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Date: 27 October 2021 | Breeding Sheep

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Lazonby Breeding Sheep Sale

Lazonby, Lazonby, Penrith, CA10 1BL

On Wednesday 27th October Harrison and Hetherington held their fourth sale of Mule gimmer lambs and other breeding sheep within Lazonby Auction Mart.

Mule gimmer lambs were met with what was without doubt the trade of the season seeing an overall average of £93.93 per head.

This section topped at £125 for a single black lamb from Messrs Clarke, Howgill Castle with pens selling to £115 on two occasions from Messrs Gate, Low House and Messrs Hodgson, Green Farm.

A total clearance of all classes was never in doubt with all vendors left amazed at their returns to round the breeding sales off for another year with aplomb.

Store lambs next week will be in strong demand and are required by the auctioneers; a further sale on the 18th November has been scheduled due to the high numbers coming forward at this market.

Leading price per head:

NEMSA: £115, £107, £106, £96 Low House, £112, £102 Brampton Fell, £104, £96 The Bog, £96 Lonning House, £92, £90 Coatlith Hill.

Non NEMSA: £125, £112, £105, £100 Howgill Castle, £115, £98 Green Farm, £108 Park House, £106, £90 Underbank, £105 (x2) Glebe Farm, £105, £99 Farney Shields, £102, £100, £96 Doddick, £100 Rise Head, £98, £92 North Ghyll Bank, £96 Cold Shields.

Shearling Ewes: Greyfaced £125 Broadmea Swaledale £105 Dyke Nook, £85 Broadmea, £55 Cross Close

Ewes: Hampshire Down £95, £80 Doddick Swaledale £82 Cold Shields.

Ewe Lambs: Bluefaced Leicester £86 Branthwaite Swaledale £74, £66, £64 Dyke Nook, £70 (x2) Baggra Yeat.