £81 Beamwham, £80 Rigg House Suffolk £80 Beamwham Cheviot Hill £71, £60 Reddings, £54 Castlehill, £50 Middle Bank End Farm Swaledale £60, £56 Hargill House Herdwick £40 Ashknowe

RAMS: Beltex £145, £132 Dykehead

Please contact a member of our Sales team for further information
David Holliday                                  07710 189804                   Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson                                07872 129274                   Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little                                        07872 840685                   Prime & Cast Sheep