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Date: 12 October 2021 | Primestock

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Kirkby Stephen Prime Sheep Sale

Kirkby Stephen, Faraday Road, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QL

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd, Kirkby Stephen Mart held their weekly sale of Prime sheep on Tuesday night when 3956 sheep were forward consisting of 3128 prime lambs and 828 cast sheep.

Topping the prime lambs at £160 were a pen of three 59kg Texel cross lambs from Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm, Richmond.

Topping at 380.6p/kg were a pen of thirty two 36kg Beltex cross lambs which made £137 from Messrs Slater, Whiteley Hey Farm, Macclesfield.

Next selling for £159 were two pens of 51kg and 52kg Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside which were all purchased by Dowdings Butchers, Appleby.

Messrs Seymour, Brackenslack, Maulds Meaburn sold 47kg Beltex cross lambs to make £158.

Messrs Fairburn, Marriforth, Ripon sold a pen of five 48kg Beltex cross lambs to £157.50 which were bought by Mr C Wright, Boston.

Messrs Atkinson, Abbey Park, Bleatarn sold a pair of 52kg Beltex cross lambs to make £156.50 selling to Messrs Wright, Boston.

Messrs Dodd, Skylin, Temple Sowerby sold a pair of 44kg Beltex cross lambs to make £156.

Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm, Richmond sold a pen of fifteen 51kg lambs to make £155.50 with another two pens of six lambs weighing 47kg and 49kg both selling for £153.50 and a further pen of fifteen 45kg lambs making £148.50 (330p/kg).

Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Annan sold a pen of four 40kg Beltex cross lambs to make £150.50 and take the second highest price of 376.3p/kg.

Messrs Slater also sold a pen of twelve 39kg Beltex cross lambs to make £142.50 (365.4p/kg) and another pen of ten 34kg lambs to make £122.50 (360.3p/kg)

A pen of twenty six 43kg lambs sold to £140.50 from Messrs Fairburn, Ripon and selling to Messrs Wright, Boston.

Suffolk cross lambs topped at £150 from Messrs Parker, Newsham Grange, Darlington which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Mule lambs sold to £115 for a pen from Messrs Pratt, Intake Bottom, Kirkby Stephen which were also bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Another fantastic trade was witnessed here at Kirkby Stephen with an SQQ Average of 251.65ppk and an overall average of 247.52ppk for 3128 lambs being achieved, with this including 536 Mule and horned lambs.

13 pens and 51 lambs sold between £150-£160

38 pens and 186 lambs sold between £140-£160

80 pens and 415 lambs sold in excess of £130-£160

33 pens and 202 lambs sold between 320-380p/kg

790 Beltex cross lambs forward sold to average a whopping £128.38 and 295Kirkby

Messrs Lee, Carkin Moor Farm sold their impressive consignment of 205 lambs to average 47kg, £137.54 and 292.6p/kg.

An increased ringside of buyers were present who were keen to secure lambs, with the best quality types being extremely well bid for and are in extreme demand on a weekly basis here at Kirkby Stephen.

Cast sheep topped at £160 for a pair of Texel cross ewes from Messrs Horn, Lower Griseburn, Great Asby and which were bought by Pak Mecca Meats.

Messrs Slater, Macclesfield sold a pen of eight Texel cross ewes to make £158, also selling to Pak Mecca Meats.

Swaledale ewes sold to £75 for a pen from Messrs Buckle, Bleathgill, Barras which were bought by M. Helliwell, Rochdale.

A pen of 26 Swaledale ewes sold for £70.50 from Kilnstown Farms, Carlisle selling to A. Atkinson.

Leading Lamb Consignments
No.        Weight          p/kg     Head        From
  11    @    44.5kg    311.2p    £138.64    Mr H G Jackson, Little Beck, Kings Meaburn
10     @    42kg       329.7p    £138.50    G Maughan, 1 Sunnyside, Great Asby
205    @    47.7kg    288p      £137.54    GW Lee & Sons, Carkin Moor Farm
22     @    41.1kg    330.7p    £136.07    Messrs TW Hunter, Upper Brydekirk, Brydekirk
55     @    36.2kg    372.8p    £135.19    GE & VH Slater, Whiteley Hey Farm, Well Lane, Butley Town
41     @    48.5kg    271.9p    £132.13    Messrs DJ&S Atkinson, Abbey Park, Bleatarn
18     @    50kg       262.7p    £131.50    Messrs G Sowerby, Terry Farm, Ormside
178   @    43kg       303.4p    £130.45    Messrs E & EM Fairburn, Marriforth, Thornton Steward
 8      @    55.5kg    229p        £127.13    Messrs J W Watson, Whygill Head, Asby
21     @    46.5kg    270.2p    £125.86    Messrs S & C Gilll, Bowes Cross Farm, Boldron

Leading Prices –

Spring Lambs –

Price Per Head –

Texel £160, £139, £138, £136, £134, £133.50, £123.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £148.50 Carpool; £135.50, £130 , £125, £124, £122 Clarks Farm; £133.50, £133 Abbey Park; £133, £122 Raggetsyke; £132 New View Farm; £130.50 Wharton Hall; £128 Stripes Farm; £127 Bowes Cross Farm; £126 Terrys Farm; £125.50 Stoneriggs; £125.50, £122 Etherley House; £125.50, £123.50, £122.50 Whygill Head; £124 Martindale Farm; £124 Brown Close; £124 Palliard; £123.50 Town Head Farm; £123.50 Brogden Farm; £123 East Todholes; £122 Galloper Rise Beltex £159(x2) Terrys Farm; £158, £148.50, £141.50, £140.50, £134.50 Brackenslack; £157.50, £153.50, £147, £145.50, £141.50, £140.50, £138.50, £137.50 Marriforth; £156.50, £148.50 Abbey Park; £156, £148.50, £138.50 Skylin; £155.50, £153.50(x2), £148.50(x2), £146.50, £144.50, £142.50(x2), £138, £134.50 Carkin Moor Farm; £150.50, £142.50, £137.50, £135.50 Upper Brydekirk; £148.50 Whygill Head; £144.50, £138.50, £134.50, £132.50, £130 Little Beck; £143.50 Stoneriggs; £142.50, £137 Whiteley Hey Farm; £140.50 Windygate; £138.50(x2) Bowes Cross Farm; £138.50 Sunnyside; £138 Stripes Farm; £138, £132 Scar Top; £137.50 Town Foot; £137 Row End; £135.50, £130 Etherley House; £134.50 Lower Griseburn; £132.50(x2) Steeley Farm; £132.50 Starrah: Suffolk £150 Newsham Grange; £125 Etherley House; £124, £115 Brackenslack; £119 Terrys Farm; £118.50 Almagill; £118 Clarks Farm; £117 Bank Head: Dutch Texel £140(x2) Terry Farm: Cheviot £125 Eastfield Farm; £111 Bank Head; £100.50 Skylin; £100 Bents Farm: Blue Texel £117 Haithwaite; £116.50 Stoneriggs: Mule £115, £106 Intake Bottom; £113 Greenriggs; £112 Starrah; £110 Low Hall; £109 Marriforth; £107 Waterhouses; £107 Eden Flatt; £106 Ellergill; £105 The Park Wall: Rouge £114 Row End Farm: Charollais £112 Ascot House: Swaledale £110 East Todholes; £82.50, £78 Holy Cottage Barn: Zwartble £108 Marshes Gill: Blackface £106.50 Abbey Park: Rough Fell £85 Waterhouses:

Price Per Kilo-

Beltex 380.6p,365.4p,360.3p,342.6p Whiteley Hey Farm; 376.3p, 347.6p, 335.4p Upper Brydekirk; 355.1p, 354.5p, 353.6p, 329.5p Skylin; 348.9p, 338.4p, 336.9p, 328.1p, 326.7p Marriforth; 347.6p, 341.9p, 339.3p, 330p, 326.6p, 325.6p Carkin Moor Farm; 345.1p, 336.2p Brackenslack; 342.5p Row End Farm; 341.7p Stoneriggs; 337.8p Bowes Cross Farm; 336p Little Beck; 330p Abbey Park; 329.8p Sunnyside; 328p Lower Griseburn: DutchTexel311.1p, 274.5p Terrys Farm: Texel 308.8p Town Head Farm; 297p Carpool; 291.9p, 264.6p Stoneriggs; 284.5p, 261.5p Etherley House; 284p, 266p  Abbey Park; 283.7p, 267.9p Wharton Hall; 276.7p Bridge End Farm; 275p, 268.8p Marriforth; 274.4p Breaks Hall; 271.4p Raggetsyke; 271.2p, 268p, 262.8p Carkin Moor Farm; 270.9p The Gables; 268.2p Prospect Farm Cottage; 263.9p Middle Bank End Farm; 262.2p Amersber Cottage; 261.4p Newsham Grange; 260.2p Jardines: Charollais 273.2p Ascot House; 248.8p Newsham Grange: Blue Texel 264.8p Stoneriggs: Suffolk 244.7p, 234p Brackenslack; 243.5p Marriforth; 235.8p Etherley House; 233.7p Wharton Hall; 233.3pTerrys Farm: Rouge 242.6p Row End Farm: Cheviot 233.7p Skylin; 231.3p Bank Head: Mule 227.2p Milestone House; 226.7p High Stennerskeugh; 226.1p Keisley Farm; 225.6p Ascot House; 225.5p Ellergill; 225.5p Intake Bottom: Swaledale 200p, 191.9p Holly Cottage Barn; 196.4p East Todholes:

Cast Ewes –

Texel £160, £120 Lower Griseburn; £158, £130 Whiteley Hey Farm; £150, £120 Carkin Moor Farm; £136 New Hummerbecks Farm; £130 Whygill Head; £124.50 Abbey Park; £120 Battle Hill Farm: Beltex £140 Whiteley Hey Farm; £118.50 New Hummerbecks Farm: Suffolk £116.50 Rigby House; £114 Helbeck Farm: Charollais £98 Drygill Farm: Mule £90 Whitewall Farm; £90 Brogden Farm; £90 Abbey Park; £88 Nova Scotia: Zwartble £90 New Hummerbecks Farm: Cheviot £82.50, £73, £65.50 Middle Bank End Farm: Swaledale £75, £62.50 Bleathgill; £70.50, £60 Kilnstown; £68 Eden Flatt; £65.50 West End Farm; £64 Whitewall Farm; £63.50 Greenriggs; £62.50 Bridge End Farm; £60 Harbour Flatt: Blackface £75 Starrah:

Cast Rams

Texel £154.50 Whiteley Hey Farm; £130 Battle Hill Farm : Lleyn £100 Middle Bank End Farm : Rough £90 Archers Hall : Swaledale £75.50 Barras Farm :